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macham macham....saying "NO" to 50% of $26,700,000.00!

steadyaku47 comment: Sometimes I wonder why I spend so many hours working on my blog when I have "offers" to become rich by helping others to become rich. The last one I said "NO" to came through early this morning at around 4 am when I just finished posting my "cakap cakap.....My Wife, My Life". ......allow me to share this with you guys so that you will appreciate what I do on this many of you would be able to say "NO" to 50% of $26,700,000.00....not Najib...not Rosmah and certainly not many of Umno's Ketua Bahagians!

  • Conversation started today
  • Low William Brian
  • Low William Brian
    Low William Brian
    How are you ?
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Its 3.48am here in melbourne...judt abiut 2 go 2 sleep. Where r u?
  • Low William Brian
    Low William Brian
    I'm in UAE Dubai
    I work as a banker here in Dubai
    And you ?
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid
    I write...
  • Low William Brian
    Low William Brian
    Where do you work ?
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid
    I m retired
  • Low William Brian
    Low William Brian
    What did you work as ?
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid
  • Low William Brian
    Low William Brian
    My real name is Rezwan Mirza and i have a business proposal that will profit the both of us
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Ok i m all ears...tell me
  • Low William Brian
    Low William Brian
    Dear Abdul,
    It’s my urgent need For a foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction.I am Rezwan Mirza working with Barclays Bank here in Dubai(U.A.E) I write to contact you over a very important business transaction which will be of our interest and benefit to our both families.

    In 2007,one Mr. Weimin Abdul, whose surname is same as yours and has your country in his file as his place of origin, made a fixed deposit for 36 months, valued at $26,700,000.00 with my bank. I was his account officer before I rose to the position of Managing Director. The maturity date for this deposit contract was 27th of September 2010.Sadly Mr.Weimin was among the death victims in the September 2009 earthquake in Indonesia that left over 1,200 people dead while he was there on business trip.
    Since the last quarter of 2010 until today, the management of my bank have been finding means to reach him so as ascertain if he will roll over the Deposit or have the contract sum withdrawn. When I discovered that this will happen, I have tried to think up a procedure to preserve this fund and use the proceeds for business.
    Some directors here have been trying to find out from me the information about this account and the owner, but I have kept it closed because, I know that if they become aware that Mr Weimin is late, they will corner the funds for themselves. Therefore, am seeking your co-operation to present you as the one to benefit from his fund at his death since you have the same name, so that my bank head quarters will pay the funds to you. I have done enough inside bank arrangement and you only have to put in your details into the information network in the bank computers and reflect you as his next of kin.
    If you concur with this proposal, I intend for you to retain 50% of the funds while 50% shall be for me.
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Its 4am over here...dont fuck around wth me
  • Low William Brian
    Are you ready to work with me so that we can claim this money ?

BSI : "In the case of 1MDB, the bank executed numerous large transactions with unclear purpose over a period of several years and, despite clearly suspicious indications, did not clarify the background to these transactions,"

Najib Razak 1MDB scandal: Swiss approve dissolution of scandal-hit bank

Swiss financial regulators have approved the dissolution of Lugano-based BSI Bank over its links to a corruption scandal engulfing Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak.
Swiss supervisor FINMA accused BSI, a merchant bank, of "serious breaches" of money-laundering regulations in its dealings with the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB, which is at the heart of the corruption allegations.

Key points:

  • Singapore kicks out BSI
  • Swiss authorities agree to takeover and dissolve bank
  • BSI accused of 'serious breaches' of money-laundering rules in dealings with Malaysia's 1MDB
In the case of 1MDB, the bank executed numerous large transactions with unclear purpose.
Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority
In the toughest punitive action yet announced in the affair, FINMA said it was approving the takeover of the merchant bank by Zurich-based private banking group EFG International on the condition that BSI is integrated "and thereafter dissolved" within 12 months.

It ordered the seizure of $US96 million of BSI's "illegally generated" profits.

