Saturday, 22 July 2017

Quickies : Trust

“Dr Mahathir was not born yesterday. He was prime minister for 22 years and before that, he had a chequered history. He is a controversial personality but a strong leader.
“Whatever reservations and questions we may have of the past, I think the more important question now is the future,” he told a press conference at the Penang DAP headquarters today.

AS Pakatan Harapan soldiers along with Dr Mahathir Mohamad at its helm, his once-political nemesis Lim Kit Siang said the future was too important to dwell on…

If you think that Kit Siang trusts Mahathir, Kit Siang trusts Anwar and Mahathir trusts Kit Siang and Anwar trust Mahathir etc etc....then you need to have your head examined! The name of the game now is win the PRU 14. Since when have you had politicians talk about trust and loyalty? The fun starts after they win PRU14....of would it be "if" they win PRU14? Saya steady aja....

Lim Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir Mohamad have formed an alliance to dislodge Prime Minister Najib Abdul...

Quickies : "Why call yourself a donkey when God made you a horse"!

steadyaku47 comment : I came across this on FB this afternoon and it made my day! All things considered...why would any one want to be the kind of Bumiputra that Najib and Umno have shown themselves to be? Why do you think these Indian Muslims are being given Bumiputra status by Najib? To join Umno and be one with Najib and his cohorts! To be liars, robbers and swindlers them of course! Why be a donkey when God made you a horse...indeed!    

An honest confession from an Indian Muslim of Malaysia,I particularly liked what his father told him~"Why call yourself a donkey when God made you a horse"!

BANGI, 26 Syawal 1438H, Khamis – Kongres Indian Muslim Malaysia (Kimma) membantah permohonan yang dikemukakan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO)…

Mahathir and Anwar.

Mahthir is back with a vengeance. A combative, focussed and even more committed Mahathir than the original Mahathir that we knew from the twenty two years when he was our prime minister. Woe betide anyone that thinks themselves capable of crossing swords with him and surviving ....though there seems to be no lack of Pak Pandir's who think themselves capable of doing so. Fools who do not know better and those who think themselves Don Quixote - unable to discern myth from reality, and suffering from delusion of grandeur because of their accidental position in life and politics  - unearned and undeserved - and there are many of them in government and Barisan Nasional! They will all have a go at the old man! All of them, without exception, have fallen by the wayside. Why would I think that those whom Mahathir now choose to do battle with, are different?         

And now Anwar is with Mahathir and Mahathir is with Anwar. 

Do not ask me why they are together, do not try to qualify, quantify, clarify, glorify, justify, nor should anyone try to falsify this union. We are not privy to their inner most thoughts. It is enough that they are both together to fight our fight.....and make no mistake about is OUR fight! 

This PRU 14 is not about Anwar or Mahathir. 
It is about the state of our Nation : Dire. 
It is about the state of our People and of our Future : Dire

My hope is that Mahathir and Anwar understands this as well as we do. From the time when both were at their very best in their service to King and Country...these two have not fail us though I will not forget that both of them have at times failed us at times as human beings... but they have not failed us as Najib has failed us. As those within Umno has failed the Malays and many many Malaysians!

I am not afraid for the Malays when Umno is no more.....not if, but when Umno is no more! 

Umno has been used and abused by too many Malays for it to survive in its purest form. What is left of Umno is only a corpse...bangkai...and what is left within Umno are the maggots and worms that feeds on its rotting flesh....and soon they will begin to feed on the very carcass that now is Umno...Najib and all those Malays who have become obese with the insane wealth that they have fed on in their time in Umno. 

What I am afraid for the Malays is if Mahathir and Anwar take their place, once again, in government and we the Malays think that they will do for the Malays what Umno has promised to do.....make the Malays great and in the process subject Malaysians and Malaysia to the vagaries that another race  and religious infected government will do. That Mahathir and Anwar owe their political longevity to their relevance to the Malays is given. What would be disastrous is if Mahathir and Anwar wants to build upon that reality of Malay numerical advantage and go back to the days of the NEP, Bumiputra and Ketuanan Melayu because they think that it is politically expedience for them to do so...and the Malays allow them to do so. If Mahathir and Anwar wants to do so and the Malays are in agreement ...then another Umno will be born out of their union. 

