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cakap cakap : A Malay Celeberates CNY

steadyaku47 comment : This morning I woke up to some wonderful images in a video posted by Hamid Hussin...the essence of what we Malaysians once were and aspire to be again sometime in the near future. Hamid knew my late father for they were both in the Police and Hamid and me also share an Alma Mater - MCKK. ...but I digress......

I know too well the joy of celebrating festivals with others not of your race and not of your culture for like Hamid I too have "others"  within my family circle. I am Malay and my wife Greek. Work out for yourself what my children and grand children will be...but again I digress....

My grandchildren Isabel and Sofie growing up in Canada.

I thank Hamid for sharing what his family and respect for each others way of his case...the union of a Malay and Chinese family over Chinese New Year...for is that not the essence of life that we all seek and want for all of us in Malaysia? Tolerance, respect, understanding and acceptance of each other?

"Yee Sang" on CNY eve dinner at my house

Idris Talu
Idris Talu Tumpang rasa bahagia - Happy New Year. Kalau semua kita boleh begini, alangkah bahagianya rakyat Malaysia. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment.

Quickies : Zahid getting tough on Corruption

ahmad zahid hamidi defender of malay rights

steadyaku47 comment: Here is the Check List Zahid Hamidi, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, went through before he made the statement below about taking stern action against corrupt practices in the local football scene:

1.  Confirm no immediate family member involved in Football: Check.
2.  Confirm no Umno big wigs involve in football corruption : Check.
3.  Confirm no personal earnings will be affected by action : Check.
4.  Confirm only Chinese involve in corrupt practices in Football : Check.
5.  Confirm no Muslims involve in corrupt practices in Football : Check.
6.  Confirm DAP and PKR can be linked to these corrupt practices : Check.
7.  Confirm Bersih can be implicated because some one in Bersih plays football : Check.
8.  Confirm no "donation" can be or has been received from FAM. Check
9.  Confirm 1MDB does NOT have a football team. Check. 
10.Confirm corruption in Football is not Halal. Check. 
11.Confirm that Mufti will pass Fatwa banning corruption in Football. Check.
12.Confirm that "stern action" will not affect Umno in next Federal election. Check

No compromise on corruption in football, says Zahid

PUTRAJAYA: Police will go all out and take stern action against corrupt practices in the local football scene, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Zahid, who is also Home Minister, said they would not compromise with football players, clubs and coaches who engage in corruption
  • New Straits Times

Tony Pua : Why has Hasan Arifin declared that the PAC will be calling its final witnesses on 11th and 12th February when no such decision was made during past meetings?

The Malaysian Insider reported yesterday that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman, Datuk Hasan Ariffin announced that the PAC will close its investigations on 1MDB after hearing from its last 2 witnesses on 11th and 12th February 2016, before receiving its report from the Auditor-General.

They are the former president and chief executive officer of 1MDB Datuk Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi and former 1MDB chairman Tan Sri Mohd Bakke Salleh.

I have read the above news with surprise as the matter has never been discussed in any of the previous PAC meetings.  During the last meeting, we have agreed for Datuk Shahrol Halmi and Tan Sri Mohd Bakke Salleh to be summoned during the above dates in February.

However, it was never decided that there will be no more witnesses to be called as part of the PAC’s investigations into the 1MDB scandal.

There are at least several other parties who are extremely relevant to the investigations as they have intimate knowledge of the activities which have been carried out by the wholly-owned Ministry of Finance subsidiary.

Those who should be called by the PAC includes but are not limited to Bank Negara Governor, Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz and another former Chief Executive Officer, Mohd Hazem Abd Rahman.

It is crucial for the PAC to hear directly from Tan Sri Zeti and her Bank Negara officials because the Central Bank has via a statement in October last year, revoked three permissions granted to 1MDB under the Exchange Control Act 1953 (ECA) for investments abroad totalling US$1.83 billion.

Bank Negara had also issued a directive under the Financial Services Act 2013 to 1MDB to repatriate the amount of US$1.83 billion to Malaysia and to submit a plan to it for this purpose.

Bank Negara’s testimony will offer crucial information on the alleged offences, if any, leading to the above unprecedented actions against 1MDB.

On the other hand, Hazem’s testimony is crucial because he was 1MDB’s CEO from March 2013 to January 2015.  During his reign, a US$3 billion bond was raised via Goldman Sachs for the purposes of a joint venture with Abu Dhabi’s Aabar Investment PJS in March 2013.  However, the joint venture never materialised, half the proceeds from the bonds issued have been utilised and the remainder invested in undisclosed investment funds overseas.

In addition, Hazem was responsible for the purchase of the RM1.2 billion of encumbered land in Penang and the failure of the initial public offering of 1MDB’s energy arm.

Under the previous chairmanship of Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohammad, the PAC has previously set a date for Hazem to attend a PAC hearing in August 2015 before the PAC was suspended prior to the appointment of Datuk Hasan Ali.  The PAC then had also formally requested for the Ministry of Finance to secure the attendance of Low Taek Jho, who was the Special Advisor to the Chairman of the 1MDB Board of Advisors, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak.

The matter is of prime importance because the credibility and integrity of the Parliament’s PAC is at stake.  We are one of the sole remaining institutions still actively investigating the 1MDB scandal, and hence the Malaysian public are relying on PAC members to carry out their duties diligently without fear or favour.  The failure of the PAC to be thorough in our investigations will not only disappoint Malaysians, it will give the perception that the PAC is biased in favour of 1MDB and the authorities.

I call upon Datuk Hasan Ariffin to discuss the matter of calling additional witnesses to the PAC before completing our investigations at the next PAC meeting.

