Friday, 4 May 2018

A PUNJABI with a potato on his head....

A note from Sowaran Virik to me...sharing it with you guys...he writes from the heart!
Forgive ME for my intrusion - I as an adik of yours wants to share my thoughts with YOU my ABANG and maybe you as MY abang can fine tune and rephrase for I am in full time work and training new staff and when off work sleep less and spend a LOT of time following/commenting Malaysian GE-14 .
Elder Brother Hussein I am 61 years of age - live in UK and am an PUNJABI Malaysian who have ZILCH political representation or voice.
During my growing UP days in 1960-7+ ish and in my short life during the time I experience MAY 13 in 1969 and it was SCARY for I was a very POOR COWHERD of age 12 years at the time who had to on his father;s instruction ensure the cows be grazed even though there was a CURFEW set by the GOVERNMENT in POWER om MAY 1969 . 
I was in the LINE of fire and facing SOLDIERS with guns who could SHOOT me DEAD for there was a CURFEW and I was out and about,
The soldier's did NOT SHOOT me DEAD for I am still alive TODAY. 
They got their commanding officer to come speak to me. I was 12 years of age then in 1969, I explained to him the commanding officer, my COWS need to graze and they MUST not break into any FARMS that are owned by MALAY/CHINESE/INDIAN FARMLANDS for they are all my neighbors and fellow brother Malaysians.
I was a POOR PUNJABI who had no FARMLAND to graze my COWS . I graze my cows on the fringes of other MALAYSIANS property and I ensure and watch over my HERD of COWS to ensure they GRAZE over FREE LANDS which are NOT MALAY/CHINESE/INDIAN FARMLANDS.
This commanding officer in 1969 May 13 told me to lie LOW and stay out of sight and assured me that he that he gave instructions to all under his command NOT to SHOOT me a 12 old male PUNJABI with a potato on his head. I had a PUNJABI boy potato like on my head at the time.
I as a 12 years old lived through CURFEW and am still ALIVE today to share /relate my experience what it was then at the TIME post MAY 13 1969 elections. 
GE-14 09-05-2018 is now again seen as / reminder of a repeat of MAY 13 1969 and the CHINESE/INDIANS despite the FACT they all LOATHE/ HATE BN/UMNO they are AFRAID of BN/UMNO for BN/UMNO could do a SECOND MAY13 /1969 repeat .
GE-14 would be hard for PH to win , I want PH to win. I believe BN will again STEAL GE-14 for IDIOT Malaysian 
VOTERS fed on BN DEDAK and others WHO FEAR BN will still VOTE for BN .
THAT will GIVE BN/UMNO a WIN in GE-14 . I will when GE-14 results are called would make some important PERSONAL life changing decisions. I fucking hate BN/UMNO - no if's or but's.

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