I know enough of what Mahathir and Anwar have done in their time in government to know that if given half the opportunity...they will both go back to the old days when political power allowed those who have it, to do as they please. As Reagan says....'TRUST BUT VERIFY". I will only be comfortable when check and balances are in place to ensure that politicians will have to answer for any abuse and use of political power for their own advantage, in Parliament. 


cakap cakap...Melbourne, Saturday morning.

Saturday : 9.33 AM Melbourne. Cold Winter morning...hovering below 10 degrees my sarong, slippers....just finished breakfast...a large glass of ice tea infused with mango...Vietnamese bun toasted with cheese and Devondale salted butter in the oven to melt the cheese...a few minutes to catch up with World News on the BBC and now seated at my desk wanting to write....about K Hell, about life...about anything that will move me in the next few minutes as I allow my mind to wander where it wants.

It has been a while since I seriously did any work on this blog. My mind simply shut down over a month ago and I did not do anything to restart it. Except for a few cursory attempts at surfing the net to see what was happening outside our Fitzroy suburb the rest of my time gave been spent selfishly on my wife, my son and myself. You guys should do that once in a while. It invigorates the senses and gives you an overview as to what is really important in life....your life! Maybe now I am ready to blog again....I do not know for sure...I will let my head do the thinking for me and go where it dictates.

Dementia rules our life and everything we do revolves around taking care of my wife who has had dementia for the last five years. Right now my wife is asleep in the bed beside is already 9.48 am and she will continue to sleep and rest in bed until she is ready to wake up..maybe in an hour's time...may be at noon or even at times, after noon. I will not be completely honest with myself if I did not say that I treasure these hours in the mornings when I can do as I like....after the house is put in order, the laundry done and the groceries taken care....then my breakfast ...and like today...after breakfast I make myself a short black or a cappuccino.......

......and then do what I want to, TV or, like this morning....sit down and work on my blog.         

I am totally out of touch with what is happening in K Hell...and to blog the way I do....the first thing I have to do is to acquaint myself with what is current in K Hell. This I will do after I have written this piece....for now let me say a few things that has been on my mind ever since I "stopped" blogging a few weeks back.

For those of you who have wondered...and some who have asked....if I stopped blogging because someone, somewhere have "made" me stopped....let me just say this....I really do not know what is the threshold of pain that I can endure before someone somewhere can make me stop blogging. Like most of you, there are two things I dislike : rejection and pain. So if enough pain is inflicted upon me and "rejection" is thrown into the whole conundrum...I might just flinched and be "persuaded" to stop blogging....but being many thousand of miles away from the "maddening crowd" in K Hell...I doubt if that can be done. And as for financial inducements to make me stop blogging....nothing has been offered that would remotely make me consider retirement or going over to the other side (whichever side that is!). So in one, anywhere have had anything to do with me not blogging. 

Now if you will excuse me....I will stop for now and go surf the Net to see what is happening in K Hell. Until I next put finger to keyboard again...hopefully sometime later this morning... lawan mesti lawan!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Bapa borek, anak rintek...Najib's son a chip off the old block!

steadyaku47 comment : Bukan Najib aja bodoh...anak dia pon sama aja!  

Anak Najib Tun Razak Mengamuk!!!

 Anak Najib telah dihentam oleh pengguna-penguna laman facebook yang lain dan cuba anda lihat apa reaksi mereka selepas anak Dato Seri Najib meluahkan kemarahannya di Twitter, yela bila orang mengutuk ayah sendiri mesti la marah dan berbulukan? Zazzzzz tengok sendiri komen-komen tersebut

Indian Muslim are Bumiputra? Huh!

