Wednesday, 11 April 2012

UMNO/BN Reprise. Lest we Forget!

The time has come for the great but corrupt, the mighty but low life dregs of society and the powerful but despicable UMNO politicians of our land to bow and scrap their knees on the floor as they go cap in hand to the non-Malays to ask, beg and where necessary buy, their votes in readiness of the 13th general elections. UMNO knows the Malay votes are no longer solidly behind them. UMNO knows the balance lies with the others. So let us now watch how these self appointed paragons of the Malays go seek the non Malay votes.

That Din guy will have to sheath his manhood….errr I mean his Keris. That guy from Titiwangsa will have to eat humble pie and admits that he does need the non Malay votes after all – if not for himself then for UMNO and BN. Our DPM will have to put his hand up again this time to tell anybody who will listen that he is a Malaysian first. All the bluster at the recent UMNO gathering will be quietly put aside and in its place will emerge the UMNO politician that fights for 1Malaysia, that talks about land given for Chinese Schools, about land given for Indian Temples and initiatives made to recognize the Orang Asli as the real Bumiputra of this land. This same UMNO politician will talk about 1Malaysia and about their vision of the people in East Malaysia being as developed as West Malaysia and about East Malaysia having what is their fair share of their State resources to be used for their own development. Everything that has to be said will be said, everything that has to be done will be done and everything that has to be promised will be promised! Put back UMNO into Government and all will be well. And if you believe that then you believe that the foxes have a vested interest in the well being of the chicken even as they stalk the chicken coop in the dead of night!

Eating humble pie for UMNO politicians comes with the territory. It is work they undertake with enthusiasm because it is an opportunity to show to the public their ‘other’ side. The other side that they roll out when they need to do so. Play bombastically to the gallery when in PWTC in front of a Malay UMNO crowd – talk contrition and reconciliation when on a Chinese TV talk show. Promise a no stone unturned investigation over the death of Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Aminurasyid and Sarbani and then stone walled your way to a conclusion that say NFC (No Further action) required! Let the Sultan understand in no uncertain terms that UMNO is the hand that feeds them and then roll them out to do UMNO’s bidding as the 13th general election nears. 

Now how does UMNO intend to overcome this terrible and dismal record of abuse and mismanagement in government for 53 years? Three words. Melayu. Islam and Sultans. They have Perkasa to beat the drums in a tempo that they hope the Malays will march to. So far all Perkasa has is a self appointed General – Berahim – without an army. A toothless tiger who loves his own shadow much too much think of anything else. The Malays are not following him in droves….not even a platoon does he have to march to.

Melayu: While this can be the saviour for UMNO for now it is more likely to be a bummer! Disappointment would be too kind a word to describe UMNO’s reaction to the lack of critical mass within the Malay population to support UMNO – it would be more apt to say that the pendatangs, the mamaks and the new found ‘Melayu’ within the ranks of UMNO will have to be UMNO’s vote bank for now.     

Islam: Despite the attempt to whip up mass hysteria against potential Christian conversions of Muslims into Infidels the only significant episode so far that has generated any debate and interest amongst us all was the appointment of a Muslim as head of a Catholic  School –which much to soon resulted in a back down by the Ministry of Education who admitted a faux de pas in making the first appointment – and replaced said first appointment with an appropriate appointment approved by the Christians themselves.

Sultans? The only thing worth mentioning on this was the emergence of the Sultan of Sulu. Need I say anymore?

I watch all this with fascination. Is this what you have to do as a politician – an UMNO politicians? For what rewards? Money and power? Much money and much power? How much? Millions and many billions? RM$10 million penthouses? Hermes handbags? Numbers with so many naughts after them that it blows your mind away! Welcome to UMNO land! Welcome to a world where murder and mayhem abounds. Where Petronas is where you go to for your spending money and the EPF is for your petty cash. Yearly budget allocations for the various Ministries are just small change to be distributed amongst the faithfuls and ‘orang kita and sahabats’ that makes up the numbers within Barisan Nasional. And all this UMNO do at will. We have given them the political power to do so!

Should not all this be stopped? Should we not say enough at this 13th general election and give political power to Pakatan Rakayt and allow them to do their work for five years and see what happens? Or at the very least we need another 12th general election tsunami that puts into place a balance of power between government and the opposition that will once and for all establish a system that will keep those political bastards honest! The possibility excites me and yet fills me with trepidation in case our people make the wrong choices as to who should represent them in parliament. So think and think well. This would be the mother of all elections in the short history of our nation and you will decide its outcome – good or bad.

After the election we want to see all these arrogant politicians arrogant no more. We want to see those who have become wealthy by plundering our nation’s coffers are wealthy no more. And we want each and every bastard that have taken anything that is not their due from the Rakyat’s money be held accountable for the wrong they have done while holding the trust placed upon them while in public office. No revengeful pursuit of those that have done wrong – we will just allow the wheels of justice to move along at a steady pace to dispense justice as it should have done (but did not!) in all these years of BN rule.     

And then we will sit and watch Pakatan Rakyat do government. And woe betide Pakatan Rakayt if they should stray from the path they have promised to take – open, accountable and responsible government. No more, no less.

This is just a short piece to remind you that as the momentum gathers towards the 13th general election we must not forget our work for change. Do not take your eye off the ball – keep it focus on our matalamat –our end! Change for the better! ABU!