"In the case of 1MDB, the bank executed numerous large transactions with unclear purpose over a period of several years and, despite clearly suspicious indications, did not clarify the background to these transactions," the Swiss regulator said.

FINMA also said it was investigating two former top managers to determine what they knew about the illegal activities, warning that it may launch further probes.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Swiss Attorney-General's office said that it had opened criminal proceedings against parent firm BSI SA "based on information revealed by the criminal proceedings in the 1MDB case".

In a statement noting the Swiss actions, 1MDB said "it has not been contacted by any foreign lawful authority on matters relating to the company", and was prepared to cooperate with foreign investigators subject to guidance from Malaysia's Government. 

The fund's investments had not been impacted by the Swiss announcements, the statement added.

On the same day, Singapore's central bank said it was kicking out BSI, for "serious breaches of anti-money laundering requirements, poor management oversight of the bank's operations, and gross misconduct by some of the bank's staff".

In a statement, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) said it had also asked state prosecutors to investigate six senior executives of BSI Bank Limited, including its former chief executive for possible criminal offences.

Two Singaporean executives of the bank already face charges in the city-state.

1MDB background

Founded in 2009 by Mr Najib, 1MDB is teetering on the brink of collapse amid multiple investigations around the world into allegations that billions were looted from it.

The fund, which ran up more than $US11 billion ($15 billion) in debt in a series of much-questioned investments, has steadfastly denied money was stolen or that it was in financial trouble.

Last year, the Wall Street Journal revealed $US681 million in transfers to Mr Najib's personal bank accounts.

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak  
He said the money was a gift from the Saudi royal family, most of which he returned.
In April, a Saudi official said that was true, but only after weeks of silence that cast doubt on the claim.

In a series of more recent investigative reports, however, the newspaper said Malaysian investigation documents indicated more than $US1 billion in 1MDB-linked money had been funnelled to Mr Najib.

He and 1MDB vehemently deny that claim.

The Prime Minister has faced calls to resign but he has tightened his grip on the ruling party and thwarted domestic investigations.

cakap cakap...My Wife, My Life.

1.33 AM. Wednesday early morning.

My wife is asleep. 

Today, like most days when I am at my desk writing and she is sleeping in the bed beside me, I invariably take a few minutes every now from writing to look her way and think about the times when we could still agree to disagree on matters that I can no longer remember. 

All you guys who are still arguing with your better half on whatever matter that you both are not able to agree upon...enjoy every moment of those arguments for I know they will come a time when you will look back at those times and wish once again that your wife can talk back to you. 

You will rue the day when you got upset and told your wife to just be quiet because she did have an opinion on something...anything ... and was not afraid to let you know what was on her mind....and you resented her for doing so because you have just had a hard day at the office. 

I can no longer do those things with my wife because her dementia has taken her ability to speak from her about a year back. Not a spoken word from her for at least a year....and yet we laugh, we do things together and we tell each other things...well I do most of the talking and she looks at me and patiently puts up with my attempts at having a conversation with her. I do not really know if she understands what I say but she does squeeze my hand and rub my cheeks when I am within her reach.

And she smiles a lot....much more than those times when we were arguing over matters that I can now no longer remember. And because she smiles a lot, I too smile a lot...and as they say, when you are smiling....the whole world smiles with you! Life is good.

How then are these UMNO politicians talking about a future where Ketuanan Melayu rules when there has never been a past where it has ever existed?

I know that there are many Malays among those who think themselves to be my friends, who do not want the Chinese to have the right to call Malaysia their home.  

Just as they are some Chinese who cannot think of the Malays without hate. The same can be said of some of the other races who now call this country their home. 

Hate and bigotry lies deep within the hearts of some Malaysians. Each will have their reasons for allowing such feelings to fester within their hearts. Each can find reasons to comfort themselves that the other races are deserving of their contempt and dislike. Each will find their own way and means to inflict upon the other race harm even as they live life as Malaysians.

