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Must read and share immediately please...

A word to all our friends in Pakatan Harapan and viral to all your friends. Please DO NOT celebrate if Pakatan wins the 14th General Election irrespective of how happy most of us will be. Firstly we must remember BN are sore losers. Secondly, it will give BN and supporters the opportunity to create chaos and will give the caretaker PM a golden opportunity to declare an Emergency where the PM will continue to rule on that pretext for an underdetermined time frame. Thirdly we must think of the supporters who are living in the outskirts. Their lives will be in danger and they will be targets of racial killings and rioting like setting fires to their houses. Forthly let all win with dignity and to bring the masses to support the new Government. Lastly we all know BN caretakers are NOT ready to give up power and being poor losers we do not know what they will or can do. The Army and Armed Forces should remain neutral but past racial riots did not give us that confidence. All should play the moderation card and celebration can wait once Putrajaya is safely secured and the police and army are under control. Please share with all Pakatan members. Winning is meaningless if the situation gets out of control. This is the Pakatan Harapan plea to all and lets bring some sanity to the highly voltile atmosphere we will be in. Share immediately for all our safety. Past experience should be a lesson to all of us.

If Pakatan Harapan wins, celebrate un your home with your family and children, in prayer, love and thanksgiving.


steadyaku47 comment : 

I am sure most of you would have got the above "extremely important message" with the request that "Must read and share immediately please".  And so did I a few days back. I have not posted same on my FB or in steadyaku47 because I had my druthers from the very first time the message was forwarded to me.

Let me share my thoughts on this here : 

Pakatan Harapan, our Pakatan Harapan....will win GE14. Of this I have no doubt at all !!! 

Why should we not celebrate ? Why should we not dance in the streets? All Malaysians, especially those who have done their share in making this sweetest of victories possible, should come out onto the streets of K Hell and anywhere else they may be, and rejoice! We celebrate the ending of a corrupt and arrogant regime. We must cheer the end of GST. We should loudly request that Pakatan Harapan first make sure that Mr and Mrs Idiot will not leave the country for parts unknown. We should march to Seri Perdana and camp outside to make sure those two will be there when the Police comes to arrest them. We should march to the AG's office. March to Irwan Seregar's Office. March to Felda, Tabung Haji and all the other dedak infested statutory and government departments where we will demand that PDRM arrest the corrupt officials there. All this we will do and more because we have taken back our country from these penyagak and penyamun and we want them to understand that their day of reckoning has come. 

Yes I know that BN are sore losers but what can BN do as they have already lost government?

What can BN do when hundreds of thousand of Malaysian, if not millions, are on the streets of Malaysia celebrating their downfall? Are they going to instruct the Police to maintain law and order? Are they going to call in the Army to restore calm amongst the population? 

They may do so...but common sense tells us that when Malaysians are on the streets in the hundreds of thousands if not Police or Soldier will want to do anything to upset these Malaysians....what more arrests them! 

And as I have said in a previous article....May 13 will not happen again simply because there will be more then enough Malays who will stand up against any attempt to start a May 13th cannot happen because this time it will be a riot of Malays against Malays. And that my friend is NOT going to happen! 

So why would anyone want to write that "EXTREMELY IMPORTANT MESSAGE, FOR OUR SAFETY!!" ?

Let me tell you why!

When the streets of K Hell and the other urban and rural areas are empty because Malaysian are worried that the situation will "gets out of control"....that means if the Idiot and his cohorts wants to play their last trump card....declare an emergency and deploy the police and the Army to "restore law and order"....would it not be easier to do so when the streets are empty and everybody is at home?

Would it not be easier for the Police and Army to "restore law and order" when there is nobody on the streets and everybody is at protests, no halangan by the Rakyat to what they want to do....and no one to hinder them doing the illegal and unlawful order of a defeated BN? Just a few hundred Policemen and Soldiers would be needed to do that...not the thousands of policemen and soldiers needed if the Rakyat are all out on the streets celebrating our win!!!

Think about this bothers and sisters because I have given plenty of thought as to whether I should or should not write this and share my thoughts with you guys!

I think that message is fake. I think it's intent is suspect. And I think the other side....those who wants to hang on to political power at all costs even after they have been voted out by the majority of Malaysian...I think the other side has viralled the above message to frighten Malaysians to stay indoors and NOT celebrate  a victory they so deserved. They do so in the hope that there are enough elements in PDRM and the Tentera who will do their biddings in their attempts to hold on to power at all costs.

These are my would have to work out the pro and cons of the above message yourselves. ...but this I know....if we have enough Malaysian on our streets...there is nothing Mr and Mrs Idiot or that Mr Sultan down South (who also have his own army...ahem ahem !!!) can do to take back  an Election they have already lost.

Lawan Mesti Lawan, Lawan Sampai Menang!

I rest my case.

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