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Azmin Ali : Sarawak Bukan Negri Bapak dia! Setuju YB!

Pak Samat and Lim Kit Siang

Day #12 (Polling Eve): After Ceramah and PC in Bintulu, now Sdr Pak Samat & Sdr Lim Kit Siang on the way (200km++ about 3-hr drive) to Miri for final day campaign for three DAP candidates in Miri area.

steadyaku47 comment : A picture is worth a thousand words....The white hair Malay with the flowing white beard is 81 years old. The Chinese man beside him is 75. 

The older man is Pak Samad - Pejuang Sastera - Malaysia's National Laureate  and the "younger man" is a politician of the first order..both living legends who are still tirelessly working to make Malaysia a better place. 

Tabek and my respects to these two.....enough said! 

Friday, 6 May 2016

Lawrence Anthony : The Wild Elephant Whisperer

Wild elephants gather inexplicably, mourn death of "Elephant Whisperer"

Author and legendary conservationist Lawrence Anthony died March 7. His family tells of a solemn procession on March 10 that defies human explanation

For 12 hours, two herds of wild South African elephants slowly made their way through the Zululand bush until they reached the house of late author Lawrence Anthony, the conservationist who saved their lives.
The formerly violent, rogue elephants, destined to be shot a few years ago as pests, were rescued and rehabilitated by Anthony, who had grown up in the bush and was known as the “Elephant Whisperer.”

For two days the herds loitered at Anthony’s rural compound on the vast Thula Thula game reserve in the South African KwaZulu – to say good-bye to the man they loved. But how did they know he had died March 7?

Known for his unique ability to calm traumatized elephants, Anthony had become a legend. He is the author of three books, Baghdad Ark, detailing his efforts to rescue the animals at Baghdad Zoo during the Iraqi war, the forthcoming The Last Rhinos, and his bestselling The Elephant Whisperer.

There are two elephant herds at Thula Thula. According to his son Dylan, both arrived at the Anthony family compound shortly after Anthony’s death.
“They had not visited the house for a year and a half and it must have taken them about 12 hours to make the journey,” Dylan is quoted in various local news accounts. “The first herd arrived on Sunday and the second herd, a day later. They all hung around for about two days before making their way back into the bush.”

Elephants have long been known to mourn their dead. In India, baby elephants often are raised with a boy who will be their lifelong “mahout.” The pair develop legendary bonds – and it is not uncommon for one to waste away without a will to live after the death of the other.
A line of elephants approaching the Anthony house (Photo courtesy of the Anthony family)

But these are wild elephants in the 21st century, not some Rudyard Kipling novel.
The first herd to arrive at Thula Thula several years ago were violent. They hated humans. Anthony found himself fighting a desperate battle for their survival and their trust, which he detailed in The Elephant Whisperer:

“It was 4:45 a.m. and I was standing in front of Nana, an enraged wild elephant, pleading with her in desperation. Both our lives depended on it. The only thing separating us was an 8,000-volt electric fence that she was preparing to flatten and make her escape.

“Nana, the matriarch of her herd, tensed her enormous frame and flared her ears.
“’Don’t do it, Nana,’ I said, as calmly as I could. She stood there, motionless but tense. The rest of the herd froze.

“’This is your home now,’ I continued. ‘Please don’t do it, girl.’
I felt her eyes boring into me.

Anthony, Nana and calf (Photo courtesy of the Anthony family)

“’They’ll kill you all if you break out. This is your home now. You have no need to run any more.’

“Suddenly, the absurdity of the situation struck me,” Anthony writes. “Here I was in pitch darkness, talking to a wild female elephant with a baby, the most dangerous possible combination, as if we were having a friendly chat. But I meant every word. ‘You will all die if you go. Stay here. I will be here with you and it’s a good place.’

“She took another step forward. I could see her tense up again, preparing to snap the electric wire and be out, the rest of the herd smashing after her in a flash.

“I was in their path, and would only have seconds to scramble out of their way and climb the nearest tree. I wondered if I would be fast enough to avoid being trampled. Possibly not.

“Then something happened between Nana and me, some tiny spark of recognition, flaring for the briefest of moments. Then it was gone. Nana turned and melted into the bush. The rest of the herd followed. I couldn’t explain what had happened between us, but it gave me the first glimmer of hope since the elephants had first thundered into my life.”

