Friday, 2 March 2018

Kazakhstan or Mynmar?

Selamat Pagi Malaysia....Maaf. I have been remiss in my duties today on my blog and this Facebook. All I did yesterday was one cut and paste job from the Jawa Pos on Equanimity. I did have some errands to do in the get some medical supplies for my dear wife. and the rest of the day was spent on strengthening my resolve to focus on the matter you and I have been tasked to do : win back our country for ourselves. I said "strengthen my resolve" because from late last night I have been troubled by the abuse of my trust placed in a fellow blogger, who shall for the time being, remain nameless. But as I is done and I am back at work So again once....maaf for the pause in my work for our cause. 

I have yet to hear from credible sources, where that fatty fatty boom boom has vamoose ever since his sea carriage has been cekup by the Indonesian authorities! Like that Jet Global 5000 seized by DOJ at Singapore Seletar Airport ....nobody.... especially the Malaysian Government...have wanted to claim the plane....and so it seems to be the case with Equanimity. 
Now that the Yacht that Fatty boom boom has been minding for Mr and Mrs Idiot has been seized....where would the two idiots spend their coming years of exile? 
Maybe Kazakhstan or maybe Myanmar? See the following story....
We can now confirm that in line with their proposed exile to Kazakhstan or Myanmar, Fying Hippo has had extensive plastic surgery done to her face in order to be able to "blend in" with the locals there. ....though methinks she would still need some work done on her physical mass in order to "disappear" into the crowd when she is out and about among the people there.....what say you guys?

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