Friday, 22 July 2016

Kalai Selvan has something he wants to get off his chest...

I'm just puzzled with what's happening and need to get this out of my chest.

A foreign country noticed large amount of money using it's financial route and was used to purchase personal assets (high end condos, yatch, jet) and for gambling. They found the trail to one of a company fully owned by Goverment of Malaysia which was controlled by MOF and the chairman is the Finance Minister who also happened to be the PM. 

This leads to the foreign Country's DOJ to say that our (Malaysian) people's money has been embezzled and used by few individuals (2 are Malaysian nationals) as their personal pocket money. The amount is not small amount.

The respond from our Goverment, this nothing to do with our country (they equate the country with the PM) and only got to do with the 3 accused by the foreign country. 

What about the accusation that Malaysia's public fund and people's money being embezzled. Isn't this something to look at especially when the accusation comes from another country. aren't our AG, MACC, BNM interested to look at the evidence and accusation. If not right correct the accusation and perception.

What our AG says is that there is no evidence and everything is OK (without even looking). At least if he says "we will contact the US DOJ and look at the evidences and decide action accordingly" it is OK.

As a public and citizen of this country who pays tax, I'm concern somebody is using our money to buy very expensive things and living lavishly outside this country. They don't even pay GST or any local tax for their lavish live style. If the people in position involved, this is treason and they don't even hesitate to sell our country.

I know many have lost hope with our leadership but I'm writing this with hope we can still stand with our heads up.