Tuesday, 19 July 2016

cakap cakap....Zahid PM by year end?

It's almost 12.50 AM here in Melbourne.

Just ten minutes ago I received a call via Whatsapp from a sahabat from the days when we often meet at that hotel from across PWTC whose name escapes me this very moment. There, many a time, over lunch or high tea we discussed the goings on in PWTC before and after those meetings of the criminal elites of Umno. He now counts himself among the sahabats around Zahid Hamidi. 

In the last few months we have been tracking the progress...or should I say the fall and fall....of Najib Razak. 

This friend of mine is an experienced operator on the ground level with enough intelligence to work smart and understands where his loyalties would be most appreciated. We "talk" often and long on politics and even though I do consider him a good friend for over a decade, he is not past using me to "leak" what he wants to "leak" in the hope that I will write about it in my blog for the advantage of his present "boss". This is a game we both play and as those of you familiar with "leaks" from within Umno's or Putrajaya will need to do your own leg work to authenticate what you are being told.  

So with that caveat let me tell you what he wants me to write in my blog.

He tells me that Zahid will be Prime Minister by year end. This 2016 year end. Not in the manner that Najib took over from Pak Lah. Not in the manner that Pak Lah took over from Mahathir. Nor will Zahid force Najib out of office. He tells me that Najib wants out and he and Zahid have agreed that the end of 2016 is a good time to end the Najib era.

What can go wrong for Zahid ?

If the alternative party being put together by Mahathir results in an exodus of Umno members to the new political entity in numbers that can gochang Umno's criminal elites....then all bets are off. 

If this happens, then Umno will, in all probability, lose the general election in two years time....and Najib knows that any deals he makes with Zahid now will not be honored....and he will leave himself to the mercy of an incoming Pakatan Harapan government. 

In this scenario Najib sees his best chances to enjoy the ill gotton gains of his political career in retirement would be for him to remain at the helm of Umno while considering all his options rather than to have Zahid be the one to decide his fate.   

I told him that "YES" I will write about this tonight before I go to sleep and post it on my blogs as soon as I finished it....with the caveat I mentioned earlier because I wanted you all to understand where I was coming from in this story...for it is still just a story for now. At this hour of the night - close to 2 AM Melbourne time and with Malaysia three hours behind...  I am not yet able to verify the truth of all this...but as I have done in the past, I write as I see it....and it is up to you to decide what part of the story you want to believe and what part you want to discard. 

As for me....sleep is on my mind. And so to sleep.