Friday, 1 July 2016

This is Greed Killing!

This is greed killing.


Atan Abdul Aziz
Atan Abdul Aziz : Dia lah Hero.

Momtaz Ahmad
Momtaz Ahmad : I wonder how many are pregnant and do you have to kill such beautiful animals to satisfy your stomachs? It's disgusting act and where is Perhilitan to stop such massacare of our protected animals.

Ben Othman Othman
Ben Othman Othman : B*****tards ni tak ada duit nak beli daging di pasar ke?

Ali Hashim
Ali Hashim : Apa ni pesta membunuh ke?

Roslan Mohamad
Roslan Mohamad : Ambil yg perlu jee. Jgn tamak Allah marah.

Momtaz Ahmad
Momtaz Ahmad : I felt so disgusted seeing this picture,a slaughter of beautiful creatures lying dead;are they starving to death that they have to kill 10 deers?

Momtaz Ahmad
Momtaz Ahmad : If I am not wrong,3 yellow ones are Kijangs and the rest barking deers

Ahmad Fuad Sulaiman
Ahmad Fuad Sulaiman : Kalau tiada permit yg sah...semua bolih didakwa...

Mohd Arshad Hj Ahmad
Mohd Arshad Hj Ahmad : Tamak nak mampos