Wednesday, 20 July 2016

cakap cakap : Budak Clifford Mohamad Abdul Malik.

Ini Budak Clifford cakap....saya tak tau Clifford kat Kuala Lipis or Clifford kat  Kuala Kangsar....but he talks sense.

Mohamad Abdul Malik ·

We have so many reports, so many political analysis, and of course so many self proclaimed analyst giving their take on the current political situation. 
It has become an obssession to most of them now to dish out rubbish. But the glaring fact was that most of the reports and analysis turns out to be just that. An analysis not worth commenting on. 
Najib is supposed to be arrested and prosecuted more than 2 years ago according to them? They were talking about the French issuing a warrant against him. But wasn't he still the PM now? And surely the whole world should not just rely on Sarawak Report to produce the 'evidence' against Najib and 1MDB. 
What is the US doing? Switzerland, Hongkong, Britain, etc, etc. 
This countries were supposed to be investigating Najib and 1MDB. What were all of them doing all those while? If Sarawak Report alledgely has the evidence surely those Governments were in a more strong position to prosecute Najib. But they have not. Why? Or were all those Heads of Governments bought over by Najib with 'dedak'?