Thursday, 5 April 2012

Common Good. Common Goal. This we still lack.

Raw Political Power in the hands of those who have no need of it themselves will be used for the good of the many. That same Power in the hands of those who has need of it to serve their own selfish purpose benefits only a few at the expense of the many. This is the situation that now exists in Malaysia where raw political power is in the hands of a few Malays who uses that power to benefit them!

We are familiar with the likes of Idi Amin, Mubarak, Saddam, Ceicescu, Ben Ali, Suharto, Mugabe and now sadly for our country, Mahathir and UMNO.

Why we have allowed UMNO and this Mahathir to
abuse our country, its people, its resources and impose their will over everything Malaysian will be discussed, dissected and understood probably many years from now when we are dead and gone.

Our need now for change is more immediate.

UMNO and Mahathir is the very personification of what harm raw political power in the hands of irresponsible and self-serving political elites can do to any country. We are the living example of it all. Corruption, insane amounts of illegal wealth, abuse of executive power are all there to be gaped at and suffer under by all of us.       

The arrogance of UMNO political leaders lost in their sense of self-importance that you see happening around you now is the use and abuse of that raw political power by UMNO. Political power is use to maintain the political elites in power, in wealth and in isolation from the very people they govern. An isolation that numbs the ruling elites from the growing contempt the masses have for them. A contempt that is breed out of decades of neglect and an acute sense of betrayal from the Malays that first gave them political power.   

Here I may be stating the obvious but it is Malaysian that gave them that power and it is the same Malaysian that must now take it away from them.

I believe in the strength of the individual Malaysian to decide their fate after the 13th general election. We must recall the results of the last two general elections that we have had.

The 11th general election saw Pak Lah leading UMNO/Barisan Nasional into its biggest victory in its history and yet this same Pak Lah led UMNO into its biggest defeat at the 12th general election!

What made the difference were the Malaysian electorates. They understood that Pak Lah had failed to deliver what he promised. For that failure the Malaysian people voted for the opposition in numbers large enough to cause BN to lose five states to the opposition.

Let us for a moment forget the political rhetoric. Forget the gutter politics used by both side. Forget the venomous recrimination hurled by the politicians, the bloggers and by everyone that matters against each other.

Let us say that the dust has settled and we are now on polling day of the 13th general election. What do you think the voters will do? Not the thousands of committed Barisan Nasional votes and not the thousands of die hard Pakatan Rakyat voters….I am talking about the million of voters that use common sense and a sense of duty to country, race and religion to decide who they should endorse as their representatives. Tell me brothers and sisters…….will these millions endorse change? Will these millions want change? Will these millions take a chance on change after what happened in the 11th and 12th general elections?


Not the banter that passes for political discourses over the net between you and me. Not the numerous theories of conspiracies and collusion that has been opined by almost anyone that matters about this blogger and that blogger. Neither the expose nor the various accusations of abuse within state and federal government hurled at both side of the political divides. All this the people will read, listen and hear –and then decide for themselves who is right and who is wrong. Then they will vote!

Like the 11th general election they voted for Pak Lah because he promised change. The people were wrong!

Like the 12th general election they voted against Pak Lah because there was no change – and in lieu of no change they gave Pakatan Rakyat a mandate to bring about change.

And now as the 13th general election nears, Pakatan Rakyat has to ask itself if they have brought about the change that they people wanted!

In Penang maybe – elsewhere “NO!”. And in between what has happened in PKR, in Selangor, Kedah and Perak augers ill for Pakatan Rakyat. So you tell me what our millions of voters will do when they vote at this 13th general election?

Penang is a Chinese state. The millions of voter who are in the majority are Malays! NO my friends I am NOT bringing up the race card again – I AM JUST STATING A FACT!  What do you think these Malay voters will do?

And this is why my friends in the time we have left just yelling ABU is not going to do it for Pakatan Rakyat! Just telling the electorates that they must give Pakatan Rakyat a chance at Putrajaya is not goint to convince them to vote PR. Just having bloggers who forsake everything to support ABU and Pakatan Rakyat unconditionally will never be enough. The voters want more.  

We have a few months left to convince the millions of voters out there that if they vote for Pakatan Rakyat then there WILL be change. To think otherwise demeans the intelligence of the voters that will cast their votes on polling day because they have shown us that they do think about what their votes will or will not do to their country and their future.

You and I can banter and argue for as long as we like but it would serve no other purpose then to bolster our sense of self-importance and righteousness. What matters is those who read what we write understand that we mean well – that we are open and responsible in our comments – and that we will side with those who are right! That we are against those who do wrong no matter who they are! And that when necessary we are willing to change to make what is wrong into a right.

And that is why I write they way I do. More focussed on ideas and what is right and what is wrong rather then to descend into gutter expose that is negative and without positive any outcome unless it seeks to define certain wrongs committed by our political elites. It is wrong that Najib talks about thrift and economy when Rosmah does otherwise. It is wrong for DSAI to talk about doing good on the national level when matters within his own party still needs to be attended to. 

I do not know who reads what I write. What I do know is that those who read what I write is hardly a drop in the ocean of those who surf the net. It is zilch! Naught! But I do keep on writing because I have something to say about all that is happening in Malaysia. Yes I am far away from home. Yes I am not able to feel the heartbeat of our nation but my heart beats for the future of our country and for the battlers amongst you all that do what you can to try and make that difference for all of us. Let me be one of you!

This is what our country now lacks. A sense of togetherness, a common purpose, and solidarity built out of common goals and a wish to do common good. And common gaols and common good means everybody! I believe in common good. I believe in a common purpose and a common goal! From where you come from and who you are matters not to me – what matters is where you are heading. There are good people in UMNO and in Barisan Nasional just as there are bad people in Pakatan Rakyat. Good or bad we are one people. You are one. With me we are two! Let us advance and do good for our people, our country and our future!