Sunday, 26 June 2016

cakap cakap...."iftar"

Since the start of the fasting month I have been coming across this "iftar" word many a times...and for the life of me, I have never come across this word until this year...this fasting month. So today I Google "iftar" and here is what I got :

Iftar (or Fatoor) (Arabic: إفطار‎‎ ʾifṭār 'breakfast') is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. Muslims break their fast at the time of the call to prayer for the evening prayer.

Am I an idiot or just ignorant of this "iftar" word that is now being used instead of the "buka puasa" that I have been using all my life? 

Why use "iftar" now? It is an Arabic word is it not? Why not just stick to "buka puasa"....can some one please lah not a mufti....any one who knows why, will do lah!


Saturday, 25 June 2016

Ipoh mari......Ini Bodoh punya kerja!

Ipoh City Council disallows its Indian employees from wearing the traditional saree at its Aidilfitri function scheduled for July 1.

(Read attire restrictions noted on bottom right corner of this invitation).

Employees are forming an official protest to challenge this blatant breach of their rights to dress in their traditional attire.


The Truth Often Hurts....

Life is still Good!

There have been times when I have been asked, how do I cope with the condition of my wife who has dementia. How do I and my son take care of her 24/7/  Would it not be easier for us and better for my wife, to have her in a Home? That thought have passed through my mind but only fleetingly and have never lingered for more than a few moments. 

For the many many carers who take care of others...whether they are doing it because it is their job, whether they do so because there is no one else to do so and whether, in the case of my son and me, we do so for our loved ones....what ever the reasons...we all know one thing....we do it because we want to.  For my son and me what we do makes us happy because we want to care for my wife..and when you WANT to do something....nothing is a problem.   

So for those of you are having difficulties in doing something you DO NOT want to do....think positive thoughts and look for ways to WANT to do then becomes so much easier and happier. Life is good.

Quickies : The Chosen One against Cameron!

Sarawak Report : Musa Aman

Spotlight Switches Back To Musa Aman And Exposes Another Swiss Bank!

24 Jun 2016

As international prosecutors continue to unravel 1MDB, an earlier investigation by Sarawak Report has achieved a separate landmark ruling in Switzerland, with the top bank UBS ordered to produce documents relating to Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman’s vast earnings from timber kick-backs.
Sarawak Report exposed Sabah’s shocking timber corruption in a series of articles in 2012.  Using evidence obtained from a web of off-shore timber companies, related to Singapore and Hong Kong bank accounts, we detailed how just shy of a hundred million dollars had been siphoned out by Musa, much of it funnelled directly into his Zurich bank accounts.


Musa and Chia

Fronting the network of companies was youthful Michael Chia, son of a business associate of Musa Aman’s, making for an uncanny parallel with Jho Low and his own relationship with Malaysia’s federal leader, Najib Razak.
Chia was originally arrested in Hong Kong, just before the Sabah state election, with a bag full of millions of dollars in cash.  The subsequent investigation sparked an MACC investigation in Malaysia and the discovery of substantial evidence of long-suspected extensive timber corruption in the state, managed by Aman.
In another parallel to the later federal scandal unearthed by SR, Najib closed down all investigations into the matter, despite overwhelming evidence handed to the then Attorney General (a relative of Musa) by investigators.
Since the cash in Musa’s bank accounts could not be denied, however Najib again fell back on the excuse that the money was meant for election expenses, as the reason for not pressing charges. This was despite records of numerous payments to Musa’s own sons and personal employees.
The excuse echoed that which Najib later gave for his own vast accounts – as if stealing money for party political purposes is acceptable, opposed to politicians spending it on themselves, which there is plenty of evidence they also did.

Musa’s money – Sarawak Report exposed the trail of the timber kickback money as well as a swathe of corrupt logging concessions

UBS duty to report suspicious transactions by politically exposed persons

Sarawak Report presented numerous exposes to show how these huge sums linked to kickbacks lay behind the otherwise unexplained wealth of Musa and his brother, who is Malaysia’s Foreign Minister.
Like Taib Mahmud in neighbouring Sarawak, Musa has been a career civil servant, UMNO treasurer and politician, positions which do not legitimately provide the enormous sums flowing through his bank accounts.
This is something that has been mentioned numerous times in the series of articles on Musa’s money written by Sarawak Report and it is a basic point that should likewise have been picked up under money-laundering regulations by the various international banks, particularly UBS and HSBC, which handled Musa’s huge transactions.

