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8 MARCH 2018
Confusion and delirium continue to reign in UMNO, except that now it is infectious and has addled their President Najib Razak. Please do not infect the rakyat.
Yesterday, Najib was in Ulu Yam to attack the achievements of the Selangor State Government with the usual mix of confused accusations we have now come to expect from UMNO/Barisan Nasional.
*1. Water*
Najib spoke about water supply disruptions last Friday morning. He was clearly confused since there were no supply disruptions then. Was his mind even in Selangor, or was he talking about Pekan, his own constituency, where water supply will be interrupted from today until Friday morning?
Perhaps he’s unaware of recent water supply problems in Johor, Kedah, Melaka, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak under Barisan Nasional? Care to get a briefing from your officers? 
*2. Housing*
Najib spoke about high house prices. Is he not also aware that Rumah Selangorku provides affordable houses starting from RM42,000 up to RM250,000? 70% of the houses sold under Rumah Selangorku cost less than RM200,000. These are far cheaper than houses under Najib’s premium PR1MA which cost as much as RM300,000 to RM400,000.
As Minister of Finance, has Najib forgotten how he has presided over a massive nationwide housing price bubble, to which he has responded by squeezing access to loans for low-income families, making them more in need of programs such as Rumah Selangorku and our Smart Selangor First Home Buyers Scheme that covers deposits? Selangor is pro-rakyat, Najib is pro-crony. 
*3. Taxes*
It is also shocking that the Father of GST is trying to suggest that property tax in Selangor has risen due to the Pakatan government. Doesn’t he know that the power to raise property taxes is decided by the Property Management and Valuation Department (JPPH) under the Federal Government?
If he wants to reduce Selangor’s tax burden, all he has to do is abolish the GST and order JPPH to lower its rates. It is so simple. Don’t talk rubbish, Prime Minister. Either get better briefings from your officers or stop spinning. Be helpful for a change.
*4. Rubbish*
Speaking of rubbish, since Selangor state began taking over rubbish collection via KDEB Waste Management, complaints have dropped by 97 per cent in the first three local councils to benefit. By 2019, all 12 local councils in Selangor will have their rubbish managed under this new system.
*5. Dengue and River Pollution*
Finally, Najib appears to have no clue as to how dengue breeds and is transmitted. He attempted to link river pollution with the spread of dengue, but this contradicts basic science. The dengue-bearing aedes mosquito requires clean and still water to breed. Perhaps this explains why there is no effective action at the national level. The Health Minister needs to brief the Prime Minister on the basics of dengue so he doesn’t continue to embarrass himself.
He should also speak to his Minister for Natural Resources and the Environment who can tell him that 9 out of the 10 most polluted rivers are in BN-controlled states, 7 of which are in Johor, the supposed prized fortress of UMNO. 
People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and people in the PM’s Office should be helping all of Malaysia rather than playing politics. 
We know as the Father of GST, the creator of the national housing bubble, and the mastermind behind 1MDB, Najib feels the burning need to deflect attention away from his failures, but he must treat Selangor voters with respect rather than serve them lies and sow confusion. 

Strategic Communications Director
Selangor Menteri Besar’s Office

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