Monday, 11 July 2016

Quickies : 2nd most Corrupt Country have most corrupt PM?

(Featured image source) In a recent article published by TIMES on the 5 Facts…

Steven TP Lau says : ....... Rubbish report. Not possible. Sue them!

steadyaku47 comment : Can I, with much vigor and enthusiasm, echo that call by a fellow Malaysian, Steven TP Lau, that some one...any one....the Fat one with the fetish for Hermes handbags.....the one who is the Bugis Warrior.....the one with three Jobs and good at frying nasi goreng....the one with the non-halal kidney......any one of them should rubbish that report and sue someone for rating Malaysia as the 2nd most corrupt country in the world!


Because we have THE MOST CORRUPT PRIME MINISTER in the World ...and that takes precedent over being the 2nd Most Corrupt Country in the World!