Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sabah, Sulu, Sultan dan lain lain....


Malaysia has no respect for PH


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No matter how strong Malacañang protests the abuses committed against Filipinos in Sabah in the aftermath of the gunbattle between Malaysian security forces and men of the Sulu sultan, it will just fall on deaf ears.
Why? Because Malaysia thinks the country owes it a debt of gratitude for brokering the peace talks between our government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).
Since President Noy has sided with Malaysia instead of the Sultanate of Sulu over the latter’s Sabah claim, Malaysia takes this as a license to abuse Filipinos in the contested island-state.
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If Malaysia has any respect for the Philippines at all, it should have allowed a Navy ship sent to Sabah to ferry Filipinos fleeing the violence that erupted there.
The Navy ship could not enter the Malaysian-Philippine border to undertake a humanitarian mission.
That’s how much Malaysians look down on us.
We are being bullied by a neighbor because we don’t have the means to fight back.
Things would have been different if we had the military strength to match Malaysia’s, but we don’t.
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Malaysia apparently thinks that since the Philippines cannot handle its Moro insurgency problem that it had to seek Malaysia’s help, how could this country stand up to its neighbor that flogs its citizens in Sabah?
The Philippines is like the parent who can’t do anything while bully Malaysia beats up his children.
Develop your muscles first before you can even confront me over the beating of your children, the muscle-bound bully tells the weakling parent.
* * *
If Malaysia thinks that applying strong-arm tactics against the Tausugs (Muslims from Sulu and Tawi-Tawi) in Sabah will weaken their resolve to fight, it doesn’t know the Tausugs.
Fighting is a way of life for the Tausugs.
Malaysia should know that since it supported the Tausugs in fighting the government of Ferdinand Marcos in the 1970s and 1980s.
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  1. I find this writer extremely rude for writing a suggestive article. You contracted our MSM disease or what?
    1.Sulus have no case.
    2.Manila has washed hands on them.
    3.Armed intruders who threaten the security of malaysians be it sons of the soil or pendatang baru ( new blue ICs) will be dealt with appropriately.
    No thanks to an idiotic HM, we had a bad start managing the intrusion.
    We pray for the safety of our TDM in fighting off these ruthless intruders.

  2. We have no respect for Filipinos?? It is you guys who invaded Sabah with 200+ gunmen!

  3. You are insane. We Sabahan never know what best for us. If you want to be part of those intruder, then go ahead. Join them, and we will fight you.

  4. Sulu are scums of the earth, even they tried to get Brunei back them up only to get a strong reply they don't support the Sulu.. Sulu are cowards who are uneducated morons who has no patience to bring matter to international court or the decency to have humane talks...instead just like in the 1800's they had nothing, they just like today are pirates, they steal,invade,cause trouble and they will never amount to anything because even their own country rejects them...the answer was always there...pirates will go to any length to lie,steal and rob people.... i dont trust none of them reason for hating them....they killed my father on his ship in 1996.. to hell with the scums and their lying king and bitch dog fucking queen....she gives birth to future crooks and always will. stay away from Sabah or else.

  5. I am so happy the Sulu invade Sabah, I as an Army officer will enjoy saving my country from the Sulu scum, every one I kill I will piss in their mouths... you dumb fucks went too far and now we have future plans to sink that shit island Sulu with or without Malaysias help....we will sink fish boats,ferrys,toss your people to the you have the balls to say Sabah treats your shitbags came in on us...good fuck them all...Sulu will never be friend of Sabah, matter of fact we will run all your people got it you are never welcome...die scum, fuk ur queen and in-sultans.
    God bless Sabah.

  6. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I say my men will cut necks of pig sabah people, we rape u daoghters,wives and we give them baby sulu' will neve come near my island, and all ur people will leave our sabah lands,u think we so stupid eh. we plan so well, we have 800,000 our people there, most finance us money to kill u stpid fuks..just last 2 days we rape kill 5 sabah bitch and feed bouya..damn sabah cunt cry as eaten..i love that sound..many more soon....we not scare of you, Najib will turn back on sabah you all die and pray be allah no cristian be in malaysia ever again...all you above post be dying soon..god wills it...