Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Tony, Air Asia, Najib and GE14

"had a chat with someone of the legal team in AA. It is an Air Asia X plane. Paint cost RM100k. Air Asia paid RM800k for man hours. Brand deliberately removed. Its to fly 39 people. and this paint will only be on for 24 hours. Tomorrow, it will go back to its regular Air Asia paint. Why this is, no one knows. but Tony approved it. Plane has departed"....quote !

And now everybody can decide if they want to Fly Air Asia after GE 14.

You wonder why, right?
Well, Tony got to keep the RM150 million in Passenger Service Charges owed to MAHB for years and then get RM60 million discount after that.
Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad MAHB is a GLC which is owned by people of Malaysia. 
So not only Tony got to roll the money, he could earn interest and then got to pay MAHB 40% less.
So the Malaysian people got cheated out of RM60 million plus interest of RM12320 (@3%) per day for 2 years equivalent to RM9.3 million.

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