Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The times that we now live in....

For the Malays, somewhere, somehow, some time in the future if not now, there will be a Chinese better than you....wake up to that fact and life will be much easier for you. And before you Chinese start to the same token, somewhere, somehow and some time in the future if not now,  there will be a Malay better than a Chinese ! It is not a zero sum game...for the Chinese or the Malays...of for that matter for any individual... and damm the ethnic origins...there will always be someone, somebody better then you at whatever it is that you are doing...and one race cannot win over the other by thinking that they can only win by ridding the country of the others. 

I have long ago left behind any vestiges of race in my life, but that does not mean I do not talk about the Malays with much affection and reverence with other Malays and anyone else that may care to listen to what I have to say of my ethnic origins. There are good Malays and bad Malays as there good and bad of the many other races living among us. 

A few days back I was talking to another Malay about where the Malays were heading to in the next decade given that the Malays are today bereft of any leaders worth talking about...and even as we talked, I found myself uttering these words "The Malays have to go back to Umno. Mahathir, Anwar and Mahyuddin have to go back to Umno. I have to go back to Umno. Any other party that tells you it represents the interest of the Malays are just pretender to the throne!".

 Hence the posting I just did before this "Mahathir, Anwar and Muhyiddin back in Umno? 

But not the Umno of today! 

Not this corrupt, irresponsible, dedak infested Umno that now  is truly a sad indictment of what too many Malay leader have made it into - a pale shadow of what it can be and what it should be. Those Malay leaders are beyond salvation what more resurrection...but Umno is not beyond saving. Umno waits to rise again from the ashes it has become....and yet it's resurrection is still in doubt. It's saving is not a matter for the faint hearted and certainly not a matter of concern only for the Malays but it is a matter critical for all Malaysian if our future is to be one many of us will want to look forward to. 

This is not about racial domination. Not about the survival of the Malay race,  the survival of Umno or even the survival of Islam...this is about the times that we now live him. 

If any of you had any doubt before, there is now certainly no more doubt in anyone's mind that Najib, and those of his kind in Umno and Barisan Nasional, simply cannot afford to lose PRU 14.  To lose PRU 14 would impose upon Najib and his cohorts in Barisan Nasional a toll that would take from them not only political power, not only their ill gotten wealth but even their personal freedom and that of their families who have been complicit in their great design : that of acquiring insane wealth at the expense of the rakyat and the well being of our nation! 

To lose political power would take away from them the only protection they need to allow them to lead the lives they now have : to live the life of the rich and powerful. A life that many have done far worse to get. 

If we know all this ....why then are we even taking part in PRU 14? Why am I advocating that in time, the Malays will have to go back to Umno?

PRU 14 and what Umno is today is merely a product of the times and circumstances that has shaped our lives these last few decades. And what has happened in the last decade will shape the immediate future that will come after PRU 14. Whether Umno holds on to power or loses it is in the laps of the Gods but in reality  it is really you and me that will dictate what truly happens from now. So all is not lost even if Umno is today dedak driven and corrupt to the core. In time Umno will meet the aspirations of the many Malays that wants Umno to make Malaysia a land for everyone that still calls is home.  

Whatever happens at PRU14 you can be rest assured that at the end of the day, PAS will be consigned to the dogs!