Thursday, 2 February 2017

Malcolm Turnbull reveals he donated $1.75m to Liberal party

Malcolm Turnbull has revealed he donated $1.75m to the Liberal party, after dodging the question just hours earlier in a speech to the National Press Club in which he said public information should be released “as close to real time as possible”.

“I’ve always been a supporter of the causes I believe in - Lucy and I have always been generous ... because we know we’ve done well in life and believe it’s part of our duty to give back.”
Turnbull said he put his money “into ensuring we didn’t have a Labor government” and unlike Bill Shorten he was not beholden to “left wing unions”.
Addressing his nickname of “Mr Harbourside Mansion”, Turnbull conceded he lived “in a nice house on the water” but said he paid the expenses for, whereas Shorten aspired to live in a taxpayer-funded harbourside mansion.

steadyaku47 comment : That is how it is here in Australia....the Prime Minister donated $1.75million to his party. Enough said!