Sunday, 8 May 2016

Run Najib...but you cannot hide!

Jonathan Miller, a reporter from UK-based Channel 4 News was denied entry into a press conference by Prime Minister Najib after being told off that this is "not his country".

He was told to leave after asking Prime Minister Najib Razak to answer for allegations on corruption.


Mohamed Sabri Baharom
Mohamed Sabri Baharom Let the world know how corrupt is the Malaysian Prime Minister.

Hsh Seb
Hsh Seb To the people saying that oh why he so sibuk want to meddle with Malaysian affairs...are u nuts? The foreign journalists who come here and go after stories like these in a way help us Malaysians who do not have a voice of our own on a international level to bring more exposure on the happenings in this country 

Cathryn K L Tan
Cathryn K L Tan All the more Najib thinks Malaysia is his country now with the pillar from Sarawak. Just like Adenan thinking Sarawak is his.

Rakesh Ramesh
Rakesh Ramesh Only the foreign journalists have balls to speak out

Ji Jia Bao
Ji Jia Bao it was shameful as prime minister couldn't answer a question at open press conference and select to escape away

Zack Mahmood
Zack Mahmood "This is not your country, you should not be here". What kind of answer was that? Either a stupid Siput Babi or a Stupid UMNO machai.

Muhd Haikal
Muhd Haikal Takkan Pahlawan Bugis takut nak jawab soalan, journalist bukan ajak lawan pedang pun ..
Nmpk sgt bukan darah pahlawan tapi darah perawan ..

Rushin Dass
Rushin Dass Thank you for coming here and helping us

Tan Kean Kiat
Tan Kean Kiat the white shirt guy was trying to make a fool of himself and succeeded...