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Clare Rewcastle ; THE SCAM

It is now 6.08 am Melbourne..and I got this message from Rasid : "Sarawak report published their version of a story about you." 

Unlike you guys in K Hell, I have no problems getting into SR....and I find out that once again, steadyaku47 is the news and not telling the news. As indicated in my posting yesterday, I was not going to print the following story because I wanted to focus on the matter at hand....getting rid of a corrupt prime minister and his BN regime...but in respond to the SR is the article that I had written yesterday but did not want to print and now will.

The truth of the matter is already known to those that matters to guys and those in K Hell that I have kept informed of what I do, from day one. 

Justo placed his trust in Clare and he got shafted. Ambiga put her trust in Clare, and that trust was abused. Add me now to that list.

 You decide. 

In November 2017, three whistle blower : one working in a Bank, another in a Statutory Body and the third an Umno member, sent me a bundle of documents, about 400 pages, detailing how money was siphoned out of government statutory bodies and channelled into sham investments and projects for the benefit of a few  individuals. They wanted to sell the documents for a lot of money. 

I told Clare Rewcastle (CR) about it, sent her copies of some of those documents (about 75 pages) and asked if she was interested in following through with their requests. This was her reaction:  

October 31st 2017: 
CR : "Tell no one. We have a solution. Hold tight and will call later"

November 28th 2017 
CR :  "Am arriving on Cathy Pacific from HK.But is is very early.07.30am! I would not be out before 9am I don't suppose"

Note : I and Peter Terence D Cruz (who was then in Melbourne) went to pick up Clare from the airport.

December 20th 2017 
CR : "I am trying to get my guys to agree to put the $ as I accept your source needs that protection. But they had misunderstood and thought that it was ringgit"

Note : All along the discussion on money to be paid was in USD, never in ringgit as this whatsapp message from Clare on November 4th 2017 confirms same. : "I thought it was US 500to see all of what is there. Need to know what the story is" After this I ended discussions with Care until she got back to me two weeks later and begun discussions again. This message came from Clare to confirm that the payment will be in UUSD. 

January 14 2018 
CR : "If I can get these guys to put something on the table how do you suggest it would be picked up and at what point and do we see this narrative?"

Again nothing came out of this second promise of money ready to be paid. 

In the third week of January she finally told me that she was unable to raise the money and started to insist that she must expose the story "in the National interest" and that "the people needed to know". I then started the process of trying to raise the funds myself, informing Clare that I will ensure that Sarawak Report will have the story, not any one else. But I told her she must wait until the whistle blower get their dues as that was what was agreed between them and me. No money. No story.

At no time in these discussions was money due to me ever discussed with Clare. At on time  did I asked for any money from Clare or from the whistleblower for what I was doing.

My message to Clare on February 16th  2018
HH : Clare I hope you will give me the same consideration I gave you when you were trying to raise the funds. You calling KL did not help because what happens between KL and me was suppose to stay between KL and me. Please do not abuse the trust I place in you.

At this time, early January, she was already in discussions with parties in KL for questions to be asked in Parliament on these matters - matters that she was already working with Australian Newspaper to publish without permission from me -starting with the billions "invested" by EPF.

25th Feb : Message from Clare.
CR "I have passed Ben Butler of the Australian your contact. He has some information from Nic Manikis that I think you will want to know about. 

Clare has given my name and contact number to Ben Butler from the Australian without my permission.

26th February 2018:
Message from Ben Butler of the Australian : 
Ben Butler : "Hi Hussein, Ben Butler from the Australian newspaper. Can we talk?"

26th February
Message from HH to Ben
HH : "Hi Ben...just saw this. No problems. Possible to give me some ideas on what you would like to talk about?"

Message from Ben Butler to HH:
Ben Butler :" Ladylaw, the EPF etc".

Message from HH to Ben Butler.
HH :  "It is a work in progress for me...I cannot go into specifics".

February 28th 2018. Message from Clare.
CR : All the media have been primed now by Manikis. He is angry as a cut snake about the legal case which he says is nuts, The story is out and I am leading with it now"

All these story were initiated by Clare and she provided the details to Australian Newspapers from the the information and documents she stole from me

HH ; This is what I understand Clare. You have not kept your word to me...and I will make sure that what you have done becomes public Malaysia and anywhere else I can reach".

In between these exchanges between Clare and me that lasted from November 2017 to February 2018 :  there many many other message exchange between us which will confirm the following :

Clare copied the documents from my USB without my permission. That is stealing. she is a thief.

Clare Rewcastle indicated to me that she had the money to pay for the information. Twice she told me that the money was in place and indicated a date when the first down payment Would be made available. Both times she failed to deliver. This is lying. She is a liar.

She led me on and on and on, over period of three months from November 2017 until late January about her ability to pay for the information and used that time to gain more information from me:  That is fraud. 

All this she did deliberately in order to get information from me that was not mine to give and then used to get credit for herself  from MSM in Australia and in Malaysia through her postings in Sarawak Report.  In all this she insists she is a journalist that is exposing a story of "National Interest" that the people of Malaysia needed to know. That is the work of a conniving journalist.

What is the end result of what she did?
First she compromised the safety of the three whistle blowers.
What she has is half the story. The bit that really matters is still with the whistle blower. All this is now lost to PH.
There were over 50 others such scams being rolled out to finance GE 14 that was also mine and PH to get  - all this  too, is now lost.
This was an expose as big as, is not bigger then 1MDB because the money lost  directly involved the Rakyat - EPF, Felda, KWSP, RISDA...and now, because Clare Newcastle was desperate for a story to write.....all is lost. 

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