Tuesday, 8 May 2018


"I urged the fellow Malaysians to vote base on FACTS." Tony Fernandes

Yes Tony Fernandes. I vote based on FACTS and I HOPE YOU TOO!
1. 2.6 billion ringgit in PM's personal account claimed as donation from Saudi - only idiots like you will believe. 
2. A housewife with NO INCOME but can afford to buy million dollars jewelries, designer handbags, luxury watches - only lucky woman like your korean wife can afford.
3. Million of graduates are JOBLESS - Not everyone works in AirAsia.
4. Rakyat suffered from HIGH LIVING COST - Not everyone can afford a luxury wedding in PARIS.
5. 50 years of INDEPENDENCE with no REAL DEMOCRACY - fake news law to turn around the truth.
6. Corruption has become a NORM - the I help you, you help me rules.
8. Racial tension surging under UMNO - leaders who openly promote hatred.
9. Public fund and people's money are being abused - used it as if their own money.
10. Public Health care benefit is withdrawn - health care budget cut, nurse who works 12 hours a day make less than a foreign worker.
11. Country losing talents to the world - smart, intelligent Malaysians working abroad to compete against their own country.
12. Sitting Ministers with no ACADEMIC qualifications - finance minister who knows nothing about finance, education Minister who knows nothing about education.
And I can go on and on.... 
NOW, tell me the FACTS on how you vote.

Cannot handle the heat. Everything ripped off after photography

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