Najib Abdul Razak says he considers Indian Muslims to be both bumiputera and…


For all I care, Najib's government can go study any number of ways that the Indian Muslims can be granted bumiputra status. I don't care a flying f**k. And while they are doing that, why don't they go study how many ways are there for them to give bumiputra status to the Indons, the Myanmars and to that Indian citizen who is busy doing dakwah work for knowlah that Indian citizen who is wanted by the Indian government and has been given PR status by this bloody Najib's government. 

We know that a whole bunch of them have already been working 24/7 figuring out how else they can keep lining up their own pockets from the proceed of our nation - whether it is money from Petronas, the Treasury, the various mega government projects, Tabung Haji, EPF...and of course, DO NOT FORGET 1MDB! So what is another study on how to grant the Indian Muslims bumiputra status going to do to their work load....I am sure there is money to be made somewhere in that study too. So good luck to them!  

I am more interested in studying the number of ways that Najib can be granted the following status :

Queen Control.
Bugis Warrior...No
Bugis Coward...Yes.
Joh Low's budak suruhan. 
The most corrupt Prime Minister ever!

I am also interested in studying the ways that Rosmah can be granted the following status:

A Bitch.
A Witch.
FLOM (Fatest Lady in Malaysia)..
Flying Hippo - self explanatory.

Of course there will always be some smart alecks who will want to propose that we go further  - the whole nine yards - that the Najib's government should also study how to gazette the following:

How to make that Twit of an IGP as the Chief Tweet.

The Attorney General as the Chief Ass Licker of Najib's backside.

And the list goes on and really this Najib's government has got enough to do before PRU 14 because after PRU14, most of them will be in Sungai Buloh or in similar abodes scattered all over the Taiping, Kajang, Kamunting.

So for now...let them go study the number of ways how those Indian Muslims can be given Bumiputra status. Let Najib go appoint some idiot to head the commission that will do the work and make sure that that commission will leave no stone unturned. Whatever that study unearth and what ever Najib promises the Indian Muslims, we know that at the end of the day if the Indian Muslim cannot somehow guarantee that they will cast their vote for Umno and Najib...then they will remain as INDIANS who happen to be Muslim...and damm that Bumiputra status.   

Kamaruddin Mohd Jamal : "Apa kah, dan mana kah, NILAI-NILAI MURNI dan HALATUJU BANGSA KITA, wahai Melayu?"

Melayu bangsaku; Islam agamaku
Bumi Malaysia tanah tumpah darahku
Tempat lahir dan juga bumi perjuanganku
...dan jika ditakdir; tempat bersemadi nya aku...
Bangsa Malaysia suatu visi harapan muka buatku 
Kemakmuran negara tercinta sentiasa menjadi do'aku
Kecemerlangan dan kejayaan generasi depan sandaranku
Berjuang membantu buat menentu segala ini tanggunganku....

Sungguh jelas dan banyak yang aku pasti, yakin, dan tahu......
......cuma yang aku langsung tidak mengerti, lantaran amat menyedihkan hati, hanya satu....
...Apa kah, dan mana kah, NILAI-NILAI MURNI dan HALATUJU BANGSA KITA, wahai Melayu?

......Seperti yang ku tulis dalam sabuah puisi bahasa Inggeris 
Ketika sisa-sisa kemegahan bangsa kian tercalar, terguris
Melihat segala angkara yang kian marak merebak berlaku...
Seperti lupa segala; kerakusan berleluasa tampa segan dan silu
Seperti luputnya iman samasekali lantas menodai tuntutan Ilahi 
Apa kan ini ciri-ciri murni bangsa kita yang telah kita warisi?

Apa kah kealpaan kita tidak mencemar martabat bangsa?
Wajar kah sokongan membabibuta kepada yang jelas berdusta?
Apa kah budaya dan tabiat kita sekarang tidak membawa malu?
Tidak kah sikap kita sekarang jelas menjatuhkan darjat Melayu?

Cuba-cuba lah agar usaha dan tenaga bersama kita gembeling
Mencari jawapan buat soalan "WHERE ARE WE HEADING?"...

