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Sarawak Report : Questions For Nazir Razak Re-1MDB Payments NEW EVIDENCE

27 May 2017

Sarawak Report has now received the full details of the payments received by CIMB boss Nazir Razak from his brother Najib, out money which turned out to have been stolen from 1MDB.
Nazir Razak admitted to these payments when they were first reported by the Wall Street Journal last year, which amounted to the equivalent of around $7 million.  Nazir temporarily stood down from his position in April 2016 and initiated an enquiry at the bank.
Returning to his position the following month, Nazir said that he had been exonerated by the bank’s independent enquiry into its boss.  The Prime Minister’s brother had explained he had been asked by Najib to assist in processing money, which he had understood to have been legitimately raised through genuine donations for the BN election effort.
However, Nazir did not publicly appear to explain how it could be necessary to ask a senior banking official, like himself, to process legitimate money – rather than putting it through the party books in the normal manner?
On the other hand, Nazir did helpfully confirm where this money was later sent:
Nazir, a leading Malaysian corporate figure, had said earlier that he believed the money came from legitimate fundraising, and said that CIMB bank staff disbursed the funds to ruling-party politicians on the instructions of his brother.
At Monday’s news conference, the banker spoke of Najib’s request for assistance, and said it was the first and last time he had been asked for such help.
“My brother asked for some help and I agreed after I assessed that it would not involve anything illegal or misuse of my position at CIMB, or any inappropriate use of CIMB’s resources,” Nazir told a news conference after the bank’s annual general meeting. [South China Morning Post]

Ruling-Party Politicians”

Sarawak Report suggests that Nazir, who has shown some commendable disapproval of corrupt practices and unexplained wealth on the part of his brother, ought now provide further details on these furtive handouts.
Specifically, which ruling party politicians were paid, how much were they paid and why were they paid, as opposed to their formal party offices?
This is particularly so now that Sarawak Report is in a position to list the exact payments made to Nazir, of which there were four.
The first three payments, just before the General Election, came from the AmBank account xxx 964.  This account was furnished by payments from abroad, including Tanore Finance and Blackstone Asia (both controlled Jho Low in Singapore):
– on 5th April 2013 RM13,500,000 was paid to Nazir;
– on 9th April 2013 RM500,000 was paid to Nazir
– and on 22nd April 2013 RM5,700,000 was paid to Nazir
(Total RM19,700,000).
Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 15.23.32
Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 15.19.23
Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 15.21.00
However, these pre-election requests turn out not to have been “the first and last” after all.
There was a further payment, this time from the SRC funded local account number xxx906, made after the election on 20th December 2013 for RM6,000,000, bringing the grand total to RM25.7 million, considerably over US$7 million at contemporary exchange rates.
Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 15.26.44
Therefore, the election payments appear, according to these investigation documents, not to have been “the last time he helped his brother in this way“.
So, perhaps Nazir can help answer the question why was Najib paying “ruling party politicians”, secretly through him again, even AFTER the elections?
In fact, why was he paying them at all?
Sarawak Report suggests that in the absence of any official explanation so far, Malaysians are entitled to conclude that Najib was attempting to buy his own party leadership’s loyalty to him personally, by putting large numbers of ringgit in the pockets of key players.
If so, it represents one further act of extreme political corruption waged against the democratic process of Malaysia.  Ironically, it is so far the Editor of Sarawak Report who has been charged by the Malaysian authorities with “activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy” for pointing such matters out.

