Monday 16 March 2015

If you are not Malay take your place in the Q behind a Malay. If you do not want to do this - then leave Malaysia.

Tell me what you think has happened to the generations of Malaysian that have lived their life knowing only Mahathir, Pa Lah and Najib as their Prime Minister? 

I am not talking about those of us that have lived through Tunku's, Tun Razak's and Tun Hussein's times even though there are many of us who are still around, still relevant and still part and parcel of what Malaysia has been, what Malaysian has become and what Malaysia will be in the not too distant future. 

I am not talking about those of us who have worked to build up our lives and developed our nation as best as we could in the time that we had spent in Malaysia before we retired or migrated to places we now call home. 

We are probably 20 per cent of Malaysians who are over 55 who are old enough to have lived with Malaysian of other race and of other religious persuasion and lived our lives well, lived it decently, harmoniously and always respectful of each others culture and way of life.

No I am not talking about myself and my contemporaries and my peers.

I want to talk about Malaysians who had grown up, been educated, started their working life and knew only Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib as their Prime Ministers. I want to talk about those Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, Dayaks and all other Malaysians that have grown up knowing that politics makes one very rich and towards that end, all means - race and religion included - could, should and have been used in the getting of that political power.

 Malaysia's Age Structure 2014

Age structure: 0-14 years: 28.8% (male 4,456,033/female 4,206,727)
15-24 years: 16.9% (male 2,580,486/female 2,511,579)
25-54 years: 41.2% (male 6,277,694/female 6,114,312)
55-64 years: 7.6% (male 1,163,861/female 1,122,746)
65 years and over: 5.5% (male 777,338/female 862,577) (2014 est.)

Population Pyramid

I want to talk about that 50% of Malaysian that have known no other government but this Umno led Barisan Nasional Government. 

What kind of Malaysian are they?

Take a Malay who is now old enough to be able to think for themselves - possibly in their early teens and ask yourself what kind of person has this Malay become after growing up under a Umno led BN government?

It is fair to assume that they has been brought up educated entirely in Bahasa. What this Malay knows of the English language is self taught or minimal at most. They has been through an education system that isolates them from non-Malays and has been taught that that is the way things are and will be for the rest of their life. By the time they are in high school Ketuanan Melayu is embedded into their DNA and they live their life accordingly. They expect to be the first amongst equals in all things Malaysians - in education, in work, in play and in the living of their life. All this, they are told, have been made possible by Umno and so at any elections, they give their votes to Umno.

Now what about a non-Malay? They grows up fully aware that not being a Malay is a disadvantage from the time they starts schooling to the time they starts their working life. Their understanding of everything Malaysian is simply this :  

If you are not Malay you take your place in the Q behind a Malay. If you do not want to do this - then leave Malaysia.

More than half of Malaysian today are Malays - a demographic reality and trend that has been deliberately engineered and structured by this Umno led BN government for political gain.

Among these Malays there are many that have been able to think for themselves and have been able to figure out for themselves that there is a different reality to the world that they have grown up in. The reality that they need English if they want to go for a higher education. That there are others who have had an education better than them and are, as a result of that education, better than them! And that the world out there consists of other races, other religion and that "ketuanan Melayu" far from giving you that leg up in Malaysia or anywhere else, is really what is dragging the Malays down to the abyss of mediocrity. 

And so they start to adjust, compensate and somehow bring themselves to deal with the realities of living life with others who are not Malays. Some succeed some do not.

The other Malays will be used by Umno to further their political agenda  - that of using the Malay votes to win election on the premise that Umno has championed the Malays and for that Umno must now be given the Malay votes.

Yes there have been many things said of Mahahtir while he was in PM. There have been successes and there have been failures. There have been spectacular growth and there have been abject failures in all areas  - be it economic, education, social or in the well being of Malaysians. But if there is anything that history will damm Mahathir for it will have to be for his inability to understand what he has done to forever change our society, our people and our future not for the better but for the worse! For his use of money politics, the politics of patronage and the use of political power to advance his own personal agenda that lasted 22 years. And all this have been done at the expense of our future for god knows how many more generations.

The damage by Mahathir has been done and we are living proof of it. A Malaysian economy in tatters, a people divided by race and religions and two other PM who were incapable of doing anything else but continue what Mahathir has started  - the politics of materialism and the getting of political power through any means necessary.

When this will change is moot. Nothing is on the horizon. Not even a glimmer of hope. Not even a glint of possibilities amongst the leaders that we now have in government or in opposition  who could possible herald the possibilities of a responsible, accountable and open governance if they hold public office.

So imagine what the future holds for us!

Our people, especially our young are conditioned to dislike, distrust and dismiss each other into racial, religious and political compartments that divides, marginalized and isolate each other. Every available government resources at the beck and call of this Umno led BN government are being directed, instructed or are made to understand that their function is to accentuate this divide. And as if all this is not enough we now have a Prime Minister and a pliant cabinet that pursues these ends through any means possible -  including legislation and then have the audacity to announce to all and sundry that Ketuanan Melayu and all that it entails and had promised to do for the Malays, will be vigorously pursued to ensure Umno's relevance to the Malays dulu, kini dan selama lama nya!        

Now you tell me if this is the Malaysia you want to live in? 

You cannot change the population demographics. You cannot take away Ketuanan Melayu however much it has been abused to profit Umno rather than the Malays. You do not have a Knight in shining armour ready to do battle with Umno now rather than later...and even later is a questionable impossibility given the options we now have. You have won the popular vote in last general election and yet you are not in government. 

I have no answers to these questions....I only have hope. 

Hope in the goodness of enough of my fellow Malaysians to think that change might be possible because people, Malays included, do not want to live under a repressive, arrogant and corrupt government. 

Hope that somewhere amongst the Malaysians we now have, that there will be a leader who will rise to give us the leadership required to take electoral victory at a general election - such a margin  of victory that even electoral gerry meandering, electoral fraud and a complicit Electoral Commission cannot ignore or nullify. And certainly hope that this Umno led BN government will fall on its own sword simply because of its own greed, abuse and mismanagement of the mandate to governed Malaysia that it stole from us at the 13th general election.        

Apart from that hope you can still pray. You pray. I will cling to hope.

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