Friday, 4 May 2018

Election Commission : The commission is ready to swap ballot boxes, create blackout, delay results announcement, and re-introduce new ballot boxes and whatnot. Only a very high turnout could prevent the cheating.


ON MAY 9, 

Here’s how the 2018 election could be stolen. At the end of the polling day and counting process, the most important document is the “Form-14”.
Form-14 will confirm the total number of votes the candidates get at each polling station. After the votes are counted, the results would be recorded on From 14, certified by signature by the “Election Officer and Counting Agents” from all sides present. Combining all the Form 14 in one electoral area will produce the (unofficial) election result.
In short, if the election has been conducted without fraud, the (unofficial) result from the Form-14, with a little margin of error, should match the official result announced by the Election Commission. Like the 2013 General Election, the Election Commission is expected to deny the opposition parties’ counting agents a copy of the Form-14 this round.
Five years ago, between 30 to 40 constituencies experienced irregularities when the Election Commission refused to produce the Form-14 when requested by the then opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat. If you think Saturday’s nomination day was bad, wait till you see the awesome cheating, suppression and oppression by the Election Commission on May 9th.
Heck, in order to prevent check and verification, the commission might even decide not to produce Form-14 at all to the counting agents. At the end of the day, the election officers would simply give a “pre-prepared” Form-14 with results that show Najib coalition Barisan Nasional parties have mysteriously won, even though the initial “unofficial” counting results show otherwise.
Here’s the best part when the overall results show Najib is about to lose power. Nope, we’re not talking about a sudden blackout at counting centers, even though that would most likely happen. What could and would happen in the “mother of all cheatings” is the refusal of Malaysia Election Commission to announce the official results.
The idea behind the delay tactic is to allow the commission officials to go back to the results and change them. There are many things the Election Commission can do during this “blackout” period. They can manipulate the postal votes derived from civil servant voters – numbering a staggering 1 million – by re-distributing them to Barisan Nasional candidates who have lost narrowly.
The postal votes are key to Najib’s survival because they’re so secretive that opposition has no control over its handling process. After the commission re-tabulate and re-distribute the postal votes, opposition candidates who thought they have won would be greeted with the emergence of missing ballot boxes carrying the so-called postal votes, and voila, Najib’s men or women have won.
Only the results announced by Election Commission officers can be considered official. In essence, as long as the commission refuses to declare opposition as the winners, Mahathir can’t form the next government. Therefore, get ready to be impressed with hours of silence from the commission on May 9th as they rush to perform their magic behind the “secret situation room”.
The commission is ready to swap ballot boxes, create blackout, delay results announcement, and re-introduce new ballot boxes and whatnot. That’s why the commission tends to announce a higher turnout than the actual number in order to compensate for the so-called “missing” ballot boxes. Only a very high turnout could prevent the cheating.
That’s because the commission would look foolish if they announce a turnout of above 100%. In Malaysia, the Election Commission is the organiser, enforcer and judge. They’re ready to launch a daylight robbery to help Mr. Najib wins the contest. Sure you can sue the commission at the Kangaroo Court. But by then, Najib would have sworn in as the prime minister.

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