Elephants gathering at the Anthony home (Photo courtesy of the Anthony family)

It had all started several weeks earlier with a phone call from an elephant welfare organization. Would Anthony be interested in adopting a problem herd of wild elephants? They lived on a game reserve 600 miles away and were “troublesome,” recalled Anthony.

“They had a tendency to break out of reserves and the owners wanted to get rid of them fast. If we didn’t take them, they would be shot.

“The woman explained, ‘The matriarch is an amazing escape artist and has worked out how to break through electric fences. She just twists the wire around her tusks until it snaps, or takes the pain and smashes through.’

“’Why me?’ I asked.

“’I've heard you have a way with animals. You’re right for them. Or maybe they’re right for you.’”

What followed was heart-breaking. One of the females and her baby were shot and killed in the round-up, trying to evade capture.

The French version of "The Elephant Whisperer"

“When they arrived, they were thumping the inside of the trailer like a gigantic drum. We sedated them with a pole-sized syringe, and once they had calmed down, the door slid open and the matriarch emerged, followed by her baby bull, three females and an 11-year-old bull.”

Last off was the 15-year-old son of the dead mother. “He stared at us,” writes Anthony, “flared his ears and with a trumpet of rage, charged, pulling up just short of the fence in front of us.

“His mother and baby sister had been shot before his eyes, and here he was, just a teenager, defending his herd. David, my head ranger, named him Mnumzane, which in Zulu means ‘Sir.’ We christened the matriarch Nana, and the second female-in-command, the most feisty, Frankie, after my wife.

“We had erected a giant enclosure within the reserve to keep them safe until they became calm enough to move out into the reserve proper.

“Nana gathered her clan, loped up to the fence and stretched out her trunk, touching the electric wires. The 8,000-volt charge sent a jolt shuddering through her bulk. She backed off. Then, with her family in tow, she strode the entire perimeter of the enclosure, pointing her trunk at the wire to check for vibrations from the electric current. 

“As I went to bed that night, I noticed the elephants lining up along the fence, facing out towards their former home. It looked ominous. I was woken several hours later by one of the reserve’s rangers, shouting, ‘The elephants have gone! They’ve broken out!’ The two adult elephants had worked as a team to fell a tree, smashing it onto the electric fence and then charging out of the enclosure.

“I scrambled together a search party and we raced to the border of the game reserve, but we were too late. The fence was down and the animals had broken out.

“They had somehow found the generator that powered the electric fence around the reserve. After trampling it like a tin can, they had pulled the concrete-embedded fence posts out of the ground like matchsticks, and headed north.”

The reserve staff chased them – but had competition.

“We met a group of locals carrying large caliber rifles, who claimed the elephants were ‘fair game’ now. On our radios we heard the wildlife authorities were issuing elephant rifles to staff. It was now a simple race against time.”

Anthony managed to get the herd back onto Thula Thula property, but problems had just begun:

“Their bid for freedom had, if anything, increased their resentment at being kept in captivity. Nana watched my every move, hostility seeping from every pore, her family behind her. There was no doubt that sooner or later they were going to make another break for freedom.

“Then, in a flash, came the answer. I would live with the herd. To save their lives, I would stay with them, feed them, talk to them. But, most importantly, be with them day and night. We all had to get to know each other.”

It worked, as the book describes in detail, notes the London Daily Mail newspaper.

Anthony was later offered another troubled elephant – one that was all alone because the rest of her herd had been shot or sold, and which feared humans. He had to start the process all over again.

And as his reputation spread, more “troublesome” elephants were brought to Thula Thula.
So, how after Anthony’s death, did the reserve’s elephants — grazing miles away in distant parts of the park — know?

“A good man died suddenly,” says Rabbi Leila Gal Berner, Ph.D., “and from miles and miles away, two herds of elephants, sensing that they had lost a beloved human friend, moved in a solemn, almost ‘funereal’ procession to make a call on the bereaved family at the deceased man’s home.”

“If there ever were a time, when we can truly sense the wondrous ‘interconnectedness of all beings,’ it is when we reflect on the elephants of Thula Thula. A man’s heart’s stops, and hundreds of elephants’ hearts are grieving. This man’s oh-so-abundantly loving heart offered healing to these elephants, and now, they came to pay loving homage to their friend.”

