Thursday, 12 April 2018

TM Johor...Hubris and Arrogance.

Hubris and have them by the bucket's full in this Idiot down South. How did he come to the conclusion that spending RM1 million on "HIS" rakyat will gain him some much needed esteemed and respect from them? What has his upbringing and the values taught to him by his parents had to do with what sort of individual this Idiot has become? 
Just when you think "friends" of that Idiot in Seri Perdana cannot get any lower then the level they are now at...this Idiot from down South has started to dig into the ground...thus ensuring another level lower then what is now the "normal" for other dedak infested coons!
Why? Does this Idiot down South has a death wish? Is being stripped off their immunity and other privileges not enough? How far do you want to push the boundaries? Maybe PH manifesto should now include an addendum... stripped them off their privy purses and everything else. And by everything else...I mean EVERYTHING! Even the underwear he is wearing. 
O for sure these Royals down South are rich. Well you know and I know that one milliion just went South of the Border yesterday at that supermarket! It sure was Christmas for the owners of the Supermarket and his customers! Waking up this morning with a slight headache has to be Father Christmas himself...after all he is left one million ringgit lighter with nothing to show for it...not even a shred of the dignity that he thought he could buy with that million ringgit.
And again all over the world...another Malaysian is in the news again all for the wrong reason! But wait...I had a look through some of the Australian MSM and there is nothing on that TMJ RM1 million shopping spree. I guess the Australians must think it too stupid a story for public consumption...but not to will soon come out under "odd news"...the place where they tell stories about "Pet Owners warned about rise of Zombie's Racoon" or 'Religious leader called Penis Baba 'pulls car 100ft using only his MANHOOD' while stunned crowds watch' and other stories of that genre.