Names in the frame

Not all recipients from Najib’s slush fund were paid so secretly through his brother’s bank, however.  We have details of some political figures who were paid directly with cheques from Najib, which substantiates the theory that the reason why all these UMNO/BN ‘bigwigs’ have stood silently by or in some cases have raced to his defence over 1MDB is because he has them all bought and paid for with that very self same stolen public money.
In a not necessarily exhaustive list, known politicians who have directly received personal cheques from the 1MDB accounts are as follows:
– Jacob Sagan – Sarawak PBB – 17/06/11 – RM200,000
– Ahmand Bashah B MD Hanipah – Kedah – 05/07/11 – RM200,000
– AB Aziz Kaprausi [Kaprawi?] – UMNO Sri Gading – 13/10/11 – RM 100,000
– Kasitah Bin Gaddam – UMNO Sabah – 06/01/12 – RM100,000
– Kasitah Bin Gaddam – UMNO Sabah – 02/02/12 – RM100,000 (again)
– Richard Riot – SUPP Sarawak – 02/03/12 – RM100,000
– Hassan Malek – UMNO Negeri Sembilan – 04/05/12 – RM100,000
– Ismail Adb Mattalib – UMNO Pahang – 27/06/12 – RM100,000
– Wetrom bin Bahanda – UMNO Sabah – 29/06/12 – RM100,000
Hanifi bin Mamat
Then just two days before the election a fat RM10,000,000 was extracted processed made out to Dato Hanafi Bin Mamat an UMNO senator from Kelantan.
What was he doing with that money?  Certainly, the handout appears to have bought Hanafi’s firm loyalty.
After the eruption of the 1MDB scandal it was he who was chastising his local party members against showing any dissent to Najib over the matter:
Kelantan Umno would take stern action against two party branches in Machang following the action of those who openly reject the leadership of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as party president.
Secretary Datuk Hanafi Mamat said it because that’s considered not in accordance with the prescribed channel as the party’s constitution and rules.
“They should be allowed to use channels that criticize or reprimand in which all members have been informed about this, but if the president so openly about ready for action.
“What they are doing is contrary to the values and culture of Umno, we do not restrict members to criticize the leadership but admonished to prudence. Do not join the movement to topple the president at the expense of the party, “he said [translation Sinar online]
Money well spent?
The payments continued after the election. of course, on 27th November 2013 Ahman Maslan received RM2 million, at the time UMNO Information Chief and always one of Najib’s most voluble supporters.
As also previously reported, on 26/11/13 the Chairman of the UMNO Backbenchers group Sharhril Abdul Samad also received a generous donation of RM1 million from the PM. Sharhril went on this year to take over FELDA the floundering famers’ fund run into the ground by Najib’s policies.
This list is by no means likely to be exhaustive and there are other interesting payments, including two telling handouts of RM100,000 each in June 2011 and April 2012 to a certain Ruslan Kassim.  Ruslan is now a leading light of the extreme nationalist Malay ‘supremacist’ group Perkasa, known for its disruptive and divisive activities on the ground.
Najib has always indicated he does not support the party, which has nevertheless been whipping up Malay nationalism against opposition parties associated with tolerance towards minority groups.  Perhaps he can explain these payments also?

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Arrogance : South Korean Politician

Sarawak Report : More Najib Handouts!

26 May 2017

Like brothers, Prime Minister Najib Razak praised his predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for his undying loyalty to Umno and the BN government.
Announcing a RM5 million fund for the Tun Abdullah Badawi Legacy Organisation, Najib said Abdullah was a great national icon. “I appreciate Pak Lah’s loyalty all this while. Even after all that had happened, he continued to give his support, standing by me, the government, Umno and BN. “He never betrayed the party, let alone leave this beloved party,” he said.
Najib then said he did not come empty handed. “I am announcing a RM5 million fund for Pak Lah’s legacy. “The money will be given this year. If we have funds next year, we will give more,” he said in his speech at the opening of the Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Lecture in Putrajaya. Najib also expressed his gratitude to Abdullah for voluntarily ceding the post of Umno president to himself, paving the way to Putrajaya.
Source: More Najib Handouts!, Malaysian Insight


For a Finance Minister Najib Razak clearly has no idea whatsoever what constitutes an appropriate payment.
So, it’s fine to hand out money to his “brother” and the guy who handed him his present job.
Might Malaysian’s be allowed to ask where Najib got the money from this time?  Is it RM5 million grabbed from 1MDB or from some other public fund raided by Najib?
Or has he just raided the Ministery of Finance?
What is this money to be spent on that it is justified for a Prime Minister to just hand it over to his old political chum…?

Gelisah : Ahmad Jais

Selamat Pagi.....

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Sarawak Report : Najib Dished Out Over Half A Billion From 1MDB Slush Fund For BN Election Expenses


25 May 2017

Sarawak Report now has comprehensive figures, showing exactly how Prime Minister Najib Razak distributed the money he stole from the 1MDB Development Fund during the period of the last 2013 election.
Apart from tens of millions spent on luxury goods, jewellery shops, motor-car retailers and the odd handout to family members, associates and consultants, the majority of the spending went on UMNO and its political allies.
The handouts total over RM600 million, which Najib himself dished over in a series of more than 130 cheques signed out of the accounts into which he had been ploughing 1MDB money since 2011.  The majority of these cheques went to divisions of UMNO in the days immediately running up to the election and it is believed that the Prime Minister was attempting to buy personal loyalty through handing out the money himself.

