Thursday, 24 May 2012

If i am not a Malay......

If I am a non-Malay studying abroad today the furthest thing on my mind as I go into my final year of study is going back to Malaysia. Yes I would be concerned about the possible outcome of the 13th general election. I would be concern about the fortunes of Pakatan Rakyat as it prepares to do battle against a domineering Barisan Nasional in the run up to the 13th general election – as I would be concerned about the financial woes of Greece and Spain in Europe, as I would be concern about the famine in Sudan and the plights of the refugees all over the World displace by the antics of politicians in their part of the world….concerned but not really affected by the outcome of it all.

Malaysia is no longer home. You have decided that you will not go back to Malaysia after your studies.  Your parents and siblings would join you in Australia as and when it is possible for them to do so under your sponsorship. Even if they will not join you, Australia is now home to you. For now the goings on in Malaysia serves only to reinforce the correctness of your choice to leave Malaysia. Was that not your parents thoughts too when they had to use the hard earned money they saved over the years to send you overseas to further your studies? Why would you want to stay in a country that the Malay says is their own? The world welcomes you with open arms!  

This UMNO led Barisan Nasional government must understand that they cannot give citizenship to a non Malay, expect him or her to swear allegiance to king and country, serve in the army and die for this country if asked to…. …but then treat these non-Malays as second class citizens! This UMNO led Barisan Nasional government legislated for this to be true in the education of their children, in their ability to access business and work opportunities, in their religion – in all facets of their life. And then this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government has the audacity to turn around and  harangued these non-Malays for being ungrateful to the very country that have given then a place to call their home at Merdeka over 50 years ago?

Did it ever occur to UMNO that these non-Malays may turn against them at the first opportunity that comes their way? As they did at the 12th general election? And maybe again at this 13th general election? Or has that thought already occurred to you and now all that is left is for you to await the verdict of the 13th general election by the very same people that you have abused and ridiculed in your time of arrogance?    

It has been 55 years of Merdeka and it has now come to this. Perkasa loudly telling the non-Malays that Malaysia is for the Malays? Najib Razak, your Prime Minister echoing the same sentiment! And you expect these non-Malays to vote you into government?

Where in the annals of human history have people who have been prosecuted and treated less then equals by their political leaders risen to ensure that their prosecutors are rewarded for being their oppressors?

Not in Egypt where Hosni Mubarak, a virtual despot with impressive credentials as a dictator, ruled supreme until his own oppressed people have had enough of his regime and rose as one to oust him from government. Chased him relentlessly from power, from the face of Egypt to await his demise alone and ridiculed as an object of hate and contempt by the people he once ruled over!

Not in Libya where Gadaffi babbling that “My people love me….my people love me” was unceremoniously bundled from his seat of power, physically harmed and subjected to the most humiliating of atrocities possible from those that have suffered under his rule before being shot in the head  - a tyrant deservedly dead at the hands of his own people.     

And I am certain not in Malaysia where we all know too well how UMNO leaders have presumed too arrogantly that our country Malaysia is theirs to rule and lord it over as they like! Yesterday as I watched the evening ABC news in Prime Time at 8 p.m here in Australia the news about DSAI latest run in with Najib’s government over the BERSIH 3 rally came on. The gist of the story is this : That Najib is using another of his government legal ‘transformation’ initiatives to run down his political nemesis in the run up to the 13th general elections! Is this not too familiar story in the history of politics in Malaysia? Memali, Ops Lallang, the irresponsible use of the ISA and other demonic use of any and all governmental machinery's at UMNO’s disposal to rid itself of any meaningful opposition in any election that it faces at any level? All this by a Barisan Nasional government that sees itself all powerful, all domineering and all conquering against an opposition Pakatan Rakyat that can only draw its strength from the people! 

This is the part I cannot understand! How is it that Najib and his advisors are not able to comprehend that what they are doing to DSAI, their inaction over MACC death in custody, PKFZ, NFC, Altantuya and all those myriads of abuses and misuse of political executive power for party and personal gain they not only choose to ignore but also cover-up is damming them to electoral defeat?

If Najib can explain to us why Mindef agreed to pay Razak Baginda RM500 million for services rendered to the Malaysian Government in the purchase of the Scorpene submarines….explain it in a manner that does not insult or intelligence…then we will give our votes to the Barisan Nasional coalition that he leads!

If Najib Razak can explain why Sharizat and her Family are still not been held accountable for the debacle in NFC…explain it in a manner that does not insult our  intelligence….then we will give our votes to the Barisan Nasional coalition that he leads!

If Najib Razak can explain why MACC has not been held accountable for the death of Teoh Beng Hock and Sarbaini while they were in their custody….explain it in a manner does not insult our intelligence….then we will give our votes to the Barisan Nasional coalition that he leads!

So why then does Najib not do all this and ensure that he gets the electoral support that BN desperately need to return to Putrajaya after the 13th GE?

Maybe because there really is nothing that he can do about it all save to bluster his way like a bull in a China shop and just hope that nothing untoward will happen to all the china in the shop while the bull is still running around …… a bull in a China shop!  

The 13th general election is but a few months away. I see that the UMNO led Barisan Nasional is in the final spasm of its coming demise. I see it, you see it but like the proverbial dictator that see only love not hatred  coming from the people that he has abused and tormented over all the years that he ruled, UMNO can only see what it wants to see and nothing else.

It sees another 50 years in power. It sees itself the champion of Ketuanan Melayu – and for this alone the Malay votes will come their way – despite the fact that the Malays have already abandoned them at the 12th general elections! It also sees itself arrogantly as having the money, the resources to buy itself victory in the 13th general election!

Let them think it is so. Let them believe the momentum to take them to victory in the 13th GE is now with them. Let them convince themselves that the nation, the non-Malays and the Malays are all waiting to vote them back into Putrajaya……and for one last time in our history, let UMNO think that race and religion will triumph over open, accountable and responsible government!

Your responsibility now is to ensure that our people and our country will be given the opportunity to change from darkness to light. From a future without hope to one which gives each and everyone of us a reason to expect that and more of our government of the day. And for not only the Malays but for all of the others – a future without corruption, without money politics, without cronyism, without that onerous presence of Ayotollah Mahathir, without FLOM, without a government answerable to the people for the things they do in our name..….without UMNO or Barisan Nasional! 

And now onwards to the 13th general election…Malay or not we are all ready…as ready as we will ever be!