Sunday, 6 May 2018


The dying throes, knows
The broken trust
The defective promise
The crushing of conscience
The bleeding struggle 
The dancing in desolation 
The trembling beast 
The denial of doubt
The dregs of defeat
The darkness before dawn

The dying throes knows
The end of times
The fake bravado
The opulent servants 
The creed of greed
The obsessive oppression 
The obscene entitlement 
The nation stripped
The drama of deceit 
The shackled silence
The awakening light

The dying throes, sees
The way proposed
The dungeons of doom
The tombs of innocence
The womb of freedom
The cowards exposed
The treachery of trust
The absence of shame
The gladiators grief 
The purpose in pain
The flight of fear
The meaning of honour 
The seeds  of salvation 

The dying throes,feels
The pebbles of defiance 
The arrows of aches
The shattering of shields
The reclamation of rights
The sorrow that sings 
The rivers of hope
The bridging of differences
The redemption of equality 
The vision of oneness
The priceless prayer of lives
The poems of passion
The written dreams
The parchments of peace

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