Friday, 3 February 2017

cakap cakap : anwar, kit siang and mahathir

I am trying to come to terms with the reality that we as Malaysians and this country of ours as a nation....that we are all counting on two Malays and a Chinese - Mahathir is 91, Anwar Ibrahim is 70 and Lim Kit Siang is 75 do the right thing by all of us so that a corrupt and arrogant Umno led BN government will finally end their swindling days in Putrajaya come the next general election.

I am not saying that there are not many others who are committed to achieve the same ends but it is these three that are leading the way. It is these three that are now trying to put into being a united opposition against Umno and it is through these three that we will succeed or fail against Umno in the next general election.

I will be 70 this year. I have Hernia, Gout and possible Renal problems on the horizon.  I cannot bend down to pick anything on the ground without the act being accompanied by groans and a mind that keeps reminding me that bending down and many other physical efforts, are no longer things I should do or can do. 

Anwar Ibrahim is in Sungai Buloh. How, at 71 he copes with life inside Sungai Buloh will surely be only a matter of conjecture for all of us....he has to live it. But we know he will prevail. 

Lim Kit Siang is some one I do not think too much of. Why? He is dependable. He is pragmatic. In all things politics, he has never let me down. True he is a Chinese and as a Malay my natural instincts is to be wary of Chinese bearing gifts but the best way I can describe LKY is simply this "ini orang kita". He did not let down Anwar when he brought DAP into the coalition and he will not let Mahathir and Anwar down now when the three of them are in a coalition against Umno. His motives, his "nawaitu" is the least of my worries...he is a good man to have by your side in good times and bad times.

Mahathir is a given. He is focussed to a fault. His matalamt is to get najib razak and all that najib represents, out of politics in Malaysia. If that requires him to work with Anwar Ibrahim. He will. If that requires him to sit at the same table as Lim Kit Siand he will do so. And if that means he has to make his peace with Azizah who holds him personally responsible for the fate she and her family are now in, he will make his peace with her....and he has! Today you see the vintage Mahathir at his most effective. And I am sure once victory at the elections is achieved, Mahathir will undur and take his long deserved retirement gladly. 

It bothers me that a young nation like ours has to depend so much on the old to right the wrong already embedded in so many of our people - especially the Malays - but if we have to depend on the old, I would rather it be Mahathir, Anwar and Lim Kit Siang then any one else.