Saturday, 5 May 2018

Selamat Pagi Malaysia

Selamat Pagi Malayisa. 9.23 am Saturday morning. My Nescafe is made and waiting my first sip. I am still hobbling around the house for my gout is still with me but I no longer need my walking stick this morning. Have done all my morning housework...clean the dishes and the kitchen too. Folded up the dry towels and clothes. Worked out mentally what the meals will be for today. Sat down for about 30 mins to "chill" and be ready for "work" on this FB, steadyaku47 and the various sites that Malcom has set up for me to ensure that I am able to share what I write and the messages and the thoughts you guys sent me about all the things happening to Malaysia today, on the Public Domain via these sites....and I am now ready to rock and roll here. 
And most heartening of all ...I came across this phrase from one of the many comments made on my FB...LAWAN SAMPAI MENANG !!!

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