Every so often I would think about our culture; our character
Our strengths and failings; what would make us soar or falter
The many traits that made us slaves; those that set us free
Traits that gave success; or which long ago cost us our liberty

Many characteristics would immediately come to mind
Loyal and obedient, sensitive and emotional, gentle and kind
Each in itself, if correctly balanced, so positive, so invaluable
Made for easy alignment and cohesion - anything possible

But this can only be so if we have sincere, fair, worthy leaders
For such traits encourage ready agreement but smother ideas
When only a few would make all the decisions; unchallenged 
Every other idea if not so blessed, unworthy even of mention

As such the knowing leader should encourage differing views
Not just mere talk but sincere actions to make the words true
For if they were never really meant, the followers would know
And what was deemed the unspoken wish they would still toe

Unthinking reverence with emotions often gel very dangerously
An explosive mix that can create deciples all bristling and ready
When even seeming disrespect could scrape raw sensitivity
Any dissenting tone instantly faced with unmitigated hostility

Such is the nature of our obedience; unthinkingly unshakeable
Faith in the leader; whatever said or done, no wrong possible
Such rivetingly galvanising effect, so powerful and all potent
Only safe if led by one totally sincere, honest, and enlightened

Such unquestioning faith, unthinking obedience, such loyalty
Would not let the leader's failings to be acknowledged readily
Bringing mediocrity to our society; accountability fast fading
A pitfall only a knowing and wise leader could ensure avoiding

Someone unwise, arrogantly uncaring of this unique character
Might even believe he'd suddenly become a wonder of a leader
Intoxicated by fllattering chorus, pure fiction can become reality
A rabid addiction the people would have to put right eventually

For values must be consistent with logic, conscience, integrity
Which if not so tempered, would become such costly absurdity
As would collusions through undue rewards or outright bribery
A total travesty leading only to discord, mayhem, and tragedy

These are some distrurbing traits we now increasingly display
Traits that have become so obvious, or was it always that way?
After all, we did everything we were told for hundreds of years
Even killed or hurt a close kin if they were the king's desires

Maybe after all these centuries we haven't really changed at all
Despite our commitment to move ahead, as a race standing tall
Despite our resolve to create a responsible and thinking society
Despite our vision and the joyous promise of truimphant glory

Perhaps all these will remain just mere dreams; a vision too far
The traits will continue; and everything will be just as they are
All the high-sounding declarations will continue to be just that
For isn't it always the case; whatever we sow we will surely get?

These are some sobering thoughts I quietly reflect on so often
Perhaps the same thoughts in the minds of many silent millions
What is certain is that we'll get nowhere doing things as we do
Our future cannot be left to the selfishly wayward arrogant few

by Maj Dato Kamaruddin Mohd. Jamal
Pingat Gagah Berani

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Impossible is nothing....

Shahidan Kassim : A serial fornicator when MB.

Sarawak Report

It's Called Democracy - A Short History For Shahidan Kassim

16 July 2017

Dr Mahathir Mohamad will find it difficult to topple Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak even through the 14th General Election (GE14), said Umno supreme council member Shahidan Kassim.
He said this was obvious because Najib was the leader of the Barisan Nasional (BN) which has 132 seats in the Dewan Rakyat compared to Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) which has just one.
“To topple Najib through the general election… he has 132 seats and if you want to wrest all that, it is not easy.
“Dr Mahathir ‘s PPBM has only one… so it would be difficult for it to happen,” he said after launching Maran Umno’s Wanita Wing’s Delegates’ Conference in Maran today.
Shahidan, who is also a minister in the prime minister’s department, was commenting on media reports of Mahathir’s admission that he had planned to topple Najib since 2014.
Source: It's Called Democracy - A Short History For Shahidan Kassim


Shahidan Kassim might like to consider some lessons in democracy, although it is granted that Malaysia is only a partial democracy, thanks to his party cheating the boundaries over 60 years of governance in its own favour.
He could start by considering this year’s election in France, where the charismatic Mr Macron started an entirely new party in the face of national disgust at the existing choices on offer …. and swept to take the Presidency.
Next Macron had to tackle the parliamentary elections, where his newly formed party had no existing seats at all.  No matter, his new party again marched to victory and took the majority of seats, because the French were simply fed up with the entrenched contenders.
There is another older example in a tiny far off democracy that Shahidan might also like to consider.  In the early 1980s in the island of Mauritius the ruling party, which had held power throughout the decades since independence, became embroiled in a corruption scandal.
The government ministers were complascent given their existing large majority, but when the election came their ruling party lost EVERY SINGLE SEAT!

cakap cakap...pagi Ahad.