The Thrill is Gone

The thrill is gone 
The thrill is gone away 
The thrill is gone baby 
The thrill is gone away 
You know you done me wrong baby 
And you'll be sorry someday 

The thrill is gone 
It's gone away from me 
The thrill is gone baby 
The thrill is gone away from me 
Although, I'll still live on 
But so lonely I'll be

The thrill is gone 
It's gone away for good 
The thrill is gone baby 
It's gone away for good 
Someday I know 
I'll be open armed baby 
Just like I know a good man should

You know I'm free, free now baby 
I'm free from your spell 
Oh I'm free, free, free now 
I'm free from your spell 
And now that it's all over 
All I can do is wish you well

Quickies : Ajaib tapi Benar - Din konfuse?

Najib Boleh Apa Pasal Saya Tak Boleh?

Daily Telegraph


Christine Lee granted bail following Sydney Airport arrest four years after $4.6 million was wrongly transferred into her account

Ms Lee yesterday attempted to leave Australia on an “emergency passport”. Picture: Facebook
A WOMAN who blew more than $3 million after a banking error was told by a magistrate yesterday she may not have broken the law in taking “money we all dream about”.

Christine Lee spent millions on luxury handbags and renting lavish penthouses after Westpac gave her an unlimited overdraft on her savings account in 2014.

On the surface she was a humble 21-year-old Malaysian chemical engineering student but for the next nine months police allege she accessed more than $4.6 million for a dramatic spending spree.

The woman was attempting to board an international flight from Sydney Airport when she was arrested. Picture: John Grainger
Her boyfriend, Vincent King, yesterday told The Daily Telegraph he was “shocked” at the allegations and had “no idea” his girlfriend was living the high life.

“She is a good girl,” he said.

“That’s big money.”

The free ride came crashing to a halt on Wednesday night, when police arrested Ms Lee trying to fly to Malaysia on an “emergency passport”.

At her first court appearance yesterday, Lee said she was living in a prestigious sub-penthouse on Rider Boulevard in Rhodes, which — according to property records — is rented at $780 a week.

Police prosecutors allege that she churned through ­millions of dollars between July 2014 and April last year and told the court $3.3 million of the money was “outstanding”.

Magistrate Lisa Stapleton said “that’s a lot of handbags” before disputing the validity of the police case against Lee.

Christine Lee, 21, was granted bail — but will still spend the night in jail. Picture: Facebook
“It’s not a proceed of crime, it’s money we all dream about,’’ she said, before granting Lee bail with strict conditions. Legal Aid solicitor Fiona McCarron told the court police would find it difficult to prove Lee’s spending was illegal.

Ms Stapleton agreed, saying: “She didn’t take it from them. They gave it to her.”

The magistrate said, if that were the case, then Lee would owe the money to the bank but she would not have broken the law.

Ms Stapleton said Lee was not a flight risk because her passport had been surrendered and granted her bail to live in her boyfriend’s unit, also in Rhodes.

Lee spent the night in custody because Mr King could not produce identification in English to prove his identity.

She will appear before Waverley Local Court again today to resubmit accurate bail information.

Ms Stapleton said the case was more complicated than it first appeared after hearing Lee was travelling on an emergency passport because “she lost her passport” and needed to get home in a hurry.

Federal police arrested the 21-year-old about 8.25pm on Wednesday and took her to Mascot police station where she was charged with dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception, and knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime.

A NSW Police spokeswoman said the CBD fraud unit investigated the money transfer after the error was made

Najib Razak vs Barnard Madoff : For me the Fat Lady sudah pon menyayni!

Looking back at the history of financial frauds, not much can rival 1MDB. By any criteria you care to measure of what we now know about 1MDB, we would have to go to America to even begin to measure the magnitude of this scam....and even then, the financial frauds and scams in America in no way, can rival the scope, length and breath of what 1MDB encompasses. 

1MDB is a fraud sans international borders, had the complicity of those in government and high public office on an industrial scale and those involve in the scam went about scamming, plundering and pillaging the coffers of a country on a breathtaking scale for almost a decade and is still doing so now!

Let us try and measure this 1MDB scam against one of the largest financial fraud in US history perpetrated by Bernard Madoff an American fraudster and a former stockbroker, investment adviser and financier and also a highly reputable Wall Street money man.

The asset management unit of his firm, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, defrauded thousand of investors of billions of dollars. How good was he? The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) conducted multiple investigation into Madoff business practises and did not uncover fraud. The loss to his investors was RM71 billion but on June 29, 2009, Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison.

 From this :

 To this:

Now this: 

How does 1MDB stacked up to what Barnard Madoff has done?

Barnard Madoff had a company with which he perpetrated the fraud over a period of 10 years.

