Tuesday, 1 January 2013

OOPS! Whenever we hear these idiots talk about uncovering the rot within UMNO and BN just tell them RB! If they talk about exposing any corrupt Ministers just say RB!

When I hear that Najib and his Barisan Nasional colluding cahoots are looking at ways and means as to how they could ‘tapis’ their candidates standing for election so that they will only have ‘clean’ candidates to represent Barisan Nasional, I cannot help but smile at an incident that happened many years back.
It was my nephew’s birthday – Rashid – and he was, if my memory serves me right, about six years old. The thing with Rashid was that even at that age he was still wearing pampers (a type of diapers). He was vaguely aware that boys at that age should not be wearing pampers so he was at pain to hide that fact from us….and from time to time his parents would talk up the story to us that he is ‘almost’ off his diapers…and Rashid, if he was within earshot, will nod solemnly to give credence to what his mother was saying. 
Anyway it was Rashid’s birthday and it was time for him to open his presents. He went at it with much enthusiasm helped by his cousins. We uncles and aunties, Tok Tina and Tok Tan (his grandfather and grand mother – my parents) sat in a circle around him watching his joy at opening presents after presents – each one seems to be better than the last one. Then came time to open a huge box – a present from his ever practical Auntie.
Rashid tore away at the ribbons and wrapping paper that his auntie spent so much time, effort and love putting together. He got past the wrapping paper in seconds and started to tear open the box.  His eager hands reached into the box and pulled out……a box of Pampers!
Rashid might have been six but he knows a box of pampers when he sees one! And this is the part that I cannot forget…….even as he was pulling out the packet of pampers he already knew what they were…and I saw his face change from happiness to that of a desperate six year old trying to figure out how he was going to hide the fact that he was still wearing pampers – and nothing will announce that fact to everybody quiet like that packet of pampers that he was pulling out of the box!
And so in a split second, just as he was pulling the packet of pampers out, he was already shoving it back into the box and lunging for what was left of the wrapping paper to rewrap the present again to hide the pampers and the offending box from our prying eyes. And that moment is priceless. It still plays in my head in slow motion whenever I want it to do so. Total recall!
Now what has Rashid to do with Najib and Barisan Nasional talk of having their election candidates checked out by MACC? And what would happen, as some of you have mischievously suggests, if Najib himself was to be subject to the same checks? And if somehow they agree that these candidates and Najib himself will subject themselves to open inquiry where the public can be present if they so wishes it?  
Think about what happened at Rashid’s birthday……what if, in their zeal and eagerness to prove to us that their candidates are ‘clean’  ….what if, like Rashid, they uncover something they do not want others to know…and they are not quick enough to hide what they have found from us? Can you picture Najib and Barisan Nasional leaders scrambling all over the place, like Rashid, trying to cover up the embarrassment they have uncovered?
That is why when I think of Najib and Barisan Nasional talking up their intentions to uncover what ever it is that they are trying to uncover…I think of what happened at Rashid’s birthday party and I allow myself a chuckle and hope the same will happen to BN.
Brothers and sisters…this should be our code word “RB” (Rashid’s birthday). Whenever we hear these idiots talk about uncovering the rot within UMNO and BN just tell them RB! If they talk about exposing any corrupt Ministers just say RB! If they promise that there will be no stone unturned in any investigation – just say RB! And if UMNO say that they are prepared to be investigated for any wrong doing- just say RB….and do smile when you are saying. I am still smiling thinking of RB!