Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Treasonous Tony
Treacherous Tony
Traitorous Tony
Leacherous Tony
Ingrate Tony
Betrayed all who supported him most
For false treasure 
From fraudulent person
Transforming him to fake person
Like a rat scampering aboard
The sinking ship
When every other snivelling
Scavenger, and scum of a rat
Is scurrying and screaming 
To get out before it
Hits the iceberg of votes
Selling his twisted soul 
For the drama and trauma in gain
Of turbulence, torment and torture
Such knowledge, little wisdom!
Such Skill coated 
With the skin of a 
Of a slithering serpent
Having bitten the apple 
Of seducment and enticement 
From of all persons a
Brainless, ball-less, clueless 
Primate of a fake Bugis pirate

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