One of Najib's smaller cheques was to Sarawak's SUPP for RM500,000
One of Najib’s smaller cheques was to Sarawak’s SUPP for RM500,000 – date April 5th 2013
Cheque of April 5th was transacted thee days later on 8th
Cheque of April 5th was transacted thee days later on 8th

Election Bonanza

Our data, obtained from the task force investigations, shows the transaction dates on those cheques, the amount and the recipients. It also shows the accounts from which the money came and all have been established as being in the name of Najib himself, funded by money traced to 1MDB.  In particular, AmBank account number 211 202 2009694 was the account that received US$681 million from Tanore Finance Corporation in March 2013 – money identified as having come from 1MDB by the US Dept of Justice:

1MDB financed account from which the handouts were made
1MDB financed account from which the handouts were made
The pre-election cash bonanzas included a RM100,000,000 cheque handed to ‘Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Malaya Bersatu (UMNO)’ 11th April 2013 a week after the election had been announced.  On 22nd April UMNO Malaysia again received two further cheques of RM50 million each.
Individual cheques were also handed out to all UMNO and related BN divisions, for example Badan Perhubungan UMNO Negeri Pahang received RM15 million on 18th April and the following day, April 19th, UMNO Penang received RM5 million. Kelantan division received RM5 million on 10th April.
Amongst the many other similar payments was RM5 million both the UMNO state party of Kedah and the MCA Selangor Liason Committee on 8th April and RM20 million to UMNO Selangor on April 24th.  UMNO Perak received its handout on April 29th of RM25 million with another five million each going to UMNO Selangor and the MCA Selangor Liason Committee again the following day.  Also on 30th April Johor UMNO received RM25 million, less than a week before the election.

Familliar signature for all these cheques
Familliar signature for all these cheques
The UMNO womens’ divisions also received significant pay outs, signifying the party’s appreciation of the importance of ‘winning’ the female vote: Pergerakan Puteri UMNO Malaysia received a RM5 million cheque 27th February and Pergerakan Wanita UMNO Selangor RM1.1 million 22nd March and Wanita Barisan Nasional Selangor RM1 million on 17th May.
Allied parties also received big money, for example the Liberal Democratic Party received RM1 million 5th April, the Malaysian Indian Congress received RM10 million on the 18th April and a further RM5 million 26th April. SUPP received RM2 million 20th March.  The previous year UPCO had received RM2 million, indeed over the election huge sums were dished out to Sabah and particularly Sarawak (of which more later).

Saudi story

Since all this money came from stolen public funds, borrowed at punishing rates of interest under false pretenses, the ultimate cost to the Malaysian taxpayer will be at least double the sums handed out in this exercise to buy votes for the ruling party, who was abusing its position in such a spectacular fashion.
Furthermore, as Najib was operating a secret slush fund, which his Deputy Muhyiddin and others who were senior in the party at the time say they were entirely unaware of, there appears to be no official record relating to who received and handled the money and what it was actually spent on. Clearly, these staggering sums were distributed over and above UMNO’s official party funds for the election.
Najib has attempted to legitimise this money by claiming that it was all donated to him personally by an anonymous Saudi royal, in order to make sure he could ‘win’ the election in order to promote ‘moderate Islam’.  ‘Moderate Islam’ is not generally regarded as the Saudi trademark, yet an even more absurd excuse was then spun in the western media (BBC and Telegraph) claiming that the money was focused on ‘projects’ in Sarawak ‘to prevent the uptake of Islamic extremism’ in the majority Christian state.
The fact that such levels of expenditures and foreign interference is plainly illegal appears a lesser evil to the Prime Minister, rather than admitting that the money was stolen from 1MDB.  However, money trails released by the US Dept of Justice demonstrate that this was where the money came from.

How could they spend the money?

The major part of these sums was handed out in the form of cheques during the closing days of the election campaign.  Between April 8th and the election 5th May around RM400 million was signed out. The question therefore has to be asked what was the money actually for?
There are limited ways in which local political parties might be able to spend such vast quantities of last minute cash.  It appears the party received this last minute injection therefore just in the final closing hours of the campaign.
Advertising is not really an issue for BN, since they control the entire state and private mainstream media, which acts as an obedient propaganda tool for the party in return for their privileges and licences.  Given the lack of records it would also appear impossible to prove how much of the money reached its intended purpose, as opposed to buying the loyalty of the trusted intermediaries who handled it. So, what was this money for?
One obvious allegation that begs investigation is vote buying.

Sequence showing money being handed out to voters by BN stall outside polling station in Perak
Sequence showing money being handed out to voters by BN stall outside polling station in Perak
Anecdotes abound, backed by solid photographic evidence in some cases, of cash being handed out to voters outside polling booths by UMNO workers, who were clearly distinguishable by their flags and logos.  Despite numerous complaints the courts have refused to entertain a single case and the Election Commission also has refused to acknowledge or tackle Malaysia’s problem with blatant ‘money politics’.
People are entitled to assume that a man who is willing to raid his country’s development fund, as well as the civil servant pension fund, the prilgims’ fund, the farmers’ fund and doubtless other sources of public money, is unlikely to hesitate to attempt to bribe voters with a little of that money back in the form of payment for votes.
If the Prime Minister has another explanation for these last minute cheques, Sarawak Report would be happy to publish it.  His PR man Paul Stadlen has our email.