Let us not try to dismiss these realities. They exist but if truth be told, in my lifetime, I cannot think of a time when this country "belong" exclusively to the Malays.

For as long as I can remember, there have always been Chinese and Indians living around the odd Bhai, Jawa, those lovely Eurasians and even a Portuguese or two (from Melaka). I knew there were Chinese in Melaka who sang those Dondang Sayang and talk exclusively in Malay....and the Mamaks were the ones to go to for Rojaks and Chendols.

Hell I was not even aware of my Bugis ancestors until much later! 

How then are these Malay politicians talking about a future where Ketuanan Melayu rules when there has never been a past where it has ever existed? 

Our country has never been a society composed of one culture, one race and one religion! 
Our country has always been diverse! If there was a problem then and if there is a problem now, it is how we deal with that diversity.

I would like to think that in those early days, each race took the best values that they had within them to share with the others. I remember thinking that I wish I could work as hard and as diligently as the Chinese did when they were taking care of their business. The Indians have always gone out of their way to be helpful to me and are loyal and faithful friends. I am sure the Chinese and Indians too would have their own opinion as to what values the Malays had that they admire and respect.....but there was no need for us all to tell each other of these things. We all look upon each other as fellow human beings whose primary purpose in life is to eke out a living the best way we can and we live with each other the best way we can.

There were times when I had a good laugh at the expense of the Chinese. I remember in my young days when were at parties..... what fun we had laughing at the Chinese couples enthusiastically doing their Off Beat Cha Cha Cha. Having Rojak and Chendol at the roadside stall was not only a delight for our taste buds but also an opportunity to have a few laughs at the expense of the Mamak. I am sure the Chinese, Indians and Mamaks too have their laughs at the expense of the Malays....but is that not what life is all about? Laughing at each other diversity that somehow works in making unity a reality? 

Not any more!

The Chinese eat pig, this is halal and that is not halal. Have not the Chinese been eating pig all this while? Since when has it become a problem and to whom has it become a problem? Increasingly the racial and religious divides becomes more rigid and overwhelming, crossing over into our daily lives and making life burdensome and intolerable as everything we do starts to be given a racial and religious slant. 

Again I ask.... how can you talk about a future where Ketuanan Melayu rules when there has never been a past where it has ever existed?        

Think about it my donplaypuks is keen of saying....We are all of 1 Race, The Human Race.



Tuesday, 24 May 2016


19/06/2016 MALAYSIA
The AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION AGENTS PTY LTD (Reg.995541-P) (AMA) of Petaling Jaya, Selangor in collaboration with the SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION OF West Australian STATE GOVERNMENT (SBDC) invites you to a pre-assessed value-packed seminar on business and investment opportunities in Australia. At the seminar you will get to know how to expand your current business and investment activities into Australia and at the same time acquire Australian Permanent Resident status for you and your immediate family members in the process. State Sponsorship approval may be given in principle to those who register early for pre-assessment for eligibility.
Key speakers
Mr. Bruno Delfante
Manager WA Business Migration
Centre, Representative of WA
State Government
Mr. Robert K Chelliah
CEO Australian Migration
Agents group of companies.
Business Owners
Self – Employed
Professionals with assets including Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists,
Venue: PJ Hilton Hotel
Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya
Date: Sunday, 19th June 2016
Time: 2 to 6 pm
Admission: Strictly by pre-registration ONLY owing to
Parking: Free under the Overhead Bridge next to
PJ Hilton

Contact Hidayah:
012-3482961 or +61 412173502
(click SEMINAR to submit details in REGISTRATION form)

Commercial and domestic property development
Property development
Eco tourism and hospitality industry
Australian Food and Beverages
Agro cultivation and Commercial Horticulture

(Reg: ABN 41064464615)
(Reg: 20155561204k)
(Reg: 9954541-P)
D.8.7A, PJ8, NO.28 JALAN