9.07 AM. Melbourne. Sunday 16th July. 

Have just had my morning cup of coffee....a cappuccino to be exact....a few minutes ago......

My thoughts went back to last night night of tennis at Wimbledon...a bit disappointed in the manner that Venus seems to be unable to up her game against Muguruza but she was gracious in defeat. Looking forward to see what Federer will do at another Wimbledon final tonight. 

An image of my grand daughter, Sofia, comes into view as I click on my daughter's FB link...I have yet to see her...but I see her and her sister, Isabel, everyday through these images that their mother sends me all the way from Canada....and I smile and think of what we will do and talk about when we do meet. Is that not what we grand fathers do when we think of our grand children? Her elder sister Isabel has started to ask her mother about her family tree...and I will do what I can to tell her what I know of our Bugis forefather and what I remember of our life in K Hell. No.....I will not remind her too much of her Malaysian lineage...her life and her future, like many other Malaysians who have chosen to leave Malaysia, lies in Canada. Good luck to her. 

My wife is awake and yet asleep. Her eyes follows me around the room when I stir, but she does so lazily and I know it is too early to get her out of bed....and so I let her rest. 

It has been a good week for me. A little bit of writing for my blog and the rest of my time has been spent doing things for, and with, my wife and my son. A couple of trips to IKEA in Richmond to get some stuff for the apartment ...cabinets and kitchen stuff. These days any trip to IKEA in Richmond is not complete without getting myself some Curry Puffs from Chef Lagenda - a Malaysian restaurant that has the best Curry Puffs in Melbourne (says me!)...and when we are not out together...I am at home...contented and happy to be with those that matters to me. Life is good.


Friday, 14 July 2017

"Dia Turun Pangkat"....Mahathir quick as ever with his wit!

So tell you really want Anwar or Mahathir to once again lead this country?

When you are prime minister anything you want and every wish you uttered are catered to immediately by those who are tasked to do your every bidding. Seri Perdana is where you go home to after a hard day at the office.  Your image is plastered all over the nation, and everything you do is reported in the main stream media, television stations and spoken of by many. You begin to believe in your own invincibility. You begin to believe that you can do no wrong, break no law. You begin to believe that you are indeed the heartbeat of your nation, the very air your people  need to live. You really believe that in you resides the hope of your people, the future of your nation and that you are the very essence of all that Malaysia is. 

Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, Abang Lah, KJ, among others, are people who are still around who would be able to understand and relate themselves to what I am what Najib is now experiencing. You begin to think that not only can you be God, but you can also speak as God, do as God and soon, God will be God!

And if you are the wife of Najib Razak you can, if you want, be Cleopatra, Queen Victoria, Joan of Arc, Margaret Thatcher and the most beautiful first lady of Malaysia all at once ...even if in reality you are an old fat hippo bitch who is height challenged!

Mahathir, Anwar, Abang Lah, KJ and many others of their genre have all had political power and then tasted humble pie. Some of them have wallowed in humble pie for many years since their fall from political power and are still up to their necks in it......but political power once tasted have a tendency to make one believe that what was once yours can still be yours again if circumstance and timing can be made to work in your favour....and so covertly or overtly they continue to pursue what they think is rightfully their right to once again be leaders of a country that no longer wants them and a people that has had their fill of them. Good luck to them. Nothing you or I can say will make they think or do otherwise. 

What would be an interesting exercise for us, is to watch closely the fortunes of Najib Razak and Rosmah in the coming months. 

