Sunday, 6 May 2018

Voltaire : Journey's End.

The journey of sixty years is at an end
We have to formalise with each of 
Our votes the finalisation of the Obituary 
Of UMNO and its coalition partners.
No resuscitative attempts are proposed
On diagnosis of chronic heart failure
No CPR either as medical protocol 
Is clear for those brain dead.
There will be no last rites
Your votes are their last rites.

We don’t need to expand any
Amount of money on a wake
No funeral procession
Dress not in bitter black or dark blue
Wear the brightest smile 
Cloth yourself in colourful attire
Put on your dancing shoes
Eat and drink the finest
Forget about tomorrow for a little while 

No eulogy or tributes need
Be rendered or tendered
The parting is of plunderers
The loosing is of looters
The goodbye is of liars and losers

For pity’s account and 
And vestige of humanity
And pittance of decency
Let heads not their roll from
The cruel guillotine may seductively 
Sing enticingly as it did for
Louis XV1 and Marie Antoinette 
Spare them as they are of use
As Jesters ,clowns, buffoons 
And jackass offering respite and
Relive for trials and tribulations 

Allow Loyalty, royalty and cronies 
To pay last respect to the carcass
To lay plastic wreaths and
Shed rich tears, waste not, collect 
Each drop in Nero’s goblet of trauma
Spill not the toxic poison 
Of such liquid on fear of Ebola
On such tragic parting
Crocodiles may lament 
On abilities loss of talent
That there exist man who can 
Outperform and outcry them.

No Joss sticks
No adieu, no goodbyes
No condolence books
No fragrance of incense 
No prayers of redemption 
No burial in a graveyard- save the environment from the pollutants and contaminants 
  • Incineration 
  • Immolation 
  • Cremation 
Will be quite adequate and convenient -Thank You!

A simple plaque where ashes interned 
May read as follows
The curse that wrought misery 
Upon a nation ,is vanquished 
All that remains as a memory
Of their cruelty, corruption, 
Greed, gluttony and lust is
Ashes and dust 
Those who dare follow 
The dark path- BEWARE!


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