The Culture and Grace of the Malays......

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This Soup Kitchen slogan say.. Food is for everyone. At Dapur Jalanan the homeless is served with dignity with hot meal every Sunday; in proper plate and forks and spoons, not plastic or in polystyrene package....


Di suatu malam yang dingin, di dalam sebuah bilik yang sederhana besar, diatas katil....... sepasang suami isteri yang telah lanjut usia baru masuk tidur. 
Suaminya telah mula mengantuk tapi isterinya terbangkit perasaan ghairah malam itu.... Si isteri bersuara, "Dulu-dulu tu..... abang selalu pegang tangan saya bila... kita nak tido." Suaminya dengan separuh sedar, menggenggam tangan isterinya, lepas tu mula mengantuk semula. 
Beberapa ketika lepas tu, si isteri bersuara lagi, "Kemudian tu.... abang selalu cium saya." Si suami dengan rasa terganggu, mengangkat kepalanya dan menyentuh bibirnya ke pipi si isteri. Lepas tu sambung tido balik. 
Selepas beberapa saat, si isteri bersuara lagi, "Kemudian tu.... abang selalu gigit-gigit leher saya......." Dengan perasaan marah dan geram, si suami melontar selimutnya dan bangun dari katil tu. Si isteri bertanya, "Abang nak gi mana tu?" Dengan marah suaminya menjawab,
"Nak gi amik gigi la ni!!.....

ADAMSHAH MalaysiaToday : Let me story you about KJ.....

steadyaku47 comment : Oh dear me....some one at MalaysiaToday better tell Adamshah that he needs to "up" sikit dia punya English....this piece he wrote about KJ needs a hell of a lot of "up" before MalaysiaToday post it onto the Net...just read it and see if you agree with me...or not!

We are here for a better Malaysia

Khairy plays Bangladeshi workman in Alam Flora recognition video

By   /  August 19, 2016  /  Comments Off on Khairy plays Bangladeshi workman in Alam Flora recognition video

Khairy is graphic in an Alam Flora uniform, unconditional a travel subsequent to a rubbish collection lorry.  Picture pleasantness of Khairy Jamaluddin/Facebook Khairy is graphic in an Alam Flora uniform, unconditional a travel subsequent to a rubbish collection lorry. — Picture pleasantness of Khairy Jamaluddin/Facebook 

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 12 — Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced yesterday he will seem in a video to lift recognition about plain rubbish separation by application association Alam Flora, personification a purpose of a Bangladeshi worker.
Khairy, who is also Umno Youth chief, posted on his Facebook page that his impression was called Ahmad Khairy Jamal Udeen Chowdury, an Alam Flora workman from Chittagong, Bangladesh, who was “impressed” with a recycling process in his “adopted” country, Malaysia.
“I play a purpose of Ahmad Khairy who is an Alam Flora workman to pierce an critical summary to a youths. Respect those in Alam Flora and those who work in rubbish management.
“Only when we wear their boots do we know a significance of their work,” he wrote.
The post was accompanied with a design of Khairy in an Alam Flora uniform, unconditional a travel subsequent to a rubbish collection lorry that was compelling a rubbish separation campaign.
Khairy’s pierce was praised by some of his Facebook followers.
“Congratulations YB for being a immature personality who has a people’s interests during heart. May we be an instance for a young,” wrote Uji Rahayu.
“Only Khairy wants and is dauntless adequate to try other work or hurdles that are not suspicion of by those who are in a same turn as Khairy,” pronounced Ismazihan Ismail.
Another Facebook user, Saifuddin Jumat, urged Khairy to uncover a youths that any work finished by halal, or slight means in Islam, is current as compared to “loitering around.”
Khairy formerly acted as a cab motorist in a brief film plan called 15 Malaysia in 2009, destined by Benji Lim.
He also destined a brief film for Ikal Mayang, a plan to tell a stories of women organized by a non-profit NGO called Women: girls.
Beginning Jun 1, Putrajaya began enforcing a rubbish separation programme in Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Malacca, Negri Sembilan, Kedah, Perlis and Pahang.
The coercion comes underneath Act 672 of a Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Act 2007.
It creates it mandatory for residents to apart their plain wastes during source be it plastic, paper or others, unwell that a excellent between RM 50 to RM 500 will be imposed.