Why in the coming months?

Anybody with half a brain (which covers most of who really do have half a brain!) can sense that Malaysia is now being pulled asunder by the blunders of the many contenders who are now vying to remain, or continue to be, the numero uno in Putrajaya. The time when each of them will be held to account and ask to account for what they have done in the name of political expedience  - whether for our benefit or for their own - draws near. 

Let us ignore those hangers on and those sad sub-humans whose periok nasi hangs on the fortunes of their chosen leaders, for these dregs of society will always be there no matter what happens. I am no longer persuaded by the utterances of politicians who are eager to play to the crowd that stands before them nor will I hold them to what they promise or put down on paper for the very same reason because the compulsion to say anything in order to advance their political interest is too overwhelming for these politicians to ignore. All these things considered....short of Najib taking government by other means than a general election...we can be assured that a general election will take place in the coming months. 

And in a general election where Umno can no longer with certainty, decide on it's outcome, it will be you and me, who will decide. 

So tell you really want Anwar or Mahathir to once again lead this country? Do you want Umno to continue as the government of the day? Will you want a government of consensus? A government of the Malays for the Malays by the Malays? Do you still want that Bugis warrior to still be in Seri Perdana? Do you want Kit Siang and his DAP to be Kingmaker and once for all dictate a Malaysia they think we want? 

Whatever the outcome of this coming election we will indeed see change, for once awaken, the people will not be prepared to lie down again until these corrupt, self serving and arrogant leaders and their underlings are arrested, prosecuted and punished for what they have done in the name of government.....and I for one, will want to be in K Hell when that times comes.              

Do not think that these thoughts are not uppermost in the minds of Najib and Rosmah? Every brand new day brings hope to many Malaysian that their beloved Malaysia will soon be rid of the cancer of corruption and the bane of arrogant and self serving politicians...and yet that same brand new day brings dread to many politicians as the reality of having to account and be responsible for the things these politicians have done while serving king, country and it's people while in public office, nears.

For sure there is in all of us greed and arrogance but surely not in the doses present in these politicians of ours. For sure there are many of us who do wonder if they themselves might not succumb to the insane wealth on offer to these politicians and leaders....and what would we really do when push comes to shove? 

But these are all conjectures that we ask ourselves in moments of reflections and we will not share with anyone the real answers we give to ourselves. But the truth is this...these politicians live their lives on the promise they made to us of what they will be once we give them political power....and having been given that political power....they have failed us. Mahathir, Anwar, Pak Lah, KJ, Najib and many others have failed us in various degrees. So for those who live by the sword, it is fitting that they must die by the sword.....and for each and every one of them, they all know that their political lives now lies "dihujung pedang!". I will not beg for mercy for any of them. The spoils of political office for every one of them has been insane - wealth beyond their wildest dreams - and so when the time comes for them to take responsibility for their deeds, they and they alone will have to answer for what they have done....they and what their fancy and highly paid lawyers hired to defend them, will do to save their skin. 

I can promise you that that time will come. It came for Marcos, for the Shah of Iran, for Idi Amin, for Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi....and it will come for Najib and Rosmah and for all the others who have been responsible for the state of our nation today. Until then let us watch them unravel and see how they prepare themselves for the fate that awaits them : With courage or with fear? With utter contempt in the mistaken belief that they are beyond the long arm of the Law or with trepidation and despair as they see their world crumble around them? Saddam Hussein in his final hours was strong and courageous to the very end. Gaddafi was not. Already within Umno you see the start of it's fall into an abyss of self destruction that will take many many years for Umno to recover from ...if recovery is at all possible. Maybe from the ashes of Umno will rise other Malays who will understand the need to work with other Malaysians to make the Malays, Malaysia and other Malaysians strong again. Maybe not....but one way or the other...there will still be a Malaysia....maybe bankrupt, maybe a failed nation...maybe a Malaysia hopelessly embroiled in racial, religious and political conflict....but it will still be our Malaysia....and we will have to live with that Malaysia to the best of our ability or die trying.