Monday, 25 June 2012


Our first need is for food to fill his empty stomach. Then we seek shelter from the elements. When food and shelter are ours, our thoughts then turns to companionship and procreation.  When all that is done then only will we turn our thoughts to our comfort and then possibly the arts and other intangibles. We are, for the most part, fortunate in that most if not all of these needs have been met. And yet our political master continues to throw only crumbs and morsels of food at our feet! Do they expect us to be satisfied with those offerings when what we seek have more to do with our sense of freedom as a human being and our need to express these wants through a solidarity of purpose with those of us who have similar aspirations?     

We are expected to be grateful with the little that they give us when we want more – much more then Bersih 3 or to do away with Lynas. They give RM$500 for the more deserving of our people and expect us to forget PKFZ, NFC and the other abuses. They promise to do away with the ISA and PPPA – a promised made but yet to be fulfilled in its totality. Who do they think we are…mongrels to be satisfied with those morsels and crumbs of food they throw us?

The promise of 1Malaysia awakes our innermost aspirations for living as one people with respect and dignity for each other – to each according to his needs and for each the opportunity to do their best to achieve what one wants of life and in life. But these were again just promises –empty of the possibility of becoming reality for as promise go they were merely just that and nothing more!

Most of us are hungry for more. We want more! What we want is more then what this BN government will give us! We have seen what the sum of our actions could do after the 12th general elections. No more two thirds majority in Parliament for Barisan Nasional, the defeat of many of Barisan Nasionals stalwarts and the loss of five states by Barisan Nasional to Pakatan Rakyat. And yet these lesson were too quickly forgotten by Barisan Nasional.

There were promise of change within UMNO and in the other component parties of Barisan Nasional and again like their earlier promises to us these too were just promises without the political will to make it happen. Nothing was done. Nothing was ever going to be done for the endemic rot perpetrated by money politics had set itself to rigor mortis. Too far gone to be able to change and still they try to tell us that change will come if we give them five more years in office!

Will we give them five more years in office? Five years to rob us blind again. Five years of having arrogant Ministers strutting in the corridors of power in Putrajaya while spewing about what UMNO is going to do for the Malays and what UMNO has done for the other races! Another five years of having convicts and paedophiles as chairman of Felda and Risda! Another five years of having a government that has done everything it needs to do for those within UMNO and will still do more while our people are strip bare of their dignity as UMNO assails the Malays and non-Malays for being ungrateful subjects of UMNO?

No. No more! Not even another day of UMNO if we can help it. All that we have left after 55 years of UMNO is hope. Hope that there will be enough of us at the 13th general election to bring change to our nation. A change without UMNO. A change without MCA and a change without MIC and all the other component parties that makes up Barisan Nasional. We do not know if the numbers are there but there is the possibility that there will be! That is all that we need! ABU!