Friday, 13 April 2018

Hubris and Arrogance : Do not fly too close to the Sun!

I have yet to hear a cautionary word from the father admonishing the son for being a stupid brat and wasting RM one million of their money in a futile attempt to win back lost dignity.
I have yet to hear an angry word from the other Royals up North, West or East of Johor to these Johor Royals who are again bringing unwanted but deserved infamy to the Royals elsewhere by their juvenile antics and ill placed arrogance that had once brought upon all Royals the unwanted attention of Tun Dr Mahathir many years ago resulting in the curbing of Royal excesses and the removal of the Sultans immunity from criminal prosecution.
Only the Rakyat has spoken by the many thousands loudly voicing their displeasure at what that Royal brat down South has done.
None...and I repeat no one from within the umno led BN has had the balls to rebuke the said Royal brat for an indiscretion that would forever dammed and relegate the Johor Royals to the position akin to that now facing their own idiot of a leader ...and what may that position be? 
Hubris and arrogance will out them for what they really in Najib and the TMJ we see two birds with wax feathers flying, like Icarus, dangerously too close to the sun...and once their wax feathers are melted by the sun...they will come tumbling into the sea....and their doom.And that time nears by the day...nay by the hour and soon no time will be left for either of them!

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