Monday, 2 April 2012

After ABU what is next for PR?

I think the time has come for us to look at where Pakatan Rakyat is heading. But before anyone starts plunging their knives into my back for being a turncoat or even worse, a traitor to the cause of ABU, I want to state categorically and without any reservations whatsoever that I am for CHANGE! But I am not for NEGATIVITY!

It is time we stop asking people to CHANGE for the sake of changing. ANYTHING BUT ABU is a fantastic and all encompassing slogan that succinctly tells us what we all want. But it has become the excuse that too many people are using to not vote UMNO and Barisan Nasional. The focus seems to shift to UMNO and BN and why we should not vote UMNO and BN – the corruption, the plundering and pillaging of our nations coffers, the arrogance, the abuse of executive powers by those holding high public office – all valid reasons for not allowing them to hold government any longer. In emphasizing these failings by UMNO and BN the focus shifts away from Pakatan Rakyat. Away from whether Pakatan Rakyat is ready for government. Away from whether the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat are ready to lead this nation of ours. Away from what we are letting ourself in for when we have a Pakatan Rakyat government in Putrajaya.

I am sure this is not a deliberate ploy by Pakatan Rakyat to prevent us from scrutinizing their readiness to be in government but nevertheless it is negative politics. Why not Pakatan Rakyat now tells us why we should vote them into government? I am sure it is just not because the price of petrol and essentials food items will be fair. Nor should it only be because they have promised us open, accountable and responsible government. I want to know how they intend to achieve these promises. I want to know who amongst the Pakatan Rakyat leaders will be Ministers? Who will be Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister? What will be the criteria for these appointments? We want only the best to be in government. We want Pakatan Rakyat to now give us good reasons to choose ANYTHING BUT UMNO! Why we should choose PKR, DAP and PAS instead of UMNO. We all want ABU, we all want change. Now Pakatan Rakyat must tell us that they are the one we want to be in government instead of UMNO and BN because…………………………….(please Pakatan Rakyat, please fill in the blanks!)

All of us have been very vocal in saying ABU, ABU and ABU over and over again. Can Pakatan Rakyat please now step on to the podium and tell us all why they are the one we want! Pakatan Rakyat must now tell us that all is well within the coalition. They must tell us that PKR, PAS and DAP are ready for battle at the 13th general election and if the GODS are kind to them, Pakatan Rakyat will win government.

But today I hear too much about the problems within PR that threatens this coalition. Too much talk about PKR being the problem child within PR. Too much talk about whether Kit Siang and Hadi will accept DSAI as the designated leader and probable Prime Minister of our nation should PR win the 13th general elections. Too much questions being asked about so many things happening within PR. Why is Zaid Ibrahim contesting against PAS in Kota Baru when he has said that he is within PR. Why can’t PAS and Zaid work things out? Why is there so much negative things being said on the Internet about the problems within PR states and with PR politicians by OUR people?  Too much loose talk about racial politics even as the potential candidates starts jockeying for position as the selection process for candidates to represent the parties within PR starts. We want PR to walk the talk NOW.

No more mindless slogan shouting of ABU! ABU! ABU! Now we want you tell us why we should vote for Pakatan Rakyat. I do not want to choose PR by default – i.e. because there is nobody else to choose if we want ABU. The same reason everybody seems to be giving for having DSAI as leader of PR and PM designate – by default – because there is no better else better. It may be that there is no body else better – but surely we do not want that! We want to choose PR and DSAI because they are the best possible choices for our people and for our country! Is that not the right thing to do?  

We want PR to be in government because they deserve to be in government. We want DSAI to be leader of the opposition and PM designate because he deserves to be so. So please PR …can you fill in the blanks NOW?