Saturday, 21 April 2018

cakap cakap...Umno's legality.

Selamat Pagi Malaysia...I started this morning by listing down the plus and positives that has gone our way these last few days as I sat in my living room with my first Nescafe of the day. Autumn mornings are cool and good for reflections.
The battle for Putrajaya is not yet won...not by a long shot. Many in Umno, and I am sure there are some opportunistic ones even in Pakatan Harapan, are weighing their options and posturing to ready themselves for whoever will do government post GE14. These "political frogs" are everywhere and we know too well that both sides of the political divides will have their frogs. Time will out them and if their political masters cannot weed them can we?
I discarded the list I was compiling soon after I started because there is no need to tell you guys that we are giving BN the fight of their lives. Pagoh was a revelation to me because that was the first PH Ceramah I watched from start to finish. The enthusiasm was not fake. The crowd numbering in the thousands was not fake. And we now know that Johor is on the the edge...can swing either way...use whatever adjectives you want...Pagoh tells us that Johor is tethering...and no one should be brave enough to make a judgement call as to who "Bangsa Johor" will decide to align themselves with : Mr Sultan or towards "People's Power".
For now Umno is holding itself together...but only just. The critical mass is still with Najib and his cohorts....dedak is a tangible presence in maintaining unity in umno and this, for now, seems the reality that the Malays will have to endure at least for GE14....but increasingly umno is not doing what Najib has urged them to do...."Attack, attack, attack" fact what has umno has begun to realise is that when their enemy is within range, umno themselves are within range of their enemy.
And so we come to the letter below that umno feels compelled to write in order to reassure it's members that "Umno is Legal". The fact that umno has to address the matter is already a victory to Pakatan Harapan. Umno feels that the extension by ROS is not good enough for they too know that the credibility of every government department is now being questioned by the Rakyat. None more so then ROS...and so umno has to write the letter below to reaffirm what ROS has decided.
Yes they may claim that Umno is now legal....but there are already factions within and outside Umno who are already working on making Umno an illegal matter what the results of GE14 will be. The challenged to ROS will come sooner if not later. For now we wait and continue to work on ensuring that come GE14, People's Power will dictate and guide Pakatan Harapan to do what is right for our people and our Malaysia.

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