Friday, 9 March 2018

Ini kali, cakap mesti serupa bikin!

6.49 am Friday 9th March. 2018. Selamat Pagi Malaysia. In all humbleness, I would like to remind all those politicians who are asking that we vote them into office at this coming GE14....I would like to remind them why they can begin to think that maybe....just maybe....that they may be doing government in a few months time. 
Pakatan Harapan have our support because we have had enough of corruption. We have had enough of politicians who lie, cheat, rob, pillage, plunder and serve themselves more than they serve us. We have had enough of politicians without principles, without honour, without a backbone and politicians who will do anything and everything to get high public office.
In other are getting our votes this time around because we expect better from you then what we have been getting from Barisan Nasional. In every thing that you said you will do if better do. By deed and by every action that you do in the name of government, if elected, we will be watching you. Fail us and we will fail you.
Yes, for now, the dire need to rid ourselves of this most despicable Idiot and his wife and the government he leads seems to be the only overwhelming consideration for all of overwhelming that we are prepared to give the coalition of parties that now calls itself Pakatan Harapan our votes on one premise and one premise only....that they are all aligned against the same despicable Idiot and his wife and the BN party he now leads.
Now you and I know that that premise may win Pakatan Harapan government but it augers ill for what is to come if they really do win government. Even now we are already asking ourselves if once in government, can Pakatan Harapan be the government we now aspire for.
So that is why, in all humbleness, I ask that all those within Pakatan Harapan, who have offered themselves to serve King, Country and remember that that we are watching everything that you do...dulu, sekarang dan salama lamanya. Do not abuse the trust we have in Pakatan Harapan and do what is right by us at all times. Even when we cannot see what you do....especially when we cannot see what you do!
I dare to think that I speak for many of us when I say....if Pakatan Harapan fail us then we will fail Pakatan help me God, we will.
Let us all now march towards Putrajaya together and remind ourselves...ini kali, cakap mesti serupa bikin!

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