S. THAYAPARAN (Commander (Rtd) of the Royal Malaysian Navy) : Whenever Apandi Ali or indeed anyone from Barisan Nasional speaks, what they say does not resemble anything like a functional democracy. What they describe, with their threats, intimidation, provocations and enticements is not a system of government or governance. What they say makes the Malaysian government sounds more like Cosa Nostra rather than a democratically elected government for the people by the people. What does Cosa Nostra mean? It loosely translates to ‘Our Thing’.Indeed.

steadyaku47 : Saw this in Din Merican's blog - too good not to share it with others. Enjoy. With thanks to the author S. Thayaparan and Malaysiakini

February 7, 2016

Sparing the Wrongdoer like Najib Razak

by S. Thayaparan

‘Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets…’ – NapolĂ©on Bonaparte

COMMENT: Nobody would agree more with the above quote than the Najib Abdul Razak regime. Ever since the Sarawak Report expose and then the alternative press began reporting on the ‘donation’-now-investment scandal that has engulfed the Prime Minister, the keris(es) have been out for the online media.

With UMNO devouring itself with its internal schisms, the search for acceptable scapegoats has been frantic. The Chinese community, always the first choice, has proven problematic since with each passing the day the Malay community has been inundated with news that the so-called defenders of race and religion have been selling them out for decades and getting rich in the process.

Sacred cows of Malay hegemony have been railing against the Najib regime and in the process, the Najib UMNO faction has been carry out a systemic Night of the Long Knives on dissenters and rebels.

The Christian community is always a juicy target but the threat of IS and Islamic extremism right on our doorsteps have the security apparatus in a constant state of high alert for provocations that could lead to sectarian Islamic conflict that we have demonstrated that we are woefully unprepared to face.

Secrets are leaking from the corridors of UMNO power. Sleepers, sympathisers, malcontents, dissidents, people of conscience or just plain troublemakers, are spilling their guts because Cash is King but, as always there is not enough of it to go around.

I never really liked the idea of calling Najib the Teflon Prime Minister. The only other person of such title is Russian President Vladimir Putin and we all know how he deals with dissent.
No, the real Teflon President was someone like former United States President William Jefferson Clinton, who had to contend with a free press, an independent legislature and his own personal demons. Yet nothing stuck to Slick Willy and most Americans loved him. Now that is Teflon.

However, our Prime Minister does not fit into my definition. With the UMNO state controlling everything, there is no need for spin or brilliant counter moves, shrewd political manoeuvrings, or deft handling of public perception, there is only the blunt force of the apparatus of the state doing its master’s bidding.

I have no idea when we descended the rabbit hole but when Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali warns everyone that his office is seriously mulling “to amend laws to increase the punishment for those who leak state secrets and journalists who report them” I think we can safely say we are not in Kansas any more.

What exactly are these “state secrets” he is alluding to? Plainly, his warning is to potential whistleblowers but more importantly, to the recalcitrant online press who continue offering alternatives views to the UMNO narrative.

Schizophrenic nature of this regime

The Attorney-General references China of all countries and says, “In some countries, the leaking of official secrets is a serious offence, like in China where it carries the death sentence,” which just goes to show, you the schizophrenic nature of this regime when the Chinese are sometimes to be scorned but other times worthy of emulation.

Well, let me remind the Attorney-General that China also has the death penalty for corruption. In fact according to the state-owned China Daily, “There is an overwhelming support for death penalty in corruption cases, according to an online survey conducted by Social Survey Centre of China Youth Daily on November 4, 2014. It claims that 73.2 percent of 2,105 respondents think that the death sentence should continue to be applied in graft cases.”

In the same article Che Hao, Associate Professor at Peking University Law School, said, “Considering the ongoing anti-graft campaign and people’s high expectations, it would be prudent to keep the death sentence for corruption cases”
Now, we already have the death penalty for a variety of offences but does the A-G’s office think that the death penalty be used for corruption cases? Would the public support something like this?

In the past year not only have our democratic institutions been compromised , we have a former de facto Law Minister charged in court for asking the Prime Minister to step down. We have had a law professor charged in court for giving a legal opinion. We have had a cartoonist charged in court for drawing cartoons. We have had activist charged in court for organising protests, as is our constitutional right.

We have had radio presenters investigated because of suspicion of turning Malaysia into a “liberal country”. We have had publications suspended because they were investigating and enticing employees to reveal damaging information of possible corruption. We have had material confiscated because certain words are verboten to a certain segment of the Malaysian polity.

In all those cases where charges brought, I am sure the A-G’s office had 90 percent (sic) of the evidence. What a ludicrous proposition. What exactly does 90 percent of evidence mean? Either you have evidence of probative value or you do not.

Why bother shooting the messenger? The alternative press is but a small fraction of the dissent that is heard in the online world. When the prime minister initiates legal proceedings against Malaysiakini because its Yoursay column offends him, does he really think the average netizens would be cowed into self-censorship like the propaganda organs of the state?

When the editors of Utusan Malaysia have no problem saying that it lies and spins for the government, all bets are off. That is one kind of message that is being spread. I suppose lying and spinning are on the bottom of the list for the A-G’s office unless it comes from the alternative media.

Whenever Apandi Ali or indeed anyone from Barisan Nasional speaks, what they say does not resemble anything like a functional democracy. What they describe, with their threats, intimidation, provocations and enticements is not a system of government or governance.
What they say makes the Malaysian government sounds more like Cosa Nostra rather than a democratically elected government for the people by the people. What does Cosa Nostra mean? It loosely translates to ‘Our Thing’.Indeed.

S. THAYAPARAN is Commander (Rtd) of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

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