Friday, 13 April 2018

Sultan Johore circa 1885. A liar even then!

From almost 100 years ago these Royals down South have been lying, scamming and cheating others...not only in Johor but anywhere they are people to be lied, scammed and cheated! This from England circa 1885.
Malu aku! 
Malu lah kamu bangsa Johor!


References: [1894] 1 QB 149 
Coram: Lord Esher MR, Lopes LJ, Kay LJ 
Ratio: In 1885 the Sultan of Johore came to England, and according to the plaintiff, Miss Mighell, took the name Albert Baker and promised to marry her. 
Held: The Sultan was entitled to immunity even though up to the time of suit ‘he has perfectly concealed the fact that he is a sovereign, and has acted as a private individual.’ ‘When once there is the authoritative certificate of the Queen through her minister of state as to the status of another sovereign, that in the courts of this country is decisive’. 
To an argument that he had waived this immunity, the court held that the only way that a sovereign could waive immunity was by submitting to jurisdiction in the face of the court as, for example, by appearance to a writ. If the sovereign ignored the issue of the writ, the court was under a duty of its own motion to recognise his immunity from suit. 
Jurisdiction: England and Wales 
This case is cited by: 
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