Thursday, 14 July 2016

Quickies : Malaysia's Finest! (NOT!)

Capo di tutti capi aka head and shoulders above everyone else in Cabinet, in government, in Seri Perdana...above any one in Putrajaya (Prime Minister included!) aka the Flying Hippo. 
No photos suitable for public viewing available!

Imbecile Numero Uno and Wife to Flying Hippo.

Tempeh Seller...would be Prime Minister (so he thinks!)

The Confused Dingbat

The Loony Halfwit Counterfeit Tengku

The "I decide" Head of Immigration

Khalid Abu Bakar (@KBAB51) | Twitter 

No suitable photo avaliable! Above photo posed by Bangladeshi gratis.


 The "Berani Mati Nothing to Lose" idiot, blockhead, dolt, dumbbell, fool, simpleton, halfwit & mentally defective loser.



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