Najib Razak had 1MDB of which he was the "Advisor" to work with for 8 years ago and counting.

Barnard Madoff had his brother as Senior Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer; Peter's daughter Shana Madoff , as the firm's rules and compliance officer and attorney; and his sons Andrew and Mark.  

Najib Razak had Umno, the Government of Malaysia  - one he was president of and the other he was prime minister of. 

Barnard Madoff worked hard at getting investors into his Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme and sent fake balance statement to every investor so that it appear that their money was doing well and multiplying...but once his sons told authorities about the fraud, the FBI arrested him and he was done with scamming people.

Najib Razak had other people working for him. He signed documents that he had no idea he was signing about. When Sarawak Report and Wall Street Journal outed him he was still able to manage Umno, the Cabinet, PAC, the AG, PDRM and other relevant authorities and ensure that all criminal and civil investigation into his wrong doings at 1MDB was thwarted, ceased or if investigations proceeded, ensured that their findings would clear him of any wrong doing.

Barnard Madoff : The loss to his investors is RM 71billion.

Najib Razak : To date we are looking at a loss of RM40 billion and counting.

In June 2009, Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in Jail.

Najib Razak : a Work in Progress....
Now where does Najib Razak go from here? 

We are already familiar with what Sarawak Report and WSJ has so far uncovered and exposed about Najib Razak and 1MDB. We know the main players involved, the beneficiaries of the billions of ringgit and what steps has been taken by Najib to "manage" the fallout from what he has done with 1MDB - from getting rid of Mahyuddin, the AG etc.

Najib Razak has to keep pouring a massive amount of cash into 1MDB in order to keep it alive because 1MDB has no business with which it can generate cash....and there is also that massive RM2.6 billion donation coming from Saudi Arabia from persons unknown which has so far served to complicate matters.

How long can this massive cash infusion continue and where is the money going to come from? Common sense tells us that if this continues EPF, Tabung Haji etc and the Nation Coffers will be emptied and the cash infusion will stop.

Four countries, including the United States, are investigating 1MDB on corruption and money laundering charges. Bank accounts of those involved are being frozen and arrests of those involved have started or are imminent.

1MDB is already selling its assets to pay of its massive debts. 

Without massive cash infusion in the billions of ringgits, 1MDB, already in the red to foreign investors, will default on it's debts. 1MDB sudah pon sampai ka tahap ini....or at best, nyawa 1MDB sekarang di hujung pedang...a pedang being wielded by foreign governments and many others who do not take instructions from Najib Razak nor can what they be swayed by any amount of cash that Najib can throw heir way. 

For me the Fat Lady sudah pon menyanyi.....




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Breaking News.....Helicopter Hilang.

Helicopter hilang di Betong Sarawak on way back to Kuching.

Confirmed at 5pm.

On board YB Dato Noriah (Timbalan Menteri) and Dato Wan Khairil (MP Kuala Kangsar) 

Mari lah kita doakan mereka semua selamat.

Kegiatan mencari masih di lakukan....semoga semua selamat.



1MDB : Investigators believe that as much as US$1 billion was routed into Najib’s own accounts in March of 2013 before being diverted out again in October of that year, to disappear into cyberspace.

1Malaysia Development Bhd. Nears a Sorry End

1Malaysia Development Bhd. Nears a Sorry End
Field of Dreams

Government to wind up scandal-scarred state investment fund

The Malaysian government, according to a source in Kuala Lumpur, has begun to officially dismantle 1Malaysia Development Bhd., the Ministry of Finance-backed development fund that was brought into being by Prime Minister Najib Razak in 2008 and which has morphed into what arguably is the biggest scandal in Malaysian history although it hasn’t dented Najib’s hold on power.

The implications for investors are unclear. What assets are not sold off are expected to be moved into the Ministry of Finance, with the board of advisers – headed by Najib – and the board of directors being dissolved. A well-connected businessman told Asia Sentinel last week that the government – and thus the taxpayers – will probably end up having to eat the losses.
However, the eight-year history of the fund is an astonishing tale of greed and chicanery, with billions of dollars apparently having been stolen or otherwise unaccounted for, diverted into accounts in the Cayman and British Virgin Islands. Investigators believe that as much as US$1 billion was routed into Najib’s own accounts in March of 2013 before being diverted out again in October of that year, to disappear into cyberspace. 

The scandal has played a major part in fomenting distrust in the United Malays National Organization, the leading party in the national ruling coalition, with Najib firing his own party vice president and deputy prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, as well as Attorney General Abdul Ghani Patail, in an effort to contain the scandal. Other government officials have been sidelined or neutralized.

