Thursday, 23 March 2017

Malaysia Hari Ini

steadyaku47 comment : In the land of the blind...the one eyed is king. In umno land where the Fat Lady of Malaysia (FLOM) does witchcraft and black magic in Seri Perdana,  the raja bomoh is a VVIP.  Enough said!

Sarawak Report : The Bugis Pirate Is Praised by Jho Low

23 March 2017

Weathering the Storm:
Jho Low, a Malaysian financier suspected of playing a key role in an alleged looting of state fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd., or 1MDB, sent friends this New Year’s greeting.
“2016 was the Perfect Storm; but the calmness and resolve
of our Captain, led his loyal Sailors whom placed their lives
with utmost trust in his leadership weathered the storm…”
“When the wind could not blow away their joint resilience,
the storm eventually passed, and the Captain simply adjusted
their sails effortlessly and continued their destined journey…”
“The men and women that came out of the storm were not
the same men that walk in. Through struggle, they established
new strengths they never knew they collectively had…”
“The very moment they were brought to their knees, and
their world was about to fall apart; their Captain’s exemplary
leadership guided them to safety
; and through this experience,
they achieve a new level of humility, nobility and higher
intelligence ready to set sail for greater achievements
in 2017 for their people
Source: The Bugis Pirate Is Praised by Jho Low, Wall Street Journal


[Today, March 22nd is the birthday of Kevin Morais]
Jho Low ought to have kept his trap shut over New Year.  Silence was golden as he hid all those previous months.
This message was always going to get passed on to the press and now he will face questioning from prosecutors as to whom he meant by this sage Captain, who was in charge of him and everyone else as they managed the biggest heist in history?
The world of course knows the answer. It is none other than the self-proclaimed “Bugis Pirate”, Jho Low’s ‘Big Boss’, the Crime Minister Najib Razak!
Crawling flattery is never pretty for others to behold and in this case it certainly wasn’t sensible either.
Malaysians will moreover be furious to see how this band of conspirators are praising themselves and their boss prematurely, in the expectation of having got away scott free, whilst Kevin Morais (whose birthday ought to have been celebrated today) and Hussain Najadi suffered horrible deaths associated with this crime and the rest of the country are forced to pay back thousands of ringgit per family to fund the cavorting and excesses of the likes of the Lows.

Malaysia Is The Loser Not Lena Hendry!

23 March 2017

Komas programme manager Lena Hendry was fined RM10,000 or ordered to spend a year in jail by a magistrate’s court in Kuala Lumpur today for screening the documentary on the Sri Lankan civil war titled ‘No Fire Zone’ four years ago.
Magistrate Mohd Rehan Mohd Aris said he made the decision after considering the mitigating factors.
Hendry paid the fine later in the afternoon.
Earlier in court, she was ordered to pay the fine by today. This was after her lawyer New Sin Yew asked for a deferment for it to be paid tomorrow.
Hendry was found guilty on Feb 21, for screening the documentary at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce Hall at Jalan Maharajalela in Kuala Lumpur, at 9pm on July 3, 2013.
She faced up to three years’ jail or a fine not exceeding RM30,000, under Section 6(1)(b) of the Film Censorship Act, 2002.
Source: Malaysia Is The Loser Not Lena Hendry!


Malaysia and indeed the Sri Lankan Government pay vast sums for PR and related services, usually from third-rate ex-British journalists, each year.
Yet for just RM10,000 Lena Hendry has achieved not just national but world-wide publicity for a film about a subject that deserves to be known about, but which Sri Lanka would rather cover up.
What’s more she has internationally further exposed the hypocrisy and corrupt thuggishness of Najib Razak’s own government in the process.
Thankfully, the judges showed more sense than government prosecutors, by commuting her punishment to a fine. However, also in the process they revealed how Malaysia’s primitive legal system still allows for one punishment for the rich and one for the poor.
If Lena could not put her hand immediately into her pocket to find that RM10,000 (a small sum for any BN party aparachik) she would have been cast into jail for a year for showing that film. Friends will doubtless assist in this case, but such disgusting discrimination against the already impoverished will dismay all decent people.

cakap cakap...Hard to be a Malay too!

First posted Sunday, 15 May 2011

Last week this Chinese guy was putting in his two cents worth about how hard it is to be a Chinese in Malaysia. Aisehman if you think being a Chinese in Malaysia is hard let me give you my five cents worth (we Malays must always be one up on the Chinese lah!) about being a Malay in Malaysia!

Let us start with the easy one first. What is the most stupid thing that has ever happened in our country? Maybe some of you Malays have to think hard about this (see how even a Malay makes fun of the Malays!) but I know the Chinese will be clamouring to put in their two cents worth on this matter. It must surely be the theft of the two spare General Electric J85-21A engines for the RMAF Northrop Grumman F-5E Tiger II jet fighters – each worth RM$50million. Now who was the head honcho in the RMAF at that time? A Malay! Who was the Minister of Defence at that time? A Malay! Who was the Prime Minister at that time? A  Malay!......siapa malu…we Malays lah! Yes two Indians were charged in connection with the theft but you know and I know that nothing gets done in RMAF and MINDEF unless the Malays give the thumbs up! 

Next in line is that unfortunate situation when our self proclaimed First Lady “doctored” her own image to make her look as young as Ziana Zain…. maybe even younger if the reports coming in from malicious sources are to be believed! This First Lady happens to be a …MALAY! And again the non-Malays are shaking his or her heads as to how this Malay First Lady could think that air brushing 40 years away could fool anybody. I know that you Chinese can say that there were plenty of Malays who were laughing with the Chinese on this one….yes we did laugh but inside still hurting so much lah!!!!

If you Chinese think that you all are suffering a lot of pain because of the Ketuanan Melayu thing please consider this: We have Ibrahim Ali as our so-called champion!!!!! Aisehman will you walk behind this son of Ibrahim even if he decides to champion Ketuanan China? No thank you! But for now we Malays are stuck with having him as our Hang Tuah for Ketuanan Melayu…complete with headgear and keris too! It now seems that he is about to call a Jihad against the non-Malays. Aiyah as a Malay where can I hide myself from this later day Hang Tuah?   

I can go on and on about this “hard to be a Malay” stuff but I think that is enough for now. I sure hope that some Indians, Dayak or Iban will come up with their two cents worth on this matter too! I am sure being an Indian, Iban or Dayak is also hard....please share with us the cross you guys have to bear!

LONDON ATTACK : Four Dead many wounded.

Hotel California : Version Orang Cina

Alice Cooper : How You Gonna See Me Now

Alice Cooper wrote this song for his wife. It was a tough time for him after he left the state hospital and his problems with alcoholism and the stress of fame. He and his wife Sheryl met on the road. He was also afraid she wouldn't love the man behind the "Alice" character. As it turned out, those fears were unfounded... They are still happily married after all of these years.

Image result for alice cooper and wife
Alice Cooper has managed to hold on to the former Sheryl Goddard for 40 years. The couple were married on March 20, 1976 in Acapulco, Mexico.