Wednesday, 14 March 2018

My Last posting on the Clare Rewcastle Scam :

First she compromised the safety of the three whistle blowers.
What she has is half the story. The bit that really matters is still with the whistle blower. All this is now lost to PH.
There were over 50 others such scams being rolled out to finance GE 14 that was also mine and PH to get - all this too, is now lost.

This was an expose as big as, is not bigger then 1MDB because the money lost directly involved the Rakyat - EPF, Felda, KWSP, RISDA etc...and now, because Clare Rewcastle was desperate for a story to write.....all is lost. 
There will be no posting on Clare anymore. 
And now onwards to Putrajaya and fuck Clare Rewcastle.

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