Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The Prime Minister steals. His Ministers steals. Those in the Ministries are also complicit in stealing. And there we have it.... the beginning of a nation of thieves.

How does Umno measure political success? What is the ultimate political ambition of PAS.?What is Jawi and Jakim's role in all this? Are the Muftis, religious zealots and Zakir Naik, among others, part of the equation? 

What is really behind the banning of Beer Fest, the disappearance of those Christians Padres? That much ado about nothing Laundrette idiocy? The wanton destruction of Temples? The ban on using "ALLAH?" How about the snatching of bodies from loved ones to give them Muslim burials? The banning of paint brush, chocolates and the seemingly arbitrary imposition of halal and non-halal commandments? Halal Eggs? What is next.....Halal Chicken? What comes first? The halal egg or the halal chicken?

And the stupidity goes on. There is no room for rational and gracious dissent, no room for anything else but compliance on pain of social ostracising, state punishment and that dreaded Damocles sword hanging over all Muslims head : that you are guilty of apostasy!  

Will PAS political ambition be fulfilled when there are no more Infidels living in Malaysia? Does political success for Umno requires their president, our prime minister...this vile Najib Razak, to be a billionaire and for Umno leader and their cohorts to be insanely rich? 

And for you and me and the Infidels...will we sit quietly and await political execution, religious persecution and what ever trials and tribulations that may throw our way as PAS and Umno go about their way to make Malaysia and Malaysian in their own guise? 

What are the ramifications of Umno's and PAS's matalamats?

Your thoughts on this would probably mirror mine and this I already know! These are the challenge now facing non-Malays...those Infidels.... who have to make a choice of putting up with the reality that they are being treated as second class citizens in a country they call their own or begin to learn to defend, protect and activate for their own race, their own religion lest they are overwhelmed by the Malay agenda pursued by Umno and the religious hegemony imposed by PAS on them. 

It is the reason that non-Malay students are faced with having to go overseas to seek an education that should have been made possible for them here in Malaysia. Is it the cause of those non-Malay professionals who have to make a choice between braving the challenge of a new country that promises much or stay to face the prospect pf prosecution and persecution in Malaysia because they are not Malays. 

Malay political success perceived by the Umno Baru of today bears no resemblance to the one talked about by the Malays of old. There is no ambition by Umno to advance the Malay agenda en mass. Only vested interest of the Malay leaders in Umno are of concern to the Umno led government now in Putrajaya. There is no ambition to make Ketuanan Melayu a harbinger of Malays advancement into becoming an economic powerhouse at par with the others. None of that. There is only its abuse to advance the vested interest of the political elites within Umno. There is no dream of the Malays making it in the can there be when even their place in Malaysia is the result of a system that does not promote meritocracy? It only advances Kleptocracy

The PAS Malays seeks not only to dance on the graves of the Infidels.. they also want to wreck havoc and destruction on the Infidels while they still live. They seek the implementation of Hudud Law - for as their President said at the 63rd PAS Convention "How can we agree with people who want to go against Islam?"  This augers ill for the unity of our country. That PAS seems to serve Islam mindlessly, is lost upon its members. 

So how do Malaysian respond to all this "provocations" by PAS and Umno? 

A PAS far removed from their claim that their struggle for Islam is for its advancement : No no no! PAS struggle for Islam has nothing to do with faith. It has all to do with matters of the political kind. Of the kind that has now been infested with self interest, vested interest and dedak interest. Ditto for Umno totally immersed in arrogance, dedak and the inability to look no further then the tip of their nose.  

Imagine, if you can, stealing on an industrial  scale that defies anything that you have ever dared to contemplate! Think! Can you imagine a Family of thieves living next to you? A Family in which every member....Father, Mother, Sons and Daughters are thieves? And not only are they all thieves but each and every one of them will help each other, cover for each other and do all they can for each other to steal? And that is all they do : steal. The daughter will distract you while her brother steals your car. The Father will invite you to dinner while his family ransacks your home. Surely there cannot be a family that evil? There cannot be a family so complicit in crime that the sensibilities that rules all of us in our life has no meaning for them? Only self interest and evil resonates? 

Once you have been able to get your head around that family....let us now turn to our country. Cam you imagine having a Prime Minister that steals. A wife that not only looks the other way but even tells him what to steal and how to steal? And along for the ride is his Cabinet, their Ministries and every damm executive needed to give credibility, legitimacy and legality to the stealing! 

That my friends is the state of our country today!

The Prime Minister steals. His Ministers steals. The Minister ministries steals. Those in the Ministries are also complicit in stealing. And there we have it.... the begging of a nation of thieves.