Wednesday, 8 February 2017


This was followed by another article on the same Jet on Monday, 6 February 2017

Terkini: As of this morning : Monday 6th February : The Jet Global 5000 N689WM is no longer on the tarmac at Seletar Airport, Singapore.

An above is the  plane as it was then - with the registration no N689WM.

Here is the situation as of 5PM this evening, Wednesday, 8th February 2017.

The Jet Global 5000 is back at Selatar Airport but with the Registration Number N689WM painted out. If you look closely at the picture below you can still see the rectangle tell tale mark of new paint still not completely dry, that has been painted over the area where the Jet Registration Number was previously visible  for all to see.   

The next picture shows the same pane being towed into a Hanger belonging to Jet Aviation at Seletar Airport.

And the last picture is of the hanger door being closed hiding the Gloval Jet 5000 which has been bought with money from 1MDB, now hidden away from public view in a hanger belonging to Jet Aviation (an American company) at Seletar Airport 

Now here are the questions we need to ask:

The First Question : 
Has the American Department of Justice taken possession of the plane and instructed Jet Aviation (an American Company) to service the plane, paint over the Registration Number N689WM and have the plane parked in the hanger until a decision is made as to what is to be done to the plane : Either fly the Jet Global to America or hand it over to 1MDB or the Government of Malaysia. 

Next Question:
Did the Government of Singapore instruct Jet Aviation to paint over the Jet Global 5000 registration number? 

If it did so, why? 

Did the government of Singapore do so to spare the Malaysian Government any blushes as public interest over the plane's location intensifies day by day? 
If so why is the government of Singapore doing so?
To use it as a bargaining tool for future "negotiations" between the two countries? 
What are they negotiating now? 
How will that bargaining tool be used to gain any advantage for the Singapore government?
Has it got anything to do with the move by the Malaysian government to reclaim Batu Putih from Singapore?  

Third Question: 
Is the Prime Minister of Singapore doing a favour to the Prime Minister of Malaysia to spare Najib Razak any embarrassment over the use of 1MDB  money to buy that Global 5000 Jet - the Jet that was previously parked on the tarmac at Seletar Airport for every one to see? If so what is the Prime Minister of Singapore expecting in return for doing the favour for Najib Razak.

Fourth Question: 
Why the need to paint over the registration number of the Jet Global 5000? Is there something sinister, illegal or questionable being done involving the Jet Global 5000?

Hanger space at Seletar Airport is at a premium. After they had serviced the said Jet in their hanger in the last week or so, Jet Aviation had parked the plane on the tarmac and left it there. My sources in Singapore provided me with the picture of the plane then and I posted the two article in my blog about the said Jet. The same source has provided me with the above images of the plane and informed me that at around 5 pm this evening, the plane was towed into the hanger, the door was closed and presumably locked, and the Jet Global 500 is now kept away from prying eyes. 

I got the above "news" just a few minutes ago - and in the time that it took for me to write out this story, I am wondering why the Jet Global 5000, with registration number N689WM, bearing Manufacturer's Serial Number 9265, that was bought with money from 1MDB, that is now an aircraft of interest to the American Department of Justice...has got to be kept hidden from public view and parked in a hanger at Seletar Airport at a fairly hefty fee?   

I know I will not get an answer form 1MDB. Nor one from the Malaysian Government or from Najib Razak....maybe the Government of Singapore or the American Department of Justice would care to comment or make a statement to bring some clarity into this matter. 

I rest my case.