Monday, 9 April 2018

GE 14

Dear ALL loyal fellow Malaysians who love this country......

Let us all cast our votes at this coming GE. Let us kick out every single one in this team of arrogant traitors running and treating our country as if it is their own personal estates.
Let us make them cringe and wilt to the thunderous roar of the Rakyats' voice at the ballot box. Let us show them their scheming and cheating ways to stay in power to avoid their dues WILL NOT BE ANYWHERE NEAR ENOUGH.
There isn't the barest hope these traitors to our nation can survive this impending tsunami.
The team of vile traitors who have turned their backs on this country and traded God for greed KNOW THIS FOR CERTAIN. 
The whole world KNOW THIS FOR CERTAIN.
What is yet to be seen, over and above the many related foul moves already in place, is just how far they would dare go to cheat and steal this coming GE. 
Would they cheat and try to steal it to the point of totally murdering this democratic process in the full glare of the keenly watching world? 
Let us see if they would gamble and try force-fitting our near-total angry and legitimate votes into something else to try and steal this GE.
For their own sake they should hope and pray they will not succeed.
For their own sake, they should hope and pray the Rakyat will be able to reclaim and save their beloved country in a respectful and orderly atmosphere. 
For their own sake, they should hope and pray the Rakyat will be allowed to take back their country with the minimum possible grudges and thirst for vengeance; and that they might be somewhat forgiving. 
And for the country's sake, let us, the Rakyat, show this super-traitor of our country that we have had enough of his evil deeds.
Let us let loose the full force of the tsunami to strike all the evil in it's path.
Let us also remind him of his open and belligerent declaration for this election, that "IF WE CANNOT WIN, NO PARTY CAN WIN" and that "NOTHING IS SACRED".
So; super-traitor Najib, cheat all you dare to your own folly. Whatever happens, do not doubt we shall take our beloved country back from your traitorous and evil clutch.
That is a given that only The Almighty can now change.
Do we do this through our untampered right at the ballot box, or along the line that you had so openly and brazenly declared and urged?
A loyal and concerned Malaysian.... Shri Bilal Chin