Sunday, 6 May 2018

"I have never seen so much defiance from the rakyat before"

"My whole family and the friends family including anak and cucu would vote PH. All the people I know already made up their mind to vote PH. Every taxi or Grab driver I talk say they would votes PH and hate BN. If BN lost and refused to hand power I believe the people would take to the street like in the Philippines. Remember in less than a month DSAI would be out of jail. Folks are very anger now! To me this is Revolution, our kind of revolution. The fire started and burning... No turning back. I have never seen so much defiance from the rakyat before. Remember all the rally was organised but the folks was informed at last minutes to avoid the authority blockage of place and yet the come in droves. The internet and the social media is God send"

......from a dear old friend... older them me ...this brings tears to my eyes and happiness in my heart. ALLAH be praise !!!

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