It has driven former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad to seek a deal with opposition figures including Lim Kit Siang, the head of the Democratic Action Party, whom he jailed in 1986, and others, in the vain attempt to bring down Najib. So far, propped up as head of UMNO and thus as Prime Minister by the votes of 196 district chiefs who are said to have been bought off with rent-seeking jobs and contracts as well as outright bribes, Najib has remained invulnerable, also by threatening opponents with jail, closing influential newspapers temporarily and shortstopping a reported investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Crime Commission that was on the edge of recommending his indictment. A similar request from Bank Negara, the central bank, for an investigation into the movement of funds was simply ignored.

The scandal has also ensnared Goldman Sachs’ former Southeast Asia head, Tim Leissner, who engineered a huge US$3 billion sale of 1MDB bonds that earned Goldman an estimated US$500 million. Leissner left the firm and moved to Los Angeles, where he has reportedly been meeting with FBI officials.

The fund is believed to be RM42 billion (US$11.6 million) in debt against an unknown amount of assets, and with the government in a protracted squabble with an Abu Dhabi entity, the International Petroleum Investment Corp. (IPIC) over as much as US$3.5 billion of funds that 1MDB officials thought they were transferring to an IPIC subsidiary, Aabar Investments PJS.

The money instead went into a BVI-registered company called Aabar BVI and has since disappeared. IPIC officials refused to make a payment of US$50 million to bondholders when it discovered that the money had been diverted, stirring fears of a cross-default that could imperil the country’s financial system.

Rafizi Ramli, the secretary general of the opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat, in March reportedly displayed figures indicating that transfers from Tabung Haji, the fund that invests savings for Muslims to make the Haj to Mecca, were depleted to the point that the fund was endangered. Rafizi was charged with sedition and briefly jailed. Several other opposition figures including Tony Pua, spokesman for the DAP, have been threatened with sedition charges for questioning the 1MDB operations.

Officials of 1MDB and others associated with the sovereign investment company, with interests in power and property, are being pursued by investigators in five countries, most prominently the United States, whose US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, has sent FBI investigators to Malaysia to seek clues to allegations of money laundering on the part of the Najib family for the purchase of expensive real estate in New York and California and for the funding of the blockbuster movie Wolf of Wall Street.
Other law enforcement agencies include the Attorney General of Switzerland, which has accused unnamed individuals of laundering as much as US$4 billion from 1MDB through Swiss bank outlets in Singapore. Singapore is said to have frozen the bank accounts of several individuals as well. Most recently, officials in Luxembourg opened an investigation into 1MDB’s affairs.

The fund got its start in 2008 when Jho Taek Low, then a 27-year-old Penang-born financier and friend of the Najib family, persuaded Najib to take over a budding investment fund that he had proposed to the Sultan of Terengganu, who backed away from it. The fund embarked on a torrid acquisition process, buying vastly overpriced independent power producers from companies and individuals closely connected with the UMNO ruling clique including the Genting gaming and plantation conglomerate and Ananda Khrishnan, one of the country’s richest men. With 1MDB facing huge debts from the purchases, the government pushed through no-bid contracts to hand 1MDB’s power units lucrative deals at the expense of competitive bidding.

It was given the gift of the obsolete Sungei Besi air force base, close to downtown Kuala Lumpur, which it sought to turn into a high-priced financial center called the Tun Razak Exchange, named for Najib’s father.

But hundreds of millions of dollars allegedly were diverted into Jho Low’s personal accounts. As Asia Sentinel reported in 2014, Jho Low – a private individual – attempted to use 1MDB guarantees in a vain attempt to buy three of London’s finest hotels, the Connaught, the Berkeley and Claridge’s. He acquired a 300-foot yacht and a flock of enormously expensive paintings that he has since begun to sell off.
Reuters reported in April that RM18 billion of 1MDB’s debt linked to its power assets would go under Edra Energy, which is due to be sold off in nine months’ time. It is also expected to sell off two high-profile property projects, the Tun Razak Exchange and Bandar Malaysia, after splitting them into separate entities. Critics have charged that the land under the stalled projects has repeatedly been revalued upward to unrealistic levels in an attempt to cover the indebtedness.  Once the assets are sold off, 1MDB is expected to be dissolved completely. 

Quickies : Tun Dr Mahathir on Nazri

steadyaku47 comment : Vintage his best!