Friday, 11 May 2018

We have a PM for Malaysia and it is not Najib!!!

12.00 Midnight. Melbourne time. It is done. Tun Dr Mahathir is Malaysia's 7th Prime Minister...watching it live from KL. Now Doa Selamat.
What can I is like a dream...nothing we have all gone through in life could have prepared us for this possibility ...and yet you and I know that when Mahathir joined Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim, PAS or no PAS, there would or could not really be no other ending but this : good triumphing over evil. Any other conclusion would have wreck our own beliefs that always, in the end, if we fight the good fight, we will win.
This will be one of those occasions that people will say "I was there when it happened" and me ...we were not only there when it happened, we were in the thick of it all. This was also our fight. Pakatan Harapan is our party. And I do not know how it happened...but there was so much love for the two Tuns that it tugs at our heartstrings when we see them together in their old age fighting our fight for us! Such grace and firm resolve from these two!
But above all this...I now know that Malaysia is now MY country. No one is going to tell me that I cannot come back to MY country for reason that THEY think are justified! I want this PH government to understand that we Rakyat have certain inalienable rights that THEY must respect and these rights are ours to have for as long as we call Malaysia our home and we are mindful of our responsibilities as a Rakyat. Personally I want what I write in steadyaku47 and what other bloggers write in their blogs, to be read by anyone in Malaysia if they so wish....just as long as what we write is within the bounds of decency and within the just laws of the land.
Everything else I want is covered by what PH has promised us they will do. For now let us all sit back and give some space to Tun and his Cabinet to do what they have promised us they will do.....but tomorrow Tun....please...TANGKAP MO1.
Goodnight Malaysia.

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