Saturday, 5 May 2018

Voltaire on Medusa

One man’s deceptions and deviations have destroyed a nation
How powerful this man be?

One man’s nauseating love for an unchaste obscene nefarious strutting peacock of this one woman whom  he alone worships,  and sees as a jaw dropping, and an eye popping ravishing beauty of the mythical legendary Helen of Troy stature, notwithstanding her shape and her unholy obsession with diamonds, bags, dresses and hairdos which has bafflingly paralysed the common sense and decency of 
  • A husband who is grovelling, crawling and pandering to her every whims and fancies on her witches brew concoction filled cauldron steaming with corruption, lies greed, murder and avarice.
  • A cabinet enticed by this Medusa who has hardened their hearts to marble with her virtuous graze.
  • A party and its coalition partners kissing the hand of Divinity
  • A vast number of institutions and their heads swooning over the shadow of this confounding beauty, intoxicated by the whiff of her charms and the odour of fermented betterment in the breath of this sow

How did this one woman entice and seduce him to so easily to such treasonous, treacherous conduct in betraying a Nation? 

How very powerful this one woman in excess of the most powerful man who is nothing more than a powerless eunuch, plaything  and a mere toy in her toy land they call Seri Perdana! 

Now if there is a violation without conviction or explanation and a premonition without reason of  of them being repulsive, repugnant, revolting and a reprehensible nightmare in our lives for another unendurable five years, we could  just vote them out and show them what real power is and who has the real power!


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