Saturday, 5 May 2018


Tonight my CFA class student mentioned to me that his father factory's Bangla, 10 of them (his father factory has 18 operation workers, 10 Bangla and 8 locals) will go to a place to vote. Each of them will get RM500 per person, one lunch and one dinner. One bus will come over and bring them to a place to vote on next Wednesday. They will be given IC to vote. He said his father said the factory will not close on next Wednesday. They will lock the factory and will not allow these Bangla to vote. Anyone of them absent on next Wednesday, his this month salary will be forfeited. He mentioned to us that next to his father factory got 40 Bangla also get the same offer. The owner will also do the same. The market price is each Bangla will get RM500 (because they can speak Malay), Nepal only can get RM300 (they cannot speak Malay). Ha ha ha! Now I know why next Wednesday is a public holidays. Another CFA students, she got worried already because her factory got 500-600 Bangla workers. She is the FC there.

Fwd msg👇🏼
My colleague’s wife is helping out as a polling agent. So latest information is that on the day the election, EC people are going to say that your name is not listed to vote. And the EC website will not be accessible at that point of time. So it’s best to print out a few copies of your particulars as per the EC page and bring along. Pls take note. TQ

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