Monday, 2 May 2016

Apa lagi kamu semua mau? Even the Saudi Foreign Minister has cleared Najib!

NYPost: "The multibillion-dollar state fund scandal in Malaysia that ensnared Goldman Sachs and Tim Leissner — the bank’s former star banker in Southeast Asia — is greasing the wheels of an escalating hunt for a massive treasure trove of hidden wealth worldwide, The Post has learned...
In the case of Malaysia alone, as much as $6 billion may have been funneled illegally from 1MDB to the accounts of parties that included Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, according to reports. And it is only the tip of the monetary iceberg.
Goldman’s Malaysian fiasco has put a bright spotlight on the mind-boggling sums of dirty money swamping the globe, according to anti-money-laundering experts."

steadyaku47 comment: All that Najib Razak has to do to clear himself of any wrongdoings in that RM2.6 donation and 1MDB in Malaysia, bar possibly the investigations by PDRM,has been done. Umno has cleared him of any wrong doing. In lock step so has Parliament, the Cabinet, AG, PAC, Parliament, the King and the Sultans (by their silence), and all the religious authorities that matters. That PDRM will also clear him of any wrongdoing is as certain as the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars will all rise tomorrow from the East...but until that is done "officially" let that Twit of an IGP have his "man of the moment" glory as he goes in, once again, to bat for the Prime Minister team and try to save the team from certain defeat.

I have no doubt that if confirmation of same is required by a "spontaneous and voluntary" outpouring of popular public support culminating in a massive demonstration of one million Malaysians assembled in Merdeka Square...that too bisa di atur!

So apa lagi yang kamu semua mau? Even the Saudi Foreign Minister has cleared Najib!

Well here is the thing about what is right and what is wrong, about something being good or bad....and about someone being guilty or Malaysia that can be managed, fabricated and guided to a conclusion required by those with big armies and deep pockets. In Malaysia today, Najib Razak is Prime Minister and he has decreed that "Cash," not him, is King. 

All that Najib has to do is cross the causeway into Singapore and that "truth that Najib is PM and Cash is King, no longer applies! 

Up north the same truth no longer applies once you enter Thailand and the same applies to countries to the East and West of Malaysia. 

These sovereign countries have their take on what Najib Razak does....what else countries further afield!

And so has begun the next phase of this "Donation" and 1MDB caper. ...the phase where Najib, the Cabinet, Parliament, Umno, the AG, PAC, the King and the Sultans, the religious authorities and what anybody else in Malaysia thinks and do about that Donation and 1MDB no longer matters.  

This is the phase where investigations into that "Donation" and 1MDB takes a life of its own driven by forces, factors and governments that wants to see that truth and justice prevails. 

Where good governance matters and corruption and bribery in government and by government officials and those holding public office are the concern, by among others,  of the Justice Department in the US and the Serious Fraud Office in Britain....both of whom, we have to agree, are more capable than PAC, MACC or PDRM in dealing with these matters.

Playing Golf with the President does not impress the US Justice Department nor does meeting the Queen inhibits Britain Serious Fraud Office from investigating anyone involve in improper and unlawful conduct on an industrial scale....something that Najib seems to be familiar with!

What happens in other countries is even beyond the reach of FLOM the FLOP. 

And here is the interesting part....if the US can reach out and punish Ghaddafi, Saddam Hussein and even Osama Ben Ladin....I cannot wait to see what they can and will do to reach out to Najib Razak and his fellow conspirators on this Donation and 1MDB caper.

These are indeed interesting times that we now live in and it s going to get more interesting! I don't really care a rats arse if those two now staying in Seri Perdana are not getting any sleep at night. I don't care tuppence if Flom the Flop has lost her appetite for Wagyu Beef - it would do her good...she needs to lose some weight! 

First those guys in the US frolicking with Paris Hilton and Leonardo di Caprio will easily be within the reach of the US Justice Department and the US Senate. They will be "cooperating with the US Authorities first.

And from here on it can only get more go get a few more packets of Kuachi and make sure you got the kachang putih in air tight containers....all the drinks you are going to need .......settle down to a front row seat and let us all watch those two high flying jet setting liars schemers and scammers low life pillaging and plundering Bugis Warrior and his Flom the Flop bitch of a wife now in Seri Perdana, live out what is left of their time as Malaysia's first couple as foreign governments seek their "cooperation" in their investigations of wrong doings by these two most despicable of Malaysians that we have had the misfortune to know.

Aku steady aja.....