Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Clare Rewcastle : A thief, a liar, a fraudster and a conniving journalist without ethics.

Trust no one!

I have been a blogger for almost a decade. I have been with the opposition longer. You cannot question where my loyalty lies. You cannot second guess if I will or will not go all the way with all the way with TDM.  

I do so not for financial gain, not because I love Tun more then I love Najib.I do so because it is the right thing to do. When you do not write for financial gain, when no one pays you to write this or write can write without favour and without fear. And when you are far far away from the clutches of that Idiot and his odious ass and boot I am....then what I write is in my own write.

Having said all that, I now have to make some decisions that will surely test the boundaries I have set for myself. I have asked you to put your own druthers aside ...can I put aside mine? I have asked that you always put ahead national interests over your own....can I do the same? I have stated that for now, all that weakens PH, also weakens us and so we must be mindful that what we do will not, in any way, weaken PH. Are these just words from me or do I mean what I say?

In all this, those of you who read what I write, you will have to decide as I take my private quarrel with Clare Newcastle of Sarawak Report into the pubic domain. And so I begin.

"Sarawak Report and its sister organisation Radio Free Sarawak were founded by Sarawak born investigative journalist Clare Rewcastle-Brown in 2010. Radio Free Sarawak has gone on to win the IPI International Press Institute’s Free Media Pioneers Award 2013 and the Communication for Social Change Award 2014. Sarawak Report has been heralded for its “impact on the political debate” in Malaysia, with the New York Times calling Rewcastle-Brown “one of the most effective voices calling attention to deforestation in Malaysia”. In 2015, Sarawak Report was recognized by the Index on Censorship for being a “champion against censorship”.

Yes, Clare Rewcastle is an award winning journalist with many accolades to her name. And In Malaysia she is known for her work on 1MDB.

Unfortunately, to my regret, I have also found out that Clare Rewcastle is also  a thief,a liar, a fraudster and a conniving journalist without ethics.

There have been blogger and journalist who have personally profited from the work they do. We have also had bloggers and journalist who have had the courage to print what they think is right...and damm the consequences.

And then there are bloggers and journalist who are in desperate need of a story to tell
These bloggers and journalist will lie, scam, steal and fraudulently obtain a story....which they say... is in the "National Interests"

As you and I know, "National Interests" covers a myriad of reason and excuses that people - from the Prime Minister to Journalist like Clare Rewcastle. can use in order to do what they do for their own personal interest and NOT for the "National Interests of the people of Malaysia " that they speak grandly of.

Clare Rewcastle, have used the excuse of "National Interets" and that "the people should know" to post information I have shared with her, in her Sarawak Report. These are MY stories from MY source which I have shared with her when she came down to Melbourne to see me for three days on the promise that she will NOT use the information in any way until I have agreed that she could do so. To this caveat, before she saw the documents, she had solemnly agree to abide to...and I being a naive old man, took her at her word and did not had her put her promise to me in writing.

Clare Rewcastle has not kept the promise she made to me.

For now, I will not and I cannot go into the details of what has transpired between Clare and me in these last few months because I have given my word to the parties involved that I will not do so for now. Suffice for me to say for now that this are "lessons learned" for me. Now I understand why I have been cautioned by many to be careful with Clare in my dealings with her....and now I understand why other journalist that I speak to, avoid her like the plague.

In the past six months I have been working with her on an expose of corruption and the use and abuse of government statutory bodies for the personal gain of individuals in umno, in the government and within the statutory bodies from where these funds are being siphoned. These are the stories she has started to print in the last week or so, in Sarawak report without my permission - starting with the alleged RM10 billion "investment" by EPF.

to be continued.

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