Sunday, 8 April 2018

The "anak raja" speaks...PTUI!

Tunku Ismail menasihatkan rakyat supaya tidak menukar enjin sebuah kapal yang berjalan dengan baik selama berpuluh tahun, sebaliknya perlu membimbing nakhoda menuju ke arah betul.

7.00am Sunday morning and I wake up to this?
"Saya memberi nasihat dan berkongsi pendapat saya bukan sebagai ahli politik yang perlukan undian, tetapi ia datang dari hati saya sebagai seorang anak Raja yang berkhidmat kepada rakyatnya. Taat setia saya adalah kepada Sultan saya, negeri Johor dan rakyat saya"....that statement by this so called "Brigadier General" says it all....he reminds us that he is an "anak raja" and that his "taat setia adalah kepada Sultan saya (first) and then to Johor and then HIS rakyat" that order! Note...the rakyat comes last...and it is not any is "rakyat saya". Puti! 
How full of himself is this guy? How full of themselves have the previous Johor Sultans been? And as history have told us, how full with acts of criminality and cruelty have Johor Sultans been guilty of upon their own rakyat Johor...from having their way with the young women of the state to beatings and to murder most foul over the years that we already know of! 
How many cars has his father, the Sultan has? Over 300 cars! Why 300 cars? Because he can afford them? How many wives, mistresses and girlfriends? Plenty because he can afford them? And buying a Aud 1 million Mack truck, again because he can afford to do so?
These people live in a parallel world to us. They step into our world when it suits them, and then flees back to their own world when they break a sweat in ours. 
So he accuses Mahathir of wanting to become PM again because he wants to ensure the wealth of his own children. 
Has anyone in Mahathir's family murder any rakyat?
Has anyone in Mahathir's family been found guilty of slapping, kicking and giving any rakyat a beating for whatever reason?
Has Mahathir got 300 cars? 
Has Mahathir got more then one wife, have mistresses and girlfriends and does Mahathir like to watch people having sex while sipping coffee?
Does Mahathir spends Aud 1 million on a Mack Truck that he uses once in a blue moon.
No my dear "Brigadier General(NOT)" Mahathir does no such things! 
If you think that when he does become PM again for the few months that he might have before his physical self can no longer "tahan" to be PM and he has to give way to someone else..then you better go back and live in your other parallel world. 
If you think Mahathir will use that time to ensure that his three children remain "billionaires" forever...then your thinking as an anak raja has not deserted you! You think money is everything! Being a billionaire is the most important of life's challenges for Mahathir and his son. It is more worthy to even put your life on the line to keep your billions rather then to put your life on the line to save your country, your people and their future.
Do not ask me why this guy thinks of all these things...that Mahathir at 92 is driven by money to do what he does. I put this idiot in the same basket as Mr and Mrs idiot...because like him they too are driven by money to do what they do in the name of government. All you Johor people better think and ask yourself what good these kind of royalties are without their money. they have always used to keep themselves to the kind of lifestyles they are used to. Yes of course they remind us that it is their money to do as they like...maybe it is time for all of us to tell this spoil brats to butt out of playing politics..and if they insists on doing so...come down to the padang and stand for election as a representative of "your rakyat".
If you will not do so...then shut up and go plan your own coronation when you become Sultan. Yes that is still a long way of ...but going by the coronation of His Majesty the present Sultan of Johor aka your father...a coronation of a Sultan in Johor is one hell of an event....and so between your duties at playing soldiers as a "Brigadier General (NOT)'...playing at being Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho ...or getting in and out of your many many super expensive cars that you have....and playing around with other people's wives and girlfriends as Johor Royalties are known to do in the past....try to understand that for Mahathir there are more important things to do in this world then to try and live the rest of what ever life he might still have, trying to keep his three children as you alleged this 92 year old Tun is now trying to do. 
For people like me and many others...our love for our beloved Malaysia and its rakyat transcends the things that are important to you....and I am willing to bet that Mahathir is prepared to bet his life (or whatever that is left of it) to prove that you are wrong...very very wrong to think it is so. Ptui!

Iskandar Z. Ghazali Well said Pak and love you for it all Pak.. 

Allow me to share my comments to his statement in FMT..

Kenyataan penuh kesilapan dan kekecewaan...

I am a JOHOREAN and I hope u TMJ get to read this with an open rational heart and mind if u truly have the Rakyat's interests and wellbeing at heart..

I dare say here that u are WRONG abt what TDM has said and done then and now. 

Clearly, yr lines yr HEART is full of ARROGANCE, VENGENCE and u easily 4get the reasons for what has happened in the past... 

U think TDM has done great injustice to the Palace but u fail to consider to reflect for a single moment the injustices by the Palace esp to the victims in those incidents..

Why immunity was stripped from the Sultan(s)? Wanton ABUSE OF THE LAW and NOBODY .. I say here that NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW... not u yr father or grandfather for that matter nor the leaders of this country at Putrajaya who think they are above the law..

U say u will not forget what has happened. Let me assure u TMJ that we JOHOREANS we the RAKYAT has NEVER forgotten what has happened either. 

U used to say that u speak on behalf of Bangsa Johor in particular and the Rakyat in general but clearly in this case its all about YOU and the Palace. Who is speaking with #FORKTONGUE now? 

There is widespread #INJUSTICE #CORRUPTION and #LAWLESSNESS in the country. The Rakyat is burdened oppressed and surpressed in every imaginable and unimaginable ways. Speaking one's mind exposing truths is now a crime... 

The Rakyat is very sad disappointed and angry with the present leaders and government for very2 obvious reasons. 

We the Rakyat only have people like TUN DR MAHATHIR and his PHarapan Team to turn to not the Palace not the Sultans who as the Malay proverb goes... HARAPKAN PEGAR PEGAR MAKAN PADI.. who have forgotten and clearly abandoned the WASIAT 7 RAJA2 MELAYU that they have sworn on... who have chosen PROFITS over PEOPLE.... who have chosen to remain on the sidelines on the 'grandstand' watching the Rakyat suffer in the hands of crooks criminals cowards tyrants of Putrajaya... 

Our beloved country is being sold to foreign countries being destroyed by these wretched diabolical leaders and his party and all you can think of is YOURSELF FATHER and the Palace? How deeply DISAPPOINTING...

With the position u have taken TMJ its obvious that u have chosen the past instead of steering Johore Bangsa Johor and the Rakyat to a great future. 

In doing so u have ensure the we remain wrapped warped and stuck in the past depriving us of the great future we desire.. how extremely disappointing..