Saturday, 4 February 2017

cakap cakap...steadyaku47.

Let me share a few things with you guys...all you guys that have been reading what I write for a while. That "a while" could have been for the past one week, the past one month, a year and perhaps even more. And just between you guys and me...when you tell me that you have been reading this blog for years all you do is put pressure on me to write things that will make it worthwhile for you to keep clicking onto my blog! So terima kasih daun keladi ..saya tua tapi kena tulis lagi!

But I digress....

This week I got click number twelve million on my blog....not that anybody cares...but I do. Syiok sendiri ma! 

This blog daily clicks is now averaging at thirty thousand and for all these stats I must thank you guys who take the trouble to stop by this blog and read what I write...and of course from time to time...some of you do take the effort to share what I write with others....and for that effort I say another terima kasih...and kalau boleh please share more often.

And before the ladies get too upset, may I once again reiterate that "guys" refer to the ladies please do not impose a hartal on me for not being gender correct and for not using the term "gals". 

Again I digress.

The reason I am writing this piece is to share a few of my thoughts and my intents in as far as steadyaku47 is concern. 

I started this blog...early 2009...because I had something to say about how OUR country was being governed by a corrupt, a very corrupt, Umno. Today it is still about the same thing and whatever else needed to keep you and me on song. There is cakap cakap, macam macam, LIFE, PSA (Public Service Announcement), Malaysia Hari Ini, Laughter, Quickies and stories about my family, my wife and myself....and MUSIC....plenty of music... for surely music is LIFE. 

And then there are the important stuff...articles and posting on current affairs not only by me but by anyone who I think have wrote anything worth sharing with you guys. Along the way kita selalu hantam that Bugis Warrior and Flying Hippo but only because it is deserved. 

I have had a running battle with the PIG (Police Inspector General - the current one) because my late father was also a police officer and he was never one of those "cari makan" what the PIG does as head of PDRM brings shame to all current and previous police rank and file of which my late father was I will continue to hantam this tweet of an PIG.           

Now to the serious bit....I would like to make this blog more relevant to the times what we are now living in. I have explained recently about how the information about the 1MDB Global Jet in Seletar Airport in Singapore got to was via one of our kawan who lives in Singapore. He thought that he should share what he had with you all....and all I did was to use steadyaku47 for that purpose.


This morning our friend in Singapore sent me this message : 

Pak Hussien just open and read SR posting.

"Woooooow" the story/picture has became very big. I am very proud that it help.
I am giving myself a treat today for this success.
And of course with my wife.
Overnight trip to "BATAM" for horay horay. " " " "

Long story short....we (you and me) need to work together to get out all those interesting bits of news about out politicians and about our country onto the public domain. 

I am trying to build up steadyaku47 to be a good and reliable conduit to do that. Today we are getting about one million clicks a month...we have to maintain that and if possible , improve on it. So if any of you have anything "interesting" about the happenings in Malaysia - past and present - do forward it to this blog...OUR blog. 

my email :

And last but not keep us steady by donating what you can via that "DONATE" Paypal button.....any assist is greatly appreciated.