Close connections – Aman’s lawyer, Christopher Barnes and Chia fronted the accounts
That a politically exposed person like the Sarawak Chief Minister and his known contact Michael Chia were passing tens of millions of dollars through accounts ought to have flagged up warnings within these banks.
Indeed, Sarawak Report reported that when the Chief Minister moved the contents of these accounts from HSBC to UBS his close banking team also changed to the new bank and they transferred the huge sums using a series of bankers’ drafts worth millions of dollars, but giving no chain of evidence.
UBS are likely to be questioned now over why its Singapore branch was willing to accept such suspicious money?  Much of the cash was later transferred on again to China’s Overseas Bank, also in Singapore, but much had also filtered on to Switzerland.
Najib may have decided to squash the MACC investigation into his UMNO crony (a vast dossier on the case remains stranded in the office of the Attorney General)
But, having been passed the documents from the Sarawak Report investigation, the Swiss environment NGO, the Bruno Manser Fund, launched its own private complaint against UBS to the Prosecutor in 2013.
The Swiss prosecutors then took up the case themselves.
UBS has fought off the official investigators on privacy grounds, refusing to produce the evidence requested by officials.  On Thursday, after a hearing that lasted a full year on this issue, the Swiss Court has dramatically ruled in favour of the prosecutor and against the country’s biggest bank.
BMF has closely followed the case:
“Despite its public announcement that it was fully cooperating with the investigation, UBS had key documents on its relationship with Musa Aman sealed and refused to share them with the prosecutors. The bank argued that no accused could be forced to testify against itself, an argument which the Swiss federal court refused to follow in this case. The court stated that the investigation of this grave case of international corruption and money-laundering justified the release of the relevant bank records to the prosecutors. The judges also said that bank records helf for regulatory purposes must be made available to prosecutors in criminal proceedings.” [BMF Press Release]
The decision looks set to throw further crucial light on the practices of Malaysia’s corrupted ruling politicians and the facilitating role of global banks and off-shore entities.
It is also the latest in a series of landmark decisions, which indicate that potentially important new steps towards stronger regulation against major kleptocracy could start to be achieved through global efforts on the part of regulators.  If so, it would be to the benefit of communities and the environment in countries where there is poor accountability on the part of political elites.
NGOs like Sarawak Report and BMF have throughout campaigned against the damaging effects of massive scale kleptocracy on emerging economies, where it is the single most power driving force behind poverty and environmental catastrophes such as the destruction of the Borneo Jungle in Sabah and Sarawak.
Earlier stories from the Musa Aman investigation by SR:

Why are the STUPID MUFTI"S also so UGLY!

In an article in Utusan Online titled “DAP tergolong kafir harbi ajar ditentang” (Infidel, non-Muslim DAP must be fought) yesterday, Rahman said it was a “big sin” to work hand-in-hand with the DAP.

He said the “hate politics” practised by the DAP was worrying and could cause chaos in the country.

Rahman also urged former premier Dr Mahathir Mohammad to “leave DAP” and fall back to the righteous path.

“The last time PAS made a mistake by working with DAP, before realising that the latter had made Islam its enemy.

“I hope Dr Mahathir will istighfar (apologise for his sins) and stop working with the DAP,” he was quoted as saying in the article.

steadyaku47 comment :  I do what I can in what I write to give what ever support I can to Lim Kit Siang and DAP in their efforts to rid this nation of ours of this corrupt Umno led BN government. With great difficult I refrain from commenting on religious matters - be it Islamic, Christianity or any other beliefs that others in our nation might have - for faith is, to me, a very personal matter.

Ignorance I can understand and ignore, but stupidity in religious leaders of any denomination needs to be addressed simply because it abuses the trust others have in them....and they do not come any more stupid then a religious leader who becomes the mouth piece of any political entity.

This idiot of a Mufti tells me that "DAP tergolong kafir harbi ajar ditentang"....Infidel non-Muslim DAP must be fought". There are a few choice words I would like to direct to this Mufti ....but I suspect I might regret seeing them in print during this month of Ramadan ....and so I will leave it to Pak Arsahd who says :

I would like to ask this Pahang Mufti if it is alright to be associated with a Malay political party that lies to the rakyat, and its leaders are mired in massive corruption. Also, please tell me if MCA isn't another 'kafir harbi' and it is all right for a Malay political party to be associate with it. When Muftis get themselves involved with UMNO-like politics, then I say that they had better resign than come out with more nonsensical fatwas.

Enough said....and now I am going back to try and enjoy the rest of my weekend with my wife and son and in between, listening to the oldies but goodies and sharing it with you all.


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