“Lelaki ini gila.....dia gelar saya Bangla"

steadyaku47 comment : Mutalip Nama Saya has again come up with some "interesting" news. This time about KJ and Ketua Penerangan Umno Taman Cempaka Syed Rosli Syed Harman Jamalullail. Saya baca dan tersenyum aja...siapa makan chill dia rasa pedas! 

Nampaknya sudah pun bermula berlaku ledakan dari dalam yang berkemungkinan akan meletop. Seorang Ketua Penerangan dan seorang lagi Ketua Pemuda berjawatan Menteri yang sudah bertembung dipersempangan. Kedua2nya dari kem yang sama dan pastinya punyai misi dan visi yang berbeza.
Ketua Pemuda Umno Khairy Jamaluddin‏ hairan dengan kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh Ketua Penerangan Umno Taman Cempaka Syed Rosli Syed Harman Jamalullail yang menggelarnya sebagai Bangla di Twitter.
“Lelaki ini gila. Dia ada dalam sejarah memalsukan perkara, menipu dan memanggil saya macam-macam.
“Baru sahaja malam tadi dia gelar saya Bangla di Twitter, ada sesuatu yang tak kena dengan lelaki ini,” katanya.
Semalam, di Twitter Syed Rosli memanggil Khairy dengan gelaran “Steady Mat Bangla” selepas menteri belia dan sukan itu memuat naik foto Raja Arab Saudi, Raja Salman Abdulaziz Al Saud berjabat tangan dengan isteri Donald Trump, Melania.
Hari ini, Syed Rosli menerusi jemputan medianya turut mendakwa bahawa beliau dan keluarganya menerima ugutan bunuh dari Khairy.
Melalui jemputan itu, Syed Rosli akan membuat laporan polis pada jam 3 petang di ibu pejabat polis Ampang Jaya.
Mengulas lanjut Khairy menafikan perkara itu dan katanya tidak ada masa untuk melayan tuduhan Syed Rosly itu.
“Sudah tentu tidak. Jangan buang masa untuk perangai seperti ini,” katanya.

Who wants to be PM...angkat tangan!

They are talking about Lim Kit Siang becoming prime really they are! They are saying that DAP will have the most seats among the opposition parties and the party with the most seats chooses who will be prime minister. 

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang today reiterated his stand that “any Malaysian can be the prime minister.”
In his blog post , Lim said that this was allowed for under the Constitution. 
Lim repeated his earlier statements that he harboured no intention of becoming the country’s premier.
"Although the Malaysian Constitution provides that any Malaysian can be a prime minister, the idea of becoming prime minister of Malaysia had never entered my mind,” he wrote.
Lim’s statement was also read out during a DAP Kopitiam ceramah in Plentong, Johor Baru, this morning. 

And then we have Azizah who tell us that she is just helming PKR and , if need be, be the interim prime minister, until Anwar Ibrahim is ready to take over.

Wan Azizah doesn't mind being interim PM | The Malaysian Insight
May 12, 2017 - OPPOSITION leader Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said she is fine with being a " seat-warmer" prime minister for husband Anwar Ibrahim, who is in ...

What about Mahathir? Well he wants his son to be prime minister! Or are maybe even want the position for himself?


While all this is going on the real power behind the throne is really Lim Kit Siang for if DAP is to get the most seats at the next PRU, then surely Kit Siang will decide. 

DAP will decide who becomes Prime Minister | Malaysia Today

Mar 19, 2017 - DAP is the kingmaker and whoever becomes the Prime Minister if Pakatan ... Wan Azizah is the Opposition Leader in Parliament because DAP ...
And then comes this comment from Zaid:

Zaid: Anyone can be prime minister | Malaysia Today

May 3, 2017 - (MMO) – Former minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said today that any Malaysian can aspire to be prime minister, after PAS suggested limiting the ...

Why don't these guys win the next PRU first before we get into the matter who amongst wants to be prime minister or will be prime minister! 

I am getting a bit fed up of what is going on within the "opposition". There is no clarity of purpose. Okay lah it can be those umno cybertroopers who are bringing up these issues time and time again to keep the rakyat "amused" and "puzzled" about who really is going to be prime minister...but the opposition is no help at all in these matters. 

Why do they do not just say that the voters will decide? How will the voters decide? We are in a democracy are we not? The party or coalition of parties with the most votes gets to pick who among them will be prime minister. Kalau BN meaning...they will pick who amongst them will be prime minister. Kalau opposition menang same same lah.....but then there is Kit Siang, Mahathir, Mahyuddin, Anwar Ibrahim, Azizah